Abilities and Powers

Lee Hyun in reality and in Royal Road has shown numerous abilites.

Classes/Species Edit

"Normally, the Sculptor class was a support class, for which it would be normal to be weaker than warrior classes, but the Moonlight Sculptor provided many strong advantages for combat. Craftsmanship, strengthened abilities, additional stats, and Sculpting Blade! It was an ideal job with nothing to complain about. In dungeons or on dark nights, it strengthened abilities by a further 30%". (vol.2 Chap 8).

At level 115, Weed was able to fight equaly with level 200 Death Knights. 

Also, Lee Hyun is gaining access to a number of otherwise class-unique abilities through his sculpting skills and higher level quests.

Most are included below this won't cover all item related abilities or general skills (Sailing, Swordmastery) as some of his skills are related to out of game skills or are non-class/species related

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Edit

As a moonlight sculptor Lee Hyun/Weed has access to a number of unique skills and one of his main goals is to acquire and master all of them so he can produce the greatest sculptures in royal road (as well as turning a profit).

So basically Weed received more basic stats bonus when he got this job. for example Pale only got 10 stats bonus when he choose his job, and Weed received 20 bonus stats + 80 arts. The other advantages are the capability on learning all production skills to Master Level, which impossible to do by other classes[1].

Moonlight Sculpting

Sculptural Life Bestowal

Sculptural Shapeshifting

Elemental Sculpting: Similar to Grant Life, Elemental sculpturing allows Weed to create a vessel for a spirit to inhabit out of raw elements. These spirits are summoned with mana and cost mana to maintain, however unlike Living Sculptures these spirits can be freely summoned and destroyed. Additionally, due to the spirits having a more solid structure than ordinary elementals, Weed is able to donate them to Spirit Lodges for others to use.

The limit on the number of similar spirits is not given, but presumably depends on the mana of the summoner. The power of the spirit is determined by how well sculpted their body is, it is unclear if Weed can try to resculpt a spirit to make it more powerful. Additionally spirits can gain experience and advance ranks if used often, though how this works with repeated summoning and dispelling is also not clear.

Nature Sculpting

An off-shoot of nature sculpting is Cloud Sculpting, which allows the player to craft the local atmosphere, Weed accidentally sets of a chain reaction that results in a giant cloud sculpture, this implies that cloud sculpting is very volatile and not useful to permanently fix the weather.

Disaster Sculpting

Time Sculpting

Time sculpting allows Weed to manipulate time. This ability is introduced after he finishes his Sculpting Mastery Quest, which in turns gives him the ability to create his own special sculpting skill. For more references: You may be able to read it at Volume 39 chapter 7.

  • He may now accelerate the time for a sculpture, which would increase the artistic value due to overwriting the sculpture's age.
  • He could pause the world and move which would consume a lot of his energy.
  • He could travel to a specific point in time but at the very high cost.

Skill: Sculpting Blade

  • Mana 50 per second
  • Enables you to carve the invisible, the intangible.

The legend tells that Grand Master Zahab accidentally discovered a way of truth when he was practicing the sculptural art—that sculpture is an art of transforming all creations at the sculptor’s will. Zahab’s secret technique is passed down to his successor.

Moonlight Sculpting Blade

Sculptural Destruction

Sculptural Comprehension

Sculpture Language/Communication:

It is impervious whether the conversation is with monsters or humans, these two kinds of sculptures can converse. If they are a fine work, their hostility will be alleviated and there will be spells that are favoured. When fame or skill level rises, more species beyond the current limits will be able to converse. Reaching intermediate Sculpture Communication, adventurers acquire special emotion skills.

Skill: Sculpture Restoration

Depending on skill level, damaged sculptures can be restored to their original appearance.

Skill: Sculpture Memories

Can witness the sculpture’s hidden in the past.

Summon Sculpture


Geihar's Imperial Sword Art

Stone Skin

Heraim Fencing

Radiant Sword

Latest stat and skillEdit

At the end of the Nodule and Hilderun quest, he learned 2 bonus skill and a new stat

  • Trap detection:

Weed had to suffer a lot without trap detection in the Melbourne mine. So for Weed, this trap detecting skill should help him optimize his dungeon hunting skills.

