These are titles Lee Hyun/Weed earned in "Royal Road". In the character information window, only the recent title earned will be displayed.

Each title act as a recognition and is synonym of a status and benefits within RR.

Also "crafting skills had its own feature in assigning titles. The most important title could only be acquired by the best artisan on the continent. By the first person who reached the advanced level in a certain crafting skill" [1]


Title InformationEdit

Legendary Moonlight SculptorEdit

  • A mysterious profession and a rare title : "legendary sculptor".
  • Granted only to the first who would overcome a rare and challenging hidden quest.
  • Darone opinion:"You bring your profession glory; your profession does not bring glory to you" and a teaching that came with it: a sculptor who would really love the world... [2].

Artisan With DexterityEdit

  • Granted for reaching the master level of Handicraft skill!
  • Honorable title for having extraordinary dexterity.
  • Granted only to the best artisan. [3].

A "Title" was given when Weed have his "Handicraft Skill" reached Advanced level 1.

Lich Dungeon HunterEdit

  • You have hunted all the monsters in the Rotten Lich Dungeon.
  • Title of Lich Dungeon Hunter has been given.

It took Weed and his party 7 (game) days to kill all the monsters in that dungeon. [4]

Count of MorataEdit

Weed couldn't refuse this title/job and was forces upon it; and though he became lord of Morata because he did many quests that benefit the town of Morata, was view as a hero and/or Geihar legacy. [5].

Artisan of Excellent WorksEdit

A "Title" was given to Weed after he finish his "The Mysterious Shadow Tower" Sculpture; requirement for this title is unstated but he did level up his "Sculpturing skill" to Advanced level 4. [6]

Eternal SculptorEdit

  • Sculptor that devotes his soul to the sculptural world/world of sculpture. In addition to the division of Masterpiece, Magnum Opus, Masterwork, other characteristics of the sculpture create spells. [7]

One of the four career path titles that a sculptor can take after passing a sculpturing test when they reach a certain level in their sculpturing skills, it was not known it was a title until it was revealed [8] when Weed open up his stat window.

Dragon Slaying CommanderEdit

  • Influence over conducted soldiers will increase by 35%
  • Maximum loyalty has increased, improve the effectiveness of training the troops by up to 20%
  • Conducting troops in battle, strength and maneuverability increase by 3%.
  • When hunting lower-level monsters, soldiers will never retreat

Also translated '"Commander Who Hunted The Imugi". He gained this title after he killed a Imugi as a commander/leader [9].

Immortal WarriorEdit

  • Title is granted to the warrior who seized victory after defying death, surpassing his own limitations.
  • You have gained special respect from the Undead, Necromancers, and Dark attribute Knights. Death Knights will now favorably serve you as you lead them in battle.
  • When fighting against enemies stronger than you, health, strength, and agility will increase by 5%.
  • The effects of the skill Power to Reject Death will increase by 10% upon resurrection.

Like the title stated, Weed came back from the dead and killed the Chaos Warriors' boss, Kubichya, to gain this title [10].

Hero who saved the Continent Edit

More to come

King of the Arpen KingdomEdit

More to come

King recognized by the GodsEdit

More to come

Lord of the Desert Edit

More to come

‘Fighter who Enjoys Hunting Edit

  • A title given after hunting down dangerous monsters[11]. A person who has this nickname won’t shrink back when encountering the enemy. Fighting Spirit has increased by 10. In a short period of time, his level had gone up by 5. It describes remarkable achievements related to hunting.



These are various titles that Weed earned in "Royal Road"

The most common type of title. First to uncover or finish a special type of task, be it a dungeon, a quest, or a class/skill related task.

  • Example : the first to discover Memphis Hall
DUNGEON: You are the very first players to discover Memphis Hall.

Reward: Fame +100. Every day for one week, double EXP and double item drops. The rarest items will drop from killing the first monster of each type. Subsequent kills will drop common items.

Current Title : King of Arpen KingdomEdit

  • Position: King of Arpen Kingdom
  • Offered by: Village Elder
  • When it was offered: Upon reclaiming and populating Morata [12]
  • Final Decision by Lee Hyun/Weed: Accepted 

Elder’s proposal to rebuild the Northern Kingdom. Morata and Vargo Fortress are the only cities currently under Weed's command. However many villages come under his rule upon acceptance of joining the Arpen Kingdom. Weed used only 30 gold for the coronation ceremony in which he merely drank a glass of water to be crowned King.

Other titles Edit

  1. Artisan With Exceptional Dexterity [13]
  2. Lich Dungeon Hunter [14]
  3. Count of Morata [15]
  4. Blacksmith with Extensive Experiences [16]
  5. Artisan of Excellent Works [17]
  6. Eternal Sculptor [18]
  7. World-Changing Sculptor [19]
  8. The Courageous [20]
  9. Dragon Slaying Commander [21]
  10. Unknown Ghost Captain who widens the sea [22]
  11. Explorer of the Polar Region [23]
  12. Immortal Warrior [24]
  13. Heir of the Niflheim Empire [25]
  14. Glorious Undead Commander [26]
  15. Disaster-Steering Sculptor [27]
  16. Greatest Ruler in the North [28]
  17. Tenacious Fisherman [29]
  18. Adventurer Who Explored the History of the Continent [30]
  19. King of Arpen Kingdom [31]
  20. Great Sculptor the Dwarves Acknowledge [32]
  21. Sculptor who can express the beauty of the Gods [33]
  22. Hero who Saved the Continent [34]
  23. Demon Slayer [35]
  24. Desert Traveller [36]
  25. Person who calls rain [37]
  26. Thief Leader Subduer[38]
  27. Great Emperor of the Desert
  28. Hero Who Saves the World
  29. Honorable King of Kings[39]
  30. Craftsmanship of Rare Metals[40]
  31. Person who Drives Disaster[41]
  32. Quick Step in the Desert [42]
  33. Person who Walked through the Desert of Tranquility [43]
  34. Master of Sculpting [44]
  35. Disaster Slaughter[45]
  36. Person who Knocked Down a Demon[46]
  37. Sweeping Hunter[47]

He also received nickname/s:

  • Mudfish, nickname given by the Hermes Guild, but this is not a formal Royal Road title[48].


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