It is a unique item. One of Sacred Relic of Matallost Church, recovered by Weed from Embinyu Church.

Item Information

Before the three tribes allied

                        Wand, The Token of Alliance
Durability: 139/200.                    Attack Power: 15.
This Wand is a proof of the alliance of the Matallost Church with its neighboring

The Wand acts as proof of the contract between the Matallost Church and its
neighboring tribes. Though it's a relic with a God's blessing, it normally only has a
slight ability to aid holy powers.

Once you have fulfilled the promised alliance, you can utilize the authority of the
Deliverers vested in the Wand.

However, you must pay the price for the usage of authority.
Must receive recognition of the Matallost Church. Faith 2,000.
Holy Power 5%

After the three tribes allied.

             Wand, The Token of Revived Alliance
Durability 2,000/2,000         Attack 98.
This is the wand established as the token of the alliance the Matallost Church
contracted with the neighboring tribes.

An item granted with a God's Blessing.
All creatures in Versailles Continent have a duty to answer to Power of the Deliverer

One who has received the Matallost Church's recognition.

2,000 Faith.

+35% Magic Attack
+100% Divine Power
+1,200 Fame
Increased diplomatic negotiation ability.
Able to use Power of the Deliverer.

 Power of the Deliverer:

Forcefully summons creatures of the Versailles Continent. Does not distinguish
between races, monsters, and objects.

The power granted by the blessing of the Matallost God. With the current fallen state
of the church, only the one who has the authority can use this power.

Can be used for a total of 3 times.

For a living summoning, it will take 15 hours after the authority's manifestation.

If you use the Power of the Deliverer in the quest, Contribution and rewards will
decrease at a set value.

Caution : There is a high possibility for summoned monsters not cooperate. Untamed
monsters will make their own judgements and act upon them.
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