Private Circle : Family OnlyEdit

He is an all n all family man that loves and cares for his family willing to do anything to protect them, always doing his best for their happiness. 

Lee Hayan/Yurin Edit

Lee Hyun's sister and thus far the only named member of his family. Due to the death of their parents when they were young, Lee Hyun takes on the role of both father and brother, and sees himself as the only provider and protector Hayan's got. So, Lee Hyun dotes on Lee Hayan and works towards improving her future even if it means being illegally employed or doing hard work for less than minimum wage.

He also sees Hayan as the future of the family and often scares away potential suitors if he considers them unsuitable for his sister. That being said, he is also mindful of her education, and it's been noted by many of their friends and acquaintances that Lee Hyun's extreme frugality has rubbed off on her.

Lee Hayan also started playing Royal Road thanks to the money Lee Hyun saved, wanting to discover that world herself.

Grandmother Edit

Lee Hyun cares for his grandmother very much as she was the one who helped bring them up after the demise of their parents. Lee Hyun listens to his grandmother and is reluctant to go against her word. It is implied that much of Hyun's silver tongue was inherited from his Grandmother, having been a fierce and fearful bargainer in the past before her illness.

Parents Edit

The few memories that Lee Hyun has buried of his parents seem to be good ones aside from the loan sharks.

Lee Hyun believed that his father was a good person and truly caring. Every time he returned from work, he would play with Lee Hyun. He created toys to give to Lee Hyun and even spent time together in front of the television. His father had lots of friends and the only problem was that he liked to drink a little bit.

Lee Hyun remembers his mother saying that his father was old-fashioned in some ways and didn't like to show any unguarded moments. It took 2 months for his father to ask his mother on a date and if she had waited for a marriage proposal, she thinks she would have died of old age. She asked Lee Hyun not to become like that.

Lee Hyun’s mother had graduated from a good university. Working and childcare meant she didn’t have time to focus on the household.[1]

Inner Circle : Potential Life Partner Edit

In general Lee Hyun/Weed considers all relationships with girls except those outside his immediate family to be a waste of time/money due to increased relationships with women often costing him more than he is willing to spend. However, when it comes to his sister's friends, he's surprisingly generous and welcoming, as he believes that it's important to preserve her school life and reputation.

Despite considering most relationships with females to be wasteful, Lee Hyun has developed several relationships with people of both genders throughout his time in Royal Road.

Jeong Seoyoon/Seoyoon Edit

Initially meeting in Royal Road, Lee Hyun developed a fear of Seoyoon due to her active Murderer status during their first meeting. Through various activities both inside and outside of Royal Road, the two get closer. Their relationship in its earlier phases were that of Seoyoon considering Lee Hyun to be a genuine friend, while Lee Hyun is suspicious of her behaviour due to his unique outlook on life.