  • Dragon slayer spirit:

At the end of the day, Weed is no longer Nodule, a level 825 master class warrior of the warring age. Back to the hard reality of a "lonesome" level 440+ sculptor… without Thor armor and sword. So this will help Weed to balance out his own overall weakness in combat as a sculptor. Already a (future) emperor skill ? At the least, it should be an improved version of the fighting spirit.

  • Insight

Insight is a stat that will have “a positive impact across many areas” (especially in critical situation) and in particular, it will “affect the acquisition of high level, special skills” (the skill will be easier to learn and the learning process will go faster).

In other words insight is a booster for the character growth that will help Weed in critical situation or regarding a better and faster acquisition of new high level skills. It has a somehow similar effect to handicraft regarding craft skill.

To summarize it, it is a an empowerment stat for complex and challenging situation.

Orc (Various Forms) Edit

While not a class in an of itself Weed makes use of the Orc form for its stats and the ability to blend with Orc society

Stat Changes: As an Orc Weed is granted huge boosts to Power, Endurance, Leadership and Stamina while suffering a major loss to Wisdom, Art and Intellect (along with any skill not required to hit things and tell other people to join in). As well as these changes Weed has to increase his food intake to keep up with the Orcs energy requirements.

Physical Changes: Weed has greater bulk, but far lower agility due to his discomfort with the Orcs slightly twisted frame (For reference see Warhammer 40k Orkz rather than LoTR orcs). While appearing as a hulking monstrosity to humans, in Orc society Weed is an object of envy and attraction.

When Weed uses a skinnier Orc body he appears far less intimidating, additionally the smaller body gives him greater long distance running ability and also allows him to appear sufficiently harmless to Seoyoon that she allows him to follow her around while in this form.

Blood Necromancer/Lich Edit

After completing his quest to fight alongside Orcs and Dark Elves in the plains of despair, Weed is given access to the skills of the Blood Necromancer through the completion of Lich Shire’s Undead Legion quest. Note: this can be considered a second class because while it is not always active he can still benefit from it's passive abilities.

Power to Reject Death: After Weed has his life reduced to zero this ability revives him as an undead based upon his current masteries with this skill and on nearby bone piles.

The Abilities of Undead other than the Necromancer/Lich will be listed further down

Summon Undead: Weed makes use of nearby bodies to produce undead to fight for him. These undead can be produced in large quantities of poor quality or Weed can choose to consume multiple corpses or stronger corpses to produce more powerful minions.

The power of undead summoned is dependant on Weed's current skill in this ability.

Undead follow similiar rules and leveling systems as Living Sculptures, they can gain experience and advance in rank if maintained. If an undead dies but the material is not destroyed it is possible to re-animate the corpse, however unlike Living Sculptures any and all combat experience is lost.

Corpse Explosion: Weed can choose to consume a corpse in order to deal area of effect damage around its location. The damage inflicted by this ability is dependent on the skill level and the quality of the corpse, the mana consumed does not a change and Weed is able to detonate any undead under his control at will. It is unclear if detonating his own undead increases the damage of the skill.

It is shown that more intelligent species will see the corpse explosion as an insult, undead become more fearful of Weed when he detonates them "prematurely" and if other species witness Weed using this ability on one of their own it increases their hostility toward him.

Death Aura: As a Lich Weed exudes an aura of decay that causes nearby undead to increase significantly in power as well as cause fear to weaker enemies. The aura helps undead to resist holy attacks and silver, as well granting them the ability to regenerate from wounds inflicted by these sources.

The range and power of Death Aura are dependent on the skill of the Lich, Bar Khan is able to increase the abilities of all undead within a number of miles of his current location while Weed seems to be able to effect an area large enough to encompass a warband of some 500 undead while fighting "solo". This would suggest that even low level Death Auras have a vast area of effect.

Curses: As a Necromancer/Lich Weed has the ability to cast large scale curse abilities, these include Blindness, Weakness, Feebleness (Possible just different translation for Weakness) and Slow among others. When cast on non-undead foes the curses have a chance to inflict the associated crowd control to anyone in the area, those with higher levels relative to Weed may resist or nullify some of the curse while the opposite is true of lower level enemies.

