Volume 9, Chapter 8: "Korea University"

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In real life, Lee Hye Yeon stops by Ahn Hyundo's Dojang in order to convince the sword practitioners to set up a surprise birthday party a month from now for Lee Hyun. Despite Chung Il Hoon and company rejecting it at first since they have no interest in birthdays, Hye Yeon manages to motivate the practitioners to go through with it by offering to introduce them to her female friends at a later time.

Meanwhile despite class not starting for another 2 months, Hyun arrives at Korea University to take part in the briefing session that welcomes the newcomers. While watching the session in the auditorium, Hyun meets 4 other students taking part in the same virtual reality major as him: two males named Bak Soon Jo and Choi Sang Joon, and two females named Lee Yu Jeong and Min Sura. Introducing themselves and their Royal Road characters to one another, Min Sura mentions that she's an Enchanter, Lee Yu Jeong and Choi Sang Joon are both Warriors, though Choi Sang is also a member of the Thor Kingdom's most popular Black Lion Guild, and Bak Soon Jo is a top Thief in the level 300 range. While talking briefly from time to time, Hyun and company continued to watch the session until its completion.

Following the briefing session, the 5 of them head off to the university's cafeteria to get something to eat. The choices being Korean food or Western food. Hyun and company go about eating their meals, which a couple practitioner trainees from the Dojang led by Han Sang Chual approach their table, and bow before Hyun out of respect, much to the confusion of Hyun's 4 classmates. The practitioners depart, and Han Sang leaves a bit of wisdom to his junior trainees that Hyun is the greatest wielder of the sword that has ever entered their Dojang.