  • First meeting (in game), At the Basic Training Hall Instructor's house, Lee Hyun witnessed a red gem on her forehead and her name in red displayed above her, signalling that she has recently killed another player and has not atoned for it. Lee Hyun and Seoyoon both learned the cooking skill from the Instructor's wife.[2]
  • Lee Hyun later made a number of significant sculptures based on her beautiful appearance (Baran Village's Guardian statue of Goddess Freya, Seoyoon (the sculpture), The Warm Lovers, etc.). Due to Lee Hyun using her image without her consent, he believed that Seoyoon would kill him and take revenge if she ever found him.
  • During his quest in the Plains of Despair, Lee Hyun, while disguised as Orc Karichwi, had a brief encounter with Seoyoon on the plains and met her again soon after at the mouth of the Yunopu Canyon. Lee Hyun was going in the same direction, so he followed her and picked up items that she left behind. While inside of the canyon, Weed gave her food one time out of fear that she would kill him[3], and it became a routine. Eventually he would repair her equipment as well. When they reached the end of the canyon, Weed carved the sculpture "Seoyoon" depicting her smiling with very sad eyes while in a bed of flowers. When Seoyoon was led to the sculpture with its fragrance ability, Seoyoon was affected by the sculpture's crying eyes as it was practically a mirror image of herself. Seoyoon began to cry, displaying her first visible emotion.[4]
  • Lee Hyun's party ran into Seechwi and Seoyoon[5] just before receiving a quest from Alveron to the Valley of Death. Seechwi pushed Seoyoon forward as a "volunteer" as Seechwi recognized Weed was responsible for Seoyoon's treatment progress.[6] Over the course of the quest, Seoyoon saw that Weed was able to do the same things as the Orc Karichwi (cooking, tailoring, repairing etc.) and immediately recognized that Weed as the orc, though she did not understand why he hid it.[7] Lee Hyun eventually developed a cold alongside Alveron that worsened to a fever inside the Valley of Death. Just as Weed was about to die from the sickness, Weed was cared for and fed porridge from Seoyoon who wanted to repay him for his kindness to this point. Weed discovered that Seoyoon was a terrible cook as the spices that were added were horrible, and falsely thought that Seoyoon was feeding him disgusting porridge in revenge for using her in his scultpures.[8]
  • In the middle of the quest tin the Valley of Death, Weed sculpted the Warm Lovers sculpture to alleviate the cold. Weed sculpted it while Seoyoon was offline, and made the faces of the lovers similar to himself by accident and Seoyoon out of habit. Since the female portion of the statue was facing the wall, it was difficult to see the female face. When Seoyoon logged back online, she saw the smiling face of Weed reflected in the sculpture and wanted to smile like that as well. Weed took her out to hunt monsters to prevent her from discovering the female face.[9]
  • During the finale of the Valley of Death, Seoyoon sacrificed herself to protect Lee Hyun. Before she died she registered Lee Hyun as her first ever friend on Royal Road and spoke for the first time. Seoyoon was happy that he agreed to the friend request. Lee Hyun later thought that Seoyoon was being devious as she could hold him responsible for the items that she left behind when she died.[10]
  • Seoyoon vowed to make herself stronger to protect Weed and trained with the Vampire Lord Tori. When Seoyoon was doing quests for forest animals and spirits, she was granted access to a portal that asked where she wanted to go. She said that she wanted to go to where Weed was and was transported to Las Phalanx with Tori.[11] She met up with Weed eventually and traded Tori's amulet (and thus command over him) to Weed for a rabbit in real life. Seoyoon fought with Weed's forces and when the S-class quest Weed is on cimaxed, she ended up dying just before it was finished. Seoyoon scolded herself for not being strong enough.
  • After logging back in when the quest finished, Weed gave her one of Seulroeo's Wedding Rings, and they attended a wedding ceremony due to the magic of the rings. Due to the nature of the wedding ceremony, she spoke for the second time when saying "I do"
  • On one of Weed's Master Quests, when she sees Weed teaching pottery to Hwaryeoung, Irene, and Romuna; Seoyoon enters the nearby dungeon and lets loose on the grave robbers inside.
  • Seoyoon had purchased a shack in Morata at some point and was inside the city trying to buy furniture for it. She moved to Bingryong Square, Yellowy Square and ended up in Central Cquare. Weed was on one of his Master Quests that forced him to become a sculpture for a month's time and his body ended up being displayed in the Central square. Seoyoon noticed how accurate the sculpture was in depicting Weed and decided to hang around it for a while. When it got dark, Seoyoon quickly looked around and kissed the sculpture lightly.[12]

In volume 31 he and Seoyoon went to sea, to complete his final sculpture skill. She had to role play as his wife during the trip.

In volume 39 they went on a date to a Chinese shop, after the date they stood and look at each other for about 3 min and Seoyoon close her eyes and Weed ponder on whether he's suppose to kiss her or not after about 1 more min he finally decides to kiss her.

In volume 40 he thinks about the kiss and how they kiss for about 5 min and that he has to take responsibility. Seoyoon was asked later on in the volume, if she had a boy friend, from a guy in Apren Kingdom during the war she reply with a yes.

Later in volume 42 Weed kissed her again, he also sculpts lots of sculptures of her wearing different kinds of clothes, some of them were skimpy ones wherein Seoyoon complained about the skirt being too short. (Yes, Weed does have a perverted side, which he only shows to Seoyoon)

Weed also talks about how beautiful his girlfriend is (yes he did say girlfriend ) he also says that if anyone had a girl friend as beautiful as his, they would also do the same. He also starts to hunt with her more often and they usually spend time together when he's not playing Royal road. He mentions briefly he plans on marrying Seoyoon, and their trust develops to the point where he asks her to rule the Arpen Kingdom while he is away.

Jeong Hyo-Lynn/Hwaryeoung Edit

Weed has an extreme dense personality when it comes to women that like him. So it's no surprise that despite her beauty, Hwaryeoung's affections were rarely, if ever, returned. Their relationship can be summed up as an unrequited, one-sided love. He does acknowledge her beauty, though, and her usefulness as a dancer who can distract numerous and powerful enemies.

In Volume 42, Weed gets awkward whenever he meets Hwaryeoung. Weed had shown that he does know of her feelings for him, but he never reciprocated it and already considered Seoyoon as his girlfriend. Later on, Hwaryeong told Seoyoon that there was still time for Weed to turn back (meaning, liking her), but Seoyoon replied that she will never give up on Weed.

Da'in Edit

After meeting her while she was hunting on her own and while training alone himself in a dungeon in Lavias; Weed recognized that she was very capable even as a shaman. Through adventuring together, Weed eventually indicated that Dain was his "ideal type" and she became his first love. Dain had to go through a life threatening surgery and was putting it off but after adventuring with Weed, she wanted to move forward with her life and logged off to get it done.

