Introduction Edit

Weed made this sculpture while enduring  the deadly cold of the north. He made this Sculpture in order to resist the deadly cold of the north while at the same time increase his skills. He uses moonlight sculpturing on this sculpture and he made this sculpture inside a cave.

Description Edit

A pair of lover hugging each other in the bitter cold while smiling[1]

Sculpture Information Edit

Moonlight Magnum Opus. You have completed the Warm Lovers.

the warm lovers from the where even breath would freeze. the work expresses the lovers' passionate love that even death cannot separate. Due to its impressive expressiveness, the work deserves to be displayed even in a king's personal museum or in a palace. This great work will have more value as time goes by. The creative and highly artistic sculptor has learned and recovered the forgotten skill. Moonlight sculpting. this work will leave its name in the continent's history of sculpting.

Artistic Value: Exceptional sculptor Weed's work, 2600.

Special options:

those who have seen Warm Lovers will have 20% increase in health and mana regeneration rate for a day.

Resistance to cold increased by 40%

Maximum Health increased by 25%

All stats have a 20 point increase.

the sculpture fumes out hot air that would make one burn oneself when touching the sculpture.

Party Experience gain increased by 6%

When lovers hug one another in front of the sculpture, they can receive the blessing of Warm Lovers.

Does not stack with other sculptures' effect

the number of moonlight magna opera completed: 1

Trivia Edit

  • sculptor skill improvement

Advance Sculpting skill level rises to 2. Sculpting becomes surprisingly detailed and delicate. Sculpture Understanding skill level rises by 1.

  • Sculpter Stat increase

Dexterity skill mastery rises. Fame rises by 460. Art stat rises by 30 Charm rises by 7.

Warm Lovers was recorded in the history of sculpting.

When talented sculptors look at this sculpture, it will help them improve their sculpting.

For making a Moonlight Magnum Opus, all stats additionally rise by 4

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