Volume 9, Chapter 9: "Planted Seed"

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In the Northern Continent, Weed and company have been battling Ice Trolls in the Valley of Death for 50 days straight ever since they've been provided the cold resistance buff from the "Warm Lovers" sculpture. Slowly but surely, the Ice Trolls' numbers dwindle to the point of no longer being a threat, and allowed Weed's group to finally move on to their next enemy. In addition, Weed had collected enough Ice Troll Blood to make thousands of gold for when the time comes to sell it. Following that, Weed and company go about clearing the valley of the Lamias, who are much easier to deal with now that they've lost the support of fighting alongside the Ice Trolls. With the Ice Trolls and Lamias dealt with, the next group of enemies that Weed's group has to deal with in the valley are Lizard Kings, Possessed Soldiers, and Demonic Followers all being led by the powerful Priests of Diverse.

The evil army led by the Priests of Diverse prove to be too powerful for Binryong and the 6 Living Wyverns, which forces Weed to summon out Van Hawk and Tori to join the battle. Before going to battle however, Tori points out to master Weed that he's gained enough experience at this point to finally return to Todeum, a Vampire Kingdom that's situated beneath the ground of the Versailles Continent. Despite his current contract forcing him to obey under Weed's rule, Tori claims that it's his obligation as a Vampire Lord to return to Todeum when the gate into the Vampire Kingdom opens 89 days from now, and will let the master kill him if Weed refuses to let him go. Weed accepts letting Tori go having already guessed that leveling up his summons would bring him special quests, which will void their contract when it's time for Tori to depart. In return, Tori offers to act as the guide for Weed and his companions if they desire to go to the Vampire Kingdom with him when it's time for Tori to leave. Just as he predicted, Weed receives a game message from Royal Road informing him that he's been invited by Tori to follow the Vampire Lord 3 months from now to Todeum, a Vampire Kingdom where no other human has set foot.

Following the conversation between Weed and Tori, the Vampire Lord summons forth his new True Blood Clan, and enters the battle against the evil army led by the Priests of Diverse. As the large battle goes on, Weed sneaks around using Seven Celestial Footstep to pick off any Priest of Diverse that he comes across. He even picks up a lot of gold coin loot along the way given that the Priests of Diverse are loaded with money.

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  • A-Rank Quest: "Truth and Glory" (Weed's group clears out the Ice Trolls and Lamias of the Valley of Death, and are now taking on the Priests of Diverse's army.)
  • (Weed receives an invite to travel with Tori 3 months from now to the Vampire Kingdom of Todeum.)

