Volume 9, Chapter 7: "Moonlight Magnum Opus"

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In the Northern Continent, Weed remains in front of a Large Boulder in the new cave that his party is using as a base while they take on the Valley of Death. Deciding to sculpt something that displays warmth, he comes up with the idea to carve out a couple in love that are embracing one another as they try to keep each other warm within a cold environment. For days, Weed attempts to sculpt the couple with sad expressions as they're about to die, but he concludes that such an expression is too weak for a loving couple that's on the verge of death, and deems the sculpture a failure.

Using another Large Boulder in the cave, Weed spends the next days sculpting the embraced couple again. Only this time around, he provides them happy expressions under the belief that two people in love should be happy if they're dying in the cold with the person they love. The game asks for Weed to provide the sculpture a name, which he decides to go with "Warm Lovers." Possibly out of natural habit, Weed unknowingly sculpted himself and Seoyoon as the man and woman displayed in the sculpture. "Warm Lovers" turns out to be Weed's first ever high-tier Moonlight Magnum Opus statue, which is considered incredible enough to be recorded into the game's history of sculpting. The sculpture provides several incredible temporary buffs, particularly to cold resistance and applying a Blessing of Warm Lovers to couples who look at the sculpture. As a reward for completing the sculpture, Weed gains many permanent stat increases, as well as level-ups to his Sculpture Mastery and Sculptural Comprehension skills.

Following one of her breaks where she had to return to the Great Society Rehabilitation Center, Seoyoon logs back into Royal Road only to find Weed's newly completed "Warm Lovers" sculpture in the cave. She's left convinced that Weed is actually a good person with a warm heart to be able to sculpt such a statue despite his cheap personality, but is still unable to express herself properly to him due to her tragic past. Weed, who instead takes her silence as a sign that Seoyoon didn't actually investigate his statue, suggests that they should go back to hunting in the valley for the time being. Seoyoon shows no signs of rejecting, and they depart from the cave soon after.

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  • A-Rank Quest: "Truth and Glory" (Weed sculpts the "Warm Lovers" sculpture that provides a cold resistance buff to help deal with the Valley of Death's cold weather.)

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  1. Weed prepares to sculpt a Large Boulder in the second cave they're using as a base near the Valley of Death. He decides to go with something that displays warmth, but figures that something like a simple campfire would be too basic at his high level.
  2. In real life, Lee Hyun had once tried to sculpt a statue of his grandmother for her, but he deemed his skills too pathetic since the sculpture had too many flaws, such as unfinished areas, and scars from using too much strength trying to carve. In the end though, it still moved grandmother's heart since it was a sculpture based on her.
  3. Weed finally gets an idea to sculpt a man and woman couple that were left in the freezing north, and are pained by the extreme cold. He pictures a man and women in love embracing one another with the man desperately trying to keep the one he loves warm. Now with an idea, Weed begins sculpting the Large Boulder. Since it took days to sculpt the Large Boulder, Weed and company would spend time hunting when he's not sculpting.
  4. After days of sculpting, Weed completes his sculpture of a man and woman hugging each other with an expression that they're about to cry out in inexplicable sorrow, but he concludes that something is missing since he's getting no feelings out of it. He abandons the sculpture due to feeling that looking sad trying to survive is not a strong enough emotion for the sculpture.
  5. Weed begins to sculpt a second Large Boulder. Only this time around, he sculpts the embraced couple smiling since he figures that one should be happy if they're about to pass on to the afterlife with the person they love.
  6. In the past, one of Hyun's biggest regrets is that he didn't smile for his parents when they were last seen being sent to the hospital's surgery room before their deaths. Instead, he just cried his eyes out in sadness.
  7. Weed completes the second sculpture of the happy couple hugging one another in a cold place, and decides to name it as "Warm Lovers." The statue is grand enough to be established as Weed's first ever Moonlight Magnum Opus sculpture with an artistic value of 2,600, and labeled as an exceptional work of Sculptor Weed.
  8. Possibly out of natural habit, Weed hadn't noticed that he used his own face for the male, and Seoyoon's face for the female. Despite knowing that it could become a problem once Seoyoon sees it, he puts it aside for now.
  9. The "Warm Lovers" sculpture is considered to have such impressive expressiveness of passionate love while in the freezing cold that would lead to death. As a result, it's considered a great work that should be displayed in a king's personal museum or palace. "Warm Lovers" will gain more value as time goes by, the Moonlight Sculpting can be gained from completing the statue, and the sculpture will have its name placed in the continent's history of sculpting.
  10. By looking at "Warm Lovers," it temporarily increases health and mana regeneration by 20%, gains 40% cold resistance, 25% maximum health, all stats by 20, increased experience gain by 6%, and lovers who hug in front of the sculpture receive the Blessing of Warm Lovers. Due to hot air fumes that the sculpture gives off, one can burn his or herself if they decide to touch the "Warm Lovers" sculpture.
  11. By completing the "Warm Lovers" sculpture, Weed's Advanced Sculpting rises to level 2 to the point where his sculptures will now become more detailed and delicate. He also gains some dexterity, a level in Sculptural Comprehension, +460 Fame, +30 Art stat, +7 Charm stat, and all his stats increase by 4 for making a Moonlight Magnum Opus sculpture. In addition, "Warm Lovers" has been recorded in the history of sculpting, and other Sculptors who look at the statue will receive help with their own sculpting.
  12. It's said that Seoyoon was someone who didn't log in to Royal Road much previously, but is now on a routine where she always arrives on time while on her Northern Continent journey with Weed. She usually cleans Weed's dishes after eating, or stacks up the leather gathered from hunting.
  13. Seoyoon logs back onto Royal Road shortly after Weed completes the "Warm Lovers" sculpture, and admits that it's a great and well-made sculpture. She notices Weed as the male in the sculpture, and is left wondering how he's able to smile like that. 
  14. Weed had been asleep nearby, and is stunned upon waking up to see that Seoyoon has logged back on, and worries about what Seoyoon will do to him after using her face for the sculpture. However, Seoyoon instead views him as a good person with a warm heart for managing to sculpt such a sculpture.
  15. Due to Seoyoon's painful past, she's still unable to express herself to talk to Weed despite seeing him as a good person. Weed takes this as a good sign that she didn't actually see the "Warm Lovers" sculpture, and decides that they should go back to hunting, which causes them to head out of the cave.

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