Since she was always alone, Weed thought that nobody would remember her, thus he would take on the responsibility. Weed sculpted her into a statue at the place where they would eat meals together while they were in the dungeon. After a long time, after the surgery was a success, she logged back on. After seeing the statues left behind by Weed in her image she became very emotional and wanted to meet Weed again.

Dain adventures around until she finds out that Weed is the Lord of Morata. She then travels to Morata in hopes of meeting him again, but he is off on a long quest. Dain eventually gets bored and begins to adventure with various parties at the upcoming city, making a name for herself as a great shaman. Dain eventually joins up with Weed's friends when she recognizes that Hwaryeoung's face is that of the statue of the Godess of Freyja in Morata in the hopes she can meet Weed.

Dain, while adventuring with Weed's friends, Weed talks with Pale before entering the River of Lamentation since he is able to hire a mercenary. Dain volunteers herself in order to meet weed, but Weed rejects the offer since he does not know that the shaman is Dain.

While Weed is fighting the Embinyu Church's forces, Yurin teleports to a tavern with Weed's friends, including Dain. Hwaryeoung asks Yurin if she is Lee Hyun's type to which she responds that her brother would not like wasting money on expensive clothing. Irene asks about herself half jokingly but Yurin states that her brother wouldn't like that Irene's good nature would get her scammed. Romuna also asks but Yurin says that because she majors in music and music is expensive to support, her brother wouldn't like her either. After the girls wonder if Weed even has a preferred type, Yurin states that Dain is probably a good match. Yurin asks about Dain and it is found out that Dain doesn't go to salons since her hair is easy to style, does not like accessories since she does not like cumbersome metal, and that she only buys clothes when they are on special sale in February. All of this together makes her the perfect fit for Weed, but Dain paled a bit as she realised why Weed had said she was a good fit.

Eventually, During the quest against the Embinyu Church, Weed needs a few allies to help him rescue the Priests of Matallost and Dain volunteers herself again to help out. Dain and Hwaryeoung along with Yurin teleport to Weed and Dain reintroduces herself. Weed is initially suspicious of the same name since it has been a very long time. Once Dain buffs him, Weed immediately recognizes her but decides not to show it since she did not act with familiarity when they met, thinking that she was hiding it for a reason.

During their stay in the Embinyu Church Basement dungeon, Dain is able to get Weed alone. Despite fighting many frightening monsters on her own, it took a great amount of courage to ask if Weed liked anybody, and he responded no. Mustering up even more courage, she asks if there was anybody he ever liked in the past. Weed froze up for a moment but continued saying that there wasn't anyone he liked in the past either. Dain logged off in sadness. Weed Indicated that she was his first love to Yellowy and was happy to see her, but through his earlier misunderstanding about her hiding her identity and thinking she wanted to forget her past, he became very sad.

Former Schoolmates Edit

- Sanghoon, former highschool classmate ( tried to invite Hyun to an alumni reunion). - Yoon Junghee, they met at Weed's little sister school festival. But Lee Hayan jealousy dragged Hyun away.

Inner Circle : friends and allies Edit

In Life Edit

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Servants, Living Scultures and Pets Edit

In game servants & living scultures Edit

Servants (Tori, Van Hawk), he treads them as such. With both, he practice his taming skill, playing good guy/bad guys, until they truly become efficient at executing what he needs them to do. Same goes for the living sculpture.

Game World Real World
Bingryoung Boiled Egg (Chicken, Food; Alive, For Now)
Tori (Servant) (Former) Fried (Chicken, Food; Alive, For Now)
5 Phoenix brothers (destroyed) Half Sauce Half Fried (Chicken, Food; Alive, For Now)
Phoenix Mother Hen/Protagonist (Chicken, Food; Alive, For Now)
Sculptures from Las Phalanx Sauce (Chicken, Food; Alive, For Now)
Van Hawk (Servant) Soup (Chicken, Food; Alive, For Now)
Wings of light Sunny Side Up (Chicken, Food; Alive, For Now)
Wy-1 Dogmeat (Dog, Food; Alive, For Now)
Wy-2 rabbits with babies[13]
Wy-3 more chickens[14]
Wy-5 ducks[15]
Wy-6 a new dog[16]
Yellowy (Rover)
Silver Bird
Golden Bird

In life pets Edit

Pets for Lee Hyun/Weed are animals for human food consumption. He treats them well, but at the end, it's either for food or reproduction. You have the name in the previous table. More and more of them went into Seoyoons care (much to Lee Hyun's despair) and helped her recover.

