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She is the younger sister of Weed and she is the main reason behind Weed's actions to make money, as he wants to pay her college fees[4]. When Weed starts playing Royal Road, she is finishing high school[5]and later she proceeds to enroll to the University[6] to study Liberal Arts[7]. After she was successfully accepted in the University, she decided to start playing the same game as her brother[8].

Profile and DataEdit

Stats and Skills Edit

Because of her class, Aqualight Painter, she has a support role in a party.


Skills Edit

  • Painting: You can draw anything. You can raise your reputation depending on the type of level of artwork you create[13].
  • Coloring: You can use color on paintings whenever it is necessary. Your skill level rises the more you use different colors. You can extract dyes from grass and flowers[14].
  • Doodling: If doodled on the face or the body, it can weaken enemies or fear them. At night, this effect double. However, if you continually draw weaker monsters, it will not be as effective[15].
  • Quick Hand Movements: Able to draw moving objects using rapid hand movements. Mana can be used to increase the speed of hand movement, and this can be used in combat[16].
  • Artwork Emotions: Can be used to determine value of basic art[17].
  • Illustration Identification: Can only be acquired by Aqualight Painters[18].
  • Aqua-light Painting: The skill for which the class is named, this allows the fixing of paintings on the surface of water. It is not stated if the paintings have an additional affect beyond increased artistic value.[19]
  • Picture Teleportation/Movement: By drawing an accurate picture of a location within Royal Road and adding themselves to it the painter can freely move over any distance, maximum mana is halved for four days[20]. The skill can teleport to physical locations and to spiritual planes, even unique places for aqualight painters, like St. George's Castle[21].
  • Picture Modification: Though it is unclear if it is a unique skill, Yurin is able to paint a picture of an opponent and then modify the painting, causing a variety of curses or stat changes to her target. It is unclear how powerful these changes are, or their range/limit[22]. This skill is disabled in places with Spatial Distortions, like Roderick's Labyrinth[23]
  • Drawing Skill: a hidden painter skill, making the painting of a monster more fiercer, will make the monster evolve to Named Monsters, which are 20% stronger, give more experience and gives better drop rates[24]
  • Doodle Skill: drawing the targets with items and modifications to the body, will debuff the enemies, even creating weakness[25].


  • Mithril Brush: obtained from the treasure trove in the Kingdom of Todeum, a large brush made from mithril, as it is level 16 item is more like an ornament than a weapon, but very useful for painting and can stun weak monsters[26]
  • Broad-brimmed Hat[27]
  • Paint Container[28]
  • Sketchbook[29]



  • She is considered to be a very attractive female, as she was considered to be a school idol while she attended high school[30].


  • Her in-game name, Yurin, translates to Violation/Abuses/Disaster [31]
  • There are parts of her that are very similar to her brother[32], i.e. things that deal with money[33], while there are other parts of her that are completely opposite to her brother.
  • Yurin is not as greedy as Weed but she is a person that can be considered a bit frugal. Overall, she has a friendly, positive and good natured personality but she also has a fierce feminine side on her that she doesn't show her brother much, like when she chat with Pale for the first time[34].
  • She has an odd taste for what to call cool & not cool, like her opinion about the Geomchis[35].
  • Lee Hayan/Yurin is a very intelligent and clever person[36], but in a different way than her brother.
  • In-game she is a money hunter like Weed, even to the point to dig out plants and smash flowers to make dye, that she will use to make paintings[37].
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  • Ever since she saw how her brother was going through hard times to keep her in school, she looks up to him the most, even to the point to sent an application form for her brother to be enrolled in the University and trick him to make the admission interview[38].
  • Yurin is friendly and well mannered in most aspects. However, sometimes she does get angry when something is unpleasant to her. She gets really well along with others female companions[39]: No one in school ever hated Hayan[40]. She's also well acquainted with the muscle heads from Lee Hyun's dojo and those guys (the older ones) see Hayan as their own little sister.
  • Choi Ji Hoongot interested in her because he thinks that as Weed's sister, she would never let him starve[41]. Lee Hayan agrees to see him in real life, but every time he came to her place, the real social distance between both worlds is revealed, like inviting Zephyr for dinner to make him repair her electronics[42].
  • Zephyr was actually threatened by all the Geomchis [43] to avoid a romantic relation with Yurin, even Weed behaved this way, asking Seoyoon to secretly watch over them in Morata and instantly behead him if Zephyr would dare to take Yurin's hand in game[44]


  • She started playing in the city of Rhodium with the intention to make a lot of money[45]. During her first four weeks in game she pursued many minor jobs, and worked a lot, in order to make money, and befriended a number of NPC characters. Due to these interactions she was given the opportunity to meet an old painter and was subsequently offered the job of Aqua-light Painter[46].
  • She met aqualight painter Petrov in St. George's Castle[47]


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