Yoo Byung Jun, the owner[1] of Unicorn Corporation. Creator of Royal Road. The world’s richest. A person with a behind the scene influence in business circles[2]. A genius of the century and an eccentric. He lives alone with only Royal Road's AI next to him. He is (secretly) in search of an heir.

Profile and DataEdit

Character Information Edit

Younger DaysEdit

  • At an early age, he was a child in the countryside who was extremely good at studying. He knew how to use cubic equations (3차방정식), root equations (이차 방정식), and the Pythagorean theorem before his math teacher taught them[3].
  • Middle school, high school, and college mathematics and science were too easy for him.
  • He became an academic celebrity - No matter what mathematical formula or a law of physics it was, he conceived the answer the moment he saw it. He created more advanced new theories and defined laws for them that only he knew.
  • He swept through various competitions and even took first in an international mathematical contest in high school.

Work History and His ResearchEdit

  • He is the genius of the century.
  • Some of the world's prominent institutes tried to recruit him by offering him an astronomical salary.
  • He won competition after competition.
  • Though he received large sums of prize money, he lived scantily in order to buy necessary equipment for his research.
  • He didn’t want to work under somebody else, he couldn’t help but endure.
  • He then joined a physics research lab, but then was critically betrayed by someone he trusted, and his research results were even stolen.
  • As he grew older, he began to see the absurd world.
  • Thus, he resigned from his position as chief of the research lab and returned to work as a freelancer.
  • Royal Road - A new world made at the end of a whole 40 years of his research.

Love Life HistoryEdit

  • His girlfriend left him because he rarely spent time with her and avoided her while writing theses or doing experiments.
  • He thought she would finally came back to him after he had become successful.
  • Later he found that she got married to another man and even had a child.
  • He then gave up on love to pour all his strength into research.


  • He create the Royal Road concept and also developed its core technology. The other 18 scientists including department head Kim Han Seo did nothing more than simply flesh out the framework that he made.[4]
  • He was disappointed with Lee Hyun when he first met him[5], but he is becoming more and more interested in him because of his amazing game play[6], which (almost) always exceed the AI's expectations and calculations.[7]
  • He controls and manages 64% of Unicorn Corporation's total shares [8]through the AI.
  • "Unicorn Corporation|Unicorn Corp Ltd.'s shares were public listed on 36% of the total shares. The rest was owned by Yoo Byeong Jun through organizations and corporations around the world."
  • He is the one who wanted the "Emperor contest" to exist through Royal Road.[9]
  • He interfered in the relationship of Lee Hyun and Seoyoon[10] and got rid of any disturbances around them.[11][12]


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