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  1. Weed still has a slight cold, but the effects no longer gets worse thanks to the cold resistance buff from the "Warm Lovers" Sculpture.
  2. Ever since getting the "Warm Lovers" buff, Weed's group had spent almost 50 days in the Valley of Death fighting Ice Trolls.
  3. Ice Trolls have such incredible regeneration abilities that they can regrow cut limbs in such a short time, and only a few minutes are needed to recover health if it runs dangerously low.
  4. Using the divid and conquer strategy, Weed's 6 Wyverns continue to knock Ice Trolls off the cliffs for Weed, Seoyoon, and Alveron to kill at the bottom of the valley.
  5. Weed uses his Moonlight Sculpting Blade and Close Eyes skills while fighting against the Ice Trolls with his Sword of Cold Loteu. Seoyoon is also seen fighting with her sword, and given her Berserker class, her sword attacks are said to leave an afterimage of a black hue. Meanwhile, Alveron acted as the healer, such as healing Binryong and the Wyverns whenever their health fell dangerously low fighting the Ice Trolls.
  6. Continuing the divide and conquer strategy throughout the 50 days, Weed and company have finally cleared out the Ice Trolls.
  7. Weed can earn as much as 5,300 gold for every bottle he fills with Ice Troll Blood. The Blood can then be turned into Rapid Recovery Potions, which restores lost stamina and health. Such potions are said to be incredibly useful during guild sieges.
  8. After dealing with the Ice Trolls, Weed next sets his sights on clearing out the Lamias in order to gain further control over the Valley of Death. Alveron is now no longer dedicated to just healing, and he provides Blessing buffs for Binryong and the Wyverns.
  9. Weed's current level after dealing with the Ice Trolls is said to be 312.
  10. Weed and company begin fighting the Lamias, who despite their charm and venom abilities are much easier to fight due to their weak defenses. The Lamias' snake bodies also allows for them to glide across the ice to move around quickly.
  11. Binryong dislikes how his legs are short compared to the size of his body, and as a result, the Ice Dragon doesn't often walk during battle. Weed finds no problem with it since having short but thick legs is better to support a large body compared to having longer thin legs.
  12. Due to no longer having the support of the Ice Trolls, the level 200 Lamias are quickly defeated by Weed and company's onslaught. The Lamia loot includes Snake Leather, Gold, Silver, Poison Stings, and several types of Ores.
  13. After defeating the Lamias, the next enemies in the valley that Weed and company come across are the Lizard King, Possessed Soldiers, Priests of Diverse, Demonic Followers, and Puppets. The monsters are said to be void of faith, and are overflowing with evil and greed.
  14. The Lizard King fights with an axe while the Demonic Followers use spears and swords.
  15. The Priests of Diverse act as the commanders of the enemy forces. They use Bloodlust to temporarily enhance their soldiers' attacks, and have a type of flame-magic that's useful when fighting the Ice Dragon, Binryong, and the dragon's ice abilities. The command of the Priests of Diverse is enough to deal with the attacks of the Wyverns and Binryong.
  16. Weed summons Van Hawk and Tori to help with the fight against the army led by the Priests of Diverse. Van Hawk ends up feeling the cold, but Tori is unaffected by it, and reminds him of his former nearby hometown, Morata.
  17. Weed is surprised to see that Tori shows no reaction to someone as beautiful as Seoyoon, and figures that it probably has something to do with her being off-limits due to being a member in Weed's party.
  18. The reason Weed chose not to summon Tori earlier was because he would lose out on collecting the Ice Troll Blood given how Tori is a vampire that drinks blood.
  19. Tori shows a bit of disobedience since Weed hasn't summoned him for awhile, and refuses to deal with trivial tasks, such as fighting the army led by the Priests of Diverse. In return, Weed threatens to beat him for 10 days along with Seoyoon and Alveron if he doesn't attack.
  20. Before attacking, Tori asks Weed if the master has ever heard of Todeum the Vampire Kingdom, a place of everlasting darkness beneath the ground of the Versailles Continent. 
  21. Tori explains that he's grown strong enough to finally return to Todeum, but it would void the contract he current has with Weed. The Vampire Lord adds that it's his obligation to return in 89 days, which is when the entrance to the Vampire kingdom will open, and will gladly hand over his immortal life to the master if Weed refuses to let him leave.
  22. Weed decides that it's best to not take Tori's life, and let him depart when the time comes. There was a time Weed thought of killing Tori for the items, but the loot would be useless anyway since Tori's items are limited to Vampire users.
  23. Tori thanks Weed for the opportunity to leave when the time comes, and offers to guide the master to Todeum if Weed desires to go to the Vampire Kingdom.
  24. Todium the Vampire Kingdom is said to be a place where no humans has ever set foot, and has a location called the Tomb of the Vampires.
  25. Weed receives a game message informing him that he, and anyone in his party, have been invited by Vampire Lord Tori to journey to Todeum, the Vampire Kingdom beneath the ground of the Versailles Continent. Tori is set to depart to go to the Vampire Kingdom in 3 months (89 days). Todium is known as the Noble City of the Night, and is filled with ancient artwork, gems, beautiful women, and hundreds of millions of rats and bats.
  26. Weed had guessed at an earlier time that something special would come out of having his summons, Van Hawk and Tori, grow in experience under his command, which turned out to be correct now that Tori has invited him to journey to the Vampire Kingdom.
  27. Ready to attack, Tori summons out his new vampire clan. Amongst the young vampires, Tori now has beautiful Vampire Queens again within his clan. 
  28. Tori and his clan attack the evil army led by the Priests of Diverse along with Weed and company. Geumini is seen still atop Wy-1 helping in the battle from the sky. Meanwhile, Weed moved around the battle using Seven Celestial Footstep to pick off the Priests of Diverse.
  29. The Priests of Diverse are said to provide about 30% more experience compared to other monsters in the Valley of Death. In addition, Diverse is said to be the deity of the rich, which is why the Priests of Diverse drop a lot of gold coin loot. They also try to tempt the Vampires to fight for them by offering money and jewels, but it ends up not working.

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