Weed met most of those people in the game with the exception of his sister and Seoyoon. These are the players that Weed goes on quests with or people that he is friendly with.

First circleEdit

Game Class Real Name
Yurin Aqualight Painter Lee Hayan
Seoyoon Berserker Jeong Seoyoon
Geomchis Martial Artist 505 of them

Second circleEdit

Game Class Real Name
Maylon Archer Shin Hye Min
Pale Archer  Oh Dongman
Hwaryeong Dancer Jae Lynn
Zephyr Fisher man Jeon Hyo Lynn
Romuna Fire Mage Yeon Hee Park
Mapan Merchant Kang Jin-Cheol
Surka Monk Yoo Soo Park
Seechwi Orc warrior Cha Eunhee
Irene Priestess Kim In Young
Dain Shaman ???


We can describe them as

  • The first circle: These are the people Weed meets up on a regular base in his private life
  • The second circle: These are the people Weeds plays up in game on a regular base.

In battle they are see as a group the breaks all game rules about parties. They had all kinds of professions, some of them weren’t very popular in the game. There weren’t any real warriors or paladins, specialized in fighting monsters, among them. But their rare profession allowed them to find different ways to get out of tight situations.

    • Zephyr, with his high health, and monk Surka were responsible for close combat.
    • In the dangerous cases when monsters were attacking in large crowds, Hwaryeong was

putting them to sleep with a dance. Also she was boosting the party’s attributes with her dances. 

    • Pale and Mayron were shooting their bows from afar, besides them was Romune, who was

casting destructive spells.

    • Irene was providing support and healing to all party members.
    • Even merchant Mapan had his job. As a second professional skill he got the ‘Touch of

Luck’ skill, that was increasing loot, left by monsters.


  • Dain hunted with Weed in Lavias's Dungeons before her surgery, and afterwards with his friends. After meeting him again, due to lingering feelings, they have an awkward interaction and Dain decides to return to her Guild. This marks the end of their hunting together.(reference Needed)


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