Queen worm

Worm Queen


Rosenheim Kingdom


It is a worm-type queen monster, located in the Lair of Litvart in Rosenheim Kingdom, inside a hidden cave[1].


These monsters show common features with other insect type monsters like:

  • It has a hard shell[2].
  • It lives inside a cave together with his offspring[3].
  • As a bug queen is size is bigger than its offspring[4].

Monster InformationsEdit

  • It can spew light green poisonous smoke fumes, it will decrease one point per second of an enemy's health[5]
  • Its special features is to continuously generate offspring at a fast rate, small worms with low attack power[6]

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  • Note: In the novel, it's described as a giant poisonous worm, a snake like monster. In the Manhwa, it looks more like a Scarab type of monster.

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