Outer circle : Business oriented Edit

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Other businessesEdit

Jobs Edit

In Life Edit

factory worker

stuff animal factory button eye sewer

many common part time jobs: like grocery bagger, janitor etc.

cook (temporary during school festival)

sculptor: carved an ice sculptor for a rich man of his wife for her birthday

unofficial social worker: Helps the elderly to keep healthy by guiding them in ways to cheat the system and thus be able to maintain a living, also helps shovel their driveways and carry their groceries

Dark Gamer: Current main job

Heir to the dojo: He is unaware of it but his master, the teacher assistants as well as the majority of the students all think of him as this.

media icon:

In Game Edit

Lee Hyun/Weed has several jobs offering to him in which if he took them it will get him some benefit as well as a sort of status title, of course he rejected them all, except for the last one, which will give him the opportunity to enter the Emperor competition.

Denarion of RosenheimEdit
  • Position: Denarion (Low Rank Officer)
  • Offer by: Sir Midvale (Roseheim Kingdom)
  • When it was offered: v1c7
  • Final Decision by Lee Hyun/Weed: Rejected

If you accept it, you will take a military position of Denarion in the Rosenheim army. You will command ten foot soldiers. You are entitled to receive regular training, and a monthly income of 50 silvers. Will you accept this job offer?

Centurion of Rosenheim Edit
  • Position: Centurion (Mid-Rank Officer)
  • Offer by: Sir Midvale (Roseheim Kingdom)
  • When it was offered: v1c7
  • Final Decision by Lee Hyun/Weed: Rejected

If you accept it, you will take a military position of centurion in the Rosenheim army. You will command one hundred foot soldiers. You are entitled to receive regular training, and a monthly income of 3 gold. Will you accept his job offer?

Royal Sculptor of RosenheimEdit
  • Position: Royal Sculptor
  • Offer by: King Winston (Roseheim Kingdom)
  • When it was offered : v7c9
  • Final Decision by Lee Hyun/Weed: Rejected

You have received a job offer from the King Winston. The Kingdom’s Sculptor. If you work for the Royal Courts, you get to live with the Royal Family, and meet any Nobles and people of Royal Blood. 300 Soldiers will be put under your command. The Royal Family will provide you with a private room. You can receive training from Royal Knights, and you will a monthly salary of 2000 gold minimum. You will receive additional salary every time you create a sculpture. While hired as a Royal Sculptor, all sculptures made during that period will be property of the Royal Family. Would you like to accept this job?

Ruler of RhodiumEdit
  • Position: Ruler/Lord of Rhodium
  • Offer by: A middle aged old man from the Artists Union/Guild (Rhodium, the City of Artists)
  • When it was offered: v8c4
  • Final Decision by Lee Hyun/Weed: Rejected

Proposal to become the Ruler of Rhodium, the city of artists.Rhodium currently does not have a ruler.This position can be received by an artist that creates an overly superior work in the city of Rhodium. Do you wish to become the ruler of Rhodium? You will be given ownership of soldiers and public facilities as well as capable of setting laws and policies. Taxes on harvest, technology and commercial goods can be collected monthly and military power can be strengthened. A higher position and other rewards can be provided if you successfully conquer another territory or castle of a certain size. Do you accept?

Bishop of FreyaEdit
  • Position: Bishop
  • Offer by: A Priest from the Freya's Religious Order
  • When it was offered: v9c1
  • Final Decision by Lee Hyun/Weed: Rejected

A religious position has been proposed. Freya’s religious order of bishops. Given jurisdiction over the temple, you can oversee the finances and also expand the policies. It is a similar position where you oversee a castle’s finance, but there is a difference where you have the jurisdiction over the works of the religious order. You can foster new paladins and priests, and also use the donations to buy land and erect new temples. The higher up you go up in the hierarchy, the more responsibilities you get. However, if you lay siege to a castle or town then your reputation will plummet… If you use your power for bad then you will be judged. Which province you will be responsible for will also be determined by your reputation and contributions. Do you want to accept the seat of the Bishop?

Lord of MorataEdit
  • Position: Lord/Ruler of Morata
  • Offer by: Village Elder
  • When it was offered: v10c7
  • Final Decision by Lee Hyun/Weed: Accepted/Cannot be denied 

Elder’s proposal to become the Count of Morata.Morata was a renowned producer of high quality cloth and leather for generations. The True Blood Vampires took over the territory once, but now humans inhabit once more. 'The village elder has offered the position of ruler to one of the two heroes of the village. Great adventurers with high friendship with the people will not be able to refuse.Able to tax crops and trade monthly. Able to strengthen military power. If the lord occupies another city or castle of a certain size or population by force, the rewards will increase.

Becoming Lord, Weed could later on enter the competition to become the new Emperor. 

Opponents & Enemies Edit

Due to his personality, Lee Hyun/Weed often holds grudges against those who either wrong him or prevent him from gaining valuable items in some way.

In Life Edit

In Game Edit

References Edit

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