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  1. In real life, Lee Hye Yeon stops by Ahn Hyundo's dojang since she wishes to discuss something with the practitioners. The other instructors and trainees pretend in front of master Ahn Hyundo that they're feeling tired in order to be with Hye Yeon since they don't often meet women.
  2. Hye Yeon explains to the practitioners that given how Lee Hyun's birthday is only a month away, she wishes to hold a surprise birthday party for him.
  3. Hyun is said to be someone that never cared about his own birthday, and sees it as just a luxury in his difficult life. However, that doesn't stop his sister and grandmother from remembering it, and still provide him small gifts.
  4. Due to dedicating their lives to the sword, Chung Il Hoon, Choe Jong Bom, and Ma Sang Bom never experienced birthday parties in a proper manner. One remembers the party just from seeing it on television, another thinks of a birthday as just eating seeweed soup, or when an insurance company just makes a thank you call.
  5. The dojang instructors reject having a birthday party at first since they view winning competitions as more important than birthday parties. However, they change tune after Hye Yeon adds that if they throw the birthday party, she will introduce them to her female friends as blind dates once she goes to college.
  6. The dojang trainees are said to be people that struggle with loneliness due to their passion for sword fighting keeping them far from women. They get excited upon hearing that Hye Yeon will set them up on a group blind date.
  7. Hyun appears at the front gate of Korea University for the briefing session. Classes don't start until 2 months later, but Hyun showed up to attend just for the sake of his sister.
  8. At the front gate, Hyun comes across students trying to recruit newcomers to their clubs, but Hyun has already decided for himself since lower school that he will never join a club. The recruits spot Hyun, but leave him alone under the belief that he's a reject.
  9. Hyun heads to the university's auditorium for the briefing session. He meets a fellow student named Bak Soon Jo (male) doing the virtual reality major. They introduce themselves to one another, and while Bak Soon Jo could tell that Hyun looks a bit old, Hyun lies that he's actually 20 years old.
  10. Bak Soon Jo is said to have come from the countryside in order to attend Korea University.
  11. Along with Bak Soon Jo, Hyun meets 3 other students in the virtual reality major named Lee Yu Jeong (female), Min Sura (female), and Choi Sang Joon (male). The 5 of them are said to have formed a "family" after introducing themselves to one another.
  12. During a break in the briefing session, Hyun's 4 fellow students spend time discussing Royal Road, such as the motion system allowing for different levels of physical movement depending on the user's level, and that the game must have done research studies on brains in order to react to a person's basic 5 senses in-game. Hyun just remained silent listening since his earlier research on virtual reality was above normal students speaking about the basics.
  13. It's said that when Royal Road was first created, consideration for safety was very high.
  14. Min Sura mentions that her Royal Road character is a level 140 Enchanter class that specializes in wind and electricity. However, her class is hard to level since the Enchanter class isn't the best for battle.
  15. Lee Yu Jeong mentions that her Royal Road character is a level 216 Warrior class.
  16. The Enchanter is said to be a class that provides strength to an object or lifeform. It's similar to the Priest, but unlike said class, the strength provided from Enchanters don't disappear. In addition, Enchanters mostly apply their magic to necklaces, earrings, rings, and other similar items. Overall, the Enchanter is said to be a class that can earn lots of money.
  17. Choi Sang Joon mentions that his Royal Road character is a level 278 Warrior class. He's also a member of the Black Lion Guild, which is said to be the most famous guild in the Thor Kingdom. 
  18. The reason Choi Sang got to join was because his brother was apparently one of the first 30 founding members. Choi Sang believes that at this point, his brother has probably already bypassed level 340. Hearing about the said guild membership shocks Lee Yu Jeong, and leaves her jealous, but Hyun isn't surprised since the brother probably trained like every other person that's high-leveled in order to bypass hardships they come across.
  19. It's said that it's very difficult to join a famously huge guilds, such as the Black Lions. Despite your own activities being limited in a guild, everyone still wants to join one if it's good. Huge advantages of being in a guild includes borrowing items if a guild war for a castle or hunting ground goes down, and receiving monthly gold payments.
  20. Famous guilds are known to have a sense of pride. Whether it's a field, city, or castle, everyone will recognize who controls what if a guild mark is left behind.
  21. Bak Soon Jo mentions that his Royal Road character is a level 342 Thief class. Bak Soon is said to be someone that despite looking like the quiet-type, he's got a competitive nature, and practically lives in dungeons to fight monsters.
  22. Not wanting to reveal much, Hyun decides to keep quiet about his Royal Road character other than revealing that he's chosen the Sculptor class, which the other 4 briefly show a sign of pity towards him. Choi Sang gives him a bit of encouragement pointing out that many people have apparently been chosing the Sculptor class these days.
  23. Hyun and company listened to the rest of the session. Unlike previously when he didn't study after dropping out of high school, Hyun wrote down the details in a notebook based on what he heard from the briefing session.
  24. Hyun and the 4 students he just met decide to head to the cafeteria to get something to eat. The food choices are said to be Korean or Western. Amongst the group, the 3 boys go with western food while the 2 girls go Korean.
  25. The cafeteria's Korean food is the choices of rice, soup, and five types of Banchan. The Western food is the choice of fried pork, or fish with salad and noodles.
  26. Min Sura finds the Korean food to be good enough while Choi Sang and Bak Soon admit that the school's lunch food isn't bad at all. Hyun however thought differently. He's left unimpressed by the fried pork being a frozen product that wasn't made at the university. Costing him 2,500 won for the unimpressive fried pork, Hyun decides that he's better off just bringing his own healthier lunch using street market ingredients.
  27. Hyun meets a couple dojang practitioners at the cafeteria. They bow to him in respect, but Hyun uses his ignoring-by-doing-other-stuff skill that he learned from Seoyoon. However, this event changes how Hyun's 4 classmates see him.
  28. One of the practitioners that was bowing in front of Hyun in the cafeteria is a dojang trainee named Han Sang Chual. It's said that there are over 5,000 trainees that attend the dojang. Han Sang had trained at the dojang for over 3 years, and was someone who refused to admit Hyun's strength at first when he also started training at the dojang. 
  29. Han Sang came to respect Hyun after seeing Hyun train and fight non-stop with a wooden sword. It was then that Han Sang realized that it's not just their physical strength that they got to train, but their mental strength as well.

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