Choi Ji Hoon[1] is the son of a rich business man and plays the gamer character of Zephyr, a quiet and peaceful fisherman. After meeting Weed[2], he started to get more involved in the game. In real life, he is the good looking, wealthy and a compulsive womanizer.

Profile and DataEdit

In Royal Road, he has the appearance of a slender and tall young man.[3]
He's not interested in the political climate of the Versailles Continent[4].

Stats and SkillsEdit


  • Health : High Health stat [9].
  • Resilience : Great resilience [10].
  • Luck: 700++ [11]


Fisherman skill

  • Iron Fishing[12]:
    • "He use the iron line to wound and confound the enemy, only to leave them captive with a sweep of his Hades throw."
  • Lure[13]:
    • "...he attacked with lightning movement as the lure was hooked on them..."
  • Fishing skill[14]: Advanced level 3
    • He can fish with as much as 10 fishing rods at once[15].
    • He fish up a great white shark, small whales and antiques from the sea [16].
  • Bait Tracking:
    • By looking at the surface of the water he can see the hook deep underneath the sea, in a magnified view. He can manipulate the hook to move, using mana. Using this skill he can survey the sea and find the fish to target [17].
  • Fly Fishing[18]:
    • Artificial fly (bait) is cast using a fly rod, reel, and specialized weighted line[19].

Other Skills

  • Cooking:
    • As a fisherman, he can cook by default, but never tried it before [20].
  • Ceramic Art:
    • This production skill create ceramic and porcelain items. He initially learn this skill from Weed. He learn this skill to impress Yurin[21].


  • Lich Dungeon Hunter[22]
  • Lord[23]
    • King Weed entrust him a fishing village on the river with a population of 200 people. He have to develop this village into the center of trades.

More to come


Fishing Pole / Rod

  • Platinum Fishing rod :
    • Its light in weight and its length can be manipulated.
    • Wonderful long distance weapon that deals high damage to opponent.
  • Elf Wood Fishing rod[24] :
    • Its light in weight, extendable, flexible and highly durable.
    • Elf race took pride in their cultivated trees, so it was perfect for fishing.
  • Fishing net :
    • He trap his opponent with this net and block their movement.
    • This help his teammates to deal with only one opponent a one time.
  • Fishing iron line :
    • He use fishing line like a spider web to catch his enemy.
    • Sometimes, he extend fishing line in crucial time to save his teammate lives in battlefield.


  • Begining of Zephyr adventure
    • Choi Ji Hoon is a son of a millionaire and a compulsive womanizer. Ironically, he is still dreaming of a woman that can meet him heart to heart, without caring for his money or status [25].
    • He possessed the talent of raising intimacy with women no matter the situation.
  • Weed Inner Circle
    • Weed challenges Zephyr to improve his Fishing skill. Later, he learns to starts to hunt with Weed [26], and then becomes a regular member of his party.
    • He joins Pale, Surka, Irene, Romuna, Hwaryeong, and Maylon hunting at underground dungeons of Jinn Lake[27]. Their level rose significantly.
    • He loyally agreed to follow Weed to Todeum for exploration[28].
    • He was practically dragged to dojo[29] for training by Geomchi 2.
  • Important Frontier, Great Teamwork
    • Zephyr usually took role as front defence against enemy in battles due to his high health but low movement speed.
    • He once saved Pele's life when he was about to be smashed between a giant’s hands. At crucial moment, he extended his fishing line to him and then pulled him out [30].
    • Zephyr used fishing line like a spider web and caught the giant’s ankle. The giant collapsed, receiving combined attacks from other users[31].
    • He is the one who suggested the team to cast a lot of barbed nets and link them to the rocks on sea floor as their defence strategy against Porrat's attack[32].
  • Compulsive buyer
    • He once bought a 8000 gold in price fishing rod from an Elder Dark Elf, at Plains of Despair[33].
    • One of his items is fishing rod that made from Platinum. Its light in weight, extendable, flexible and highly durable.
  • Geomchis Relationship Advisor and Tutor
    • Geomchi 16 finally succeed in asking a women named ‘Libby’ as his friend in RR under training from Zephyr, the playboy master[34].
  • A Poor Lord of Arpen Kingdom
    • Weed entrusted areas of the northern colonies to Pale, Zephyr, Romuna and Surka[35].
    • Zephyr was given a beautiful fishing village on the river with a population of 200. He need to develop that area into a port city in 6 months. He poured all his money into the village development then became poor [36].
  • Effective fishing
    • He taught Yurin how to enjoy fish using fishing rod, but instead Yurin taught him how to fish effectively. She started to mix mild poison inside her paint box and poured it into the sea. They caught hundreds of fish using that method[37].

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