When Weed targets his own undead troops the curses will act as blessings, presumably causing the exact reverse of the curse. Blindness=Increased Accuracy, Weakness=Increased Strength and so on, due to this Weed often blankets the battle in curses using whatever spare mana he has.

Death Knight+Variants Edit

When Weed is revived by Reject Death he has come back in a variety of forms


These forms have included; Skeleton Warrior, Skeleton Knight, Ghost Warrior, Death Knight, Doom Knight, Skeletal Necromancer, Lich and Bone Dragon

All of these forms share the traits of the undead; Infinite Stamina, Increased Health, the ability to lose and replace bones (at the cost/gain of maximum health) and weakness to Holy Magic/Helium/Silver

Skeleton Warrior/Knight: As a skeleton Weed gains health an unlimited stamina as well as a gain in Strength and Dexterity. He also loses the majority of all other stats, particularly Art and Faith.

Bone Toss: Weed is able to remove a rib and throw it as a javelin/dagger, this move delivers a large amount of damage as the trade-off is a loss to Weeds total health, if Weed happens to find a bone dropped by one of his unfortunate subordinates then he can use this to replace his rib or as additional ammunition.

Ghost Warrior: As a Ghost Warrior Weed becomes immaterial, only those equipped with magic or the right weapon are able to damage him. His equipment also becomes immaterial and suffers a drop in durability and quality while in this state, though its durability becomes unchangeable to compensate.

Ghost Walk: As a ghost weed is able to sacrifice a portion of his remaining health to move through solid objects, Weed uses this to ambush opponents that are about to die and quietly hoover up japtem on multiple floors of a house.

Death/Doom Knight: As a Knight Weed begins to emit a Death Aura and receives greater benefits from the aura of other necromancers, His fighting abilities increase along with his health and stats when compared to a ghost or skeleton warrior.

Command: While a Knight Weed begins to inspire undead to follow him in the same way he would a human army, though with a greater emphasis on fear than camaraderie. While not possessing absolute control as a Necromancer would Weed is capable of bending the undead to his will in such a way that there is not discernible difference between the two styles.

Horse Riding: While a Knight Weed gains significant bonuses while riding a horse, and can be considered almost twice as dangerous while mounted than if he is on foot. His riding skill is best demonstrated when he manages to scavenge a pile of japtem without dismounting, hanging upside down and scooping everything up as he rides past.

Skeletal Necromancer: Only considered distinct from a Lich due to his lack of levitation and Death Aura, in this form Weed gains a huge boost to Intelligence and Wisdom while suffering a drop in Strength and Dexterity. This allows him to summon vast armies of undead and boost their abilities with curse magic (see above).

Lich: In this form Weed can permanently hover and emit Death Aura, while a Lich Weed takes the form of the Boss Monster Shire who used to be one of the highest ranked undead in the Immortal Legion prior to his untimely re-death. Due to this Weed has a neutral relationship with other higher ranked members of the Legion and can call upon wandering neutral undead factions such as Ghost Pirates to help him.

Bone Dragon: Weed takes this form very briefly while indoors, so not much is known about its power in an unrestrained fight. While in this form weed is considered a colossal monster and suffers penalties to his level while gaining monstrous amounts of health. Due to the disparity between his weight and strength Weed actually injures himself whenever he tries to move,though simply stepping on an opponent is enough to deal high damage. it is assumed that his lack of strength would make flight impossible for any length of time, though his wings remain useful weapons nonetheless.

Breath Attack: As an undead dragon Weed is able to release a caustic breath attack, this is strong enough to threaten an opponent many levels higher than himself and can at least fill an area the size of a football stadium. The attack is a huge drain on resources and would not ordinarily be used in quick succession.

Bite/Crush: As a dragon Weed is able to use his size to bite and crush through defenses that would have withstood his ordinary blows.

Colossal Body: Every silver lining has its cloud, while Weed is able to deal enormous damage as a dragon he cannot dodge and presents a giant target to any enemy in the area, this causes him to take the aggro and damage of hordes of monsters at once without being able to properly counter.

Barbarian in the warring age Edit

Description missing.

References Edit

  1. Volume 1 Chapter 8