Volume 9, Chapter 6: "A Man's Romance"

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In the Northern Continent, Weed, Seoyoon, and Alveron continue to rest in a cave near the Valley of Death. Seoyoon had blocked off the cave entrance with rocks to keep them out of the cold weather, and Weed's cold had calmed down a tad to the point where he can at least start moving around again. Alveron remains resting nearby to continue recovering from his cold, but Seoyoon has now collapsed as well having received a cold of her own due to all her work nursing Weed and Alveron back to health. After getting the gist of their current situation, Weed cooks up a Bouillabaisse meal using the fish he caught earlier, which provides some cold resistance, and further restores some of the strength and health he lost from his cold. He then feeds it to Alveron and Seoyoon, but not before adding some extra ingredients to Seoyoon's portion as revenge against her for feeding him bad Porridge.

While using his spare time to sculpt cave sculptures of Seoyoon, cook more Bouillabaisse meals, and continue resting, Weed eventually receives a call whisper from his sister, Yurin. The two of them talk about their current whereabouts, such as Weed being on a quest for the Valley of Death in the cold north, and Yurin getting ready to explore the Versailles Continent now that her 4-week time limit as a starter in Rhodium is up. Weed also learns that similar to how his character started, his sister came across a bizarre chain-quest that eventually resulted in her receiving the special hidden class, Aqualight Painter. Yurin asks if she could go north as well, but is warned by her brother not to since her low stamina will cause her to instantly freeze in the cold weather. In return, Weed promises that Yurin will get a chance to meet up with his companions, such as the Geomchis and Pale's group.

Following the conversation with Yurin, Weed and company continue to rest for days until it reaches a point where Alveron can move again to cast Cure Disease on himself, Weed, and Seoyoon to help with their recovery. Weed is finally fully cured of his cold to the point of gaining some permanent resistance from catching more sicknesses, and it takes just another day of rest for Alveron and Seoyoon for them to be cured as well. With everyone now fully healed, they remove the rocks blocking the cave entrance to return to the Valley of Death.

Meanwhile in the Plains of Despair, Pale's group consisting of himself, Romuna, Irene, Hwaryeong, Zephyr, and Seechwi go about hunting Skeleton Knights in the Yuroki Mountains. However, other than Seechwi, they're bored out of their minds after fighting tougher battles alongside Weed and the Geomchis. On Yurin's side outside Rhodium, she's seen taking a break after testing out her starter battle skills on a rabbit. Yurin then gets a call whisper from Pale having heard about her from Weed, and the two introduce themselves to one another. Pale figures that it would take up to a week for his group to travel to Rhodium to help Yurin get started, but she replies that she will be the one that comes to them. 

Yurin takes out some Paper and Charcoal to draw with, and asks Pale to describe his current surroundings, which Pale goes about doing much to his confusion. Zephyr, who's still searching for a girlfriend that isn't just after his money, shows interest in Yurin, but that interest is quickly evaporated when Pale warns him that the Geomchis would all kill the person that hurts or makes Yurin cry. After completing the Yuroki Mountains Picture with a figure of herself drawn on it, Yurin uses a special Aqualight Painter skill on it known as Picture Teleportation. Yurin disappears from the plains outside Rhodium, and suddenly reappears in front of Pale and company in the Yuroki Mountains, much to their surprise.

Back to the Valley of Death, Weed flys up on Binryong for a quick survey of the land to get an idea on how he should go about clearing the valley. He also locates a cave much larger than the previous one closer to the Valley of Death, which Weed establishes as their primary base camp since it's big enough for even his 6 Living Wyverns to warm up and get rest in. Shortly after, Weed and company return to hunting Ice Trolls and Lamias in the valley while using the downtime to rest in their new cave. During such breaks, Weed cooks Stir-Fried Fish in Sweet Wine for meals, and tailors some Patched-Up Clothing using leftover Wolf Leather to help keep his companions warm.  

After days of repeating this routine, Weed concludes that they've been making no progress in the valley at the rate they're going due to the Ice Trolls' fast reproduction rate compared to the amount they've been killing, and just the simple fact that Weed and company have been fighting at a huge disadvantage against monsters that are adapt to the cold environment. With only one option left to try to change his current situation, Weed pulls out Zahab's Engraving Knife.

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  • A-Rank Quest: "Truth and Glory" (Weed's group returns to trying to clear away the starting Ice Trolls and Lamias in the Valley of Death)

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  1. Weed wakes up in the cave still with no strength and health, but his cold has calmed down a bit to the point that he can get up and start moving again. Physical strength is decreased by 36%, Skills are decreased by 40%, and the body can now stabilize and return to normal after a bit more rest.
  2. Weed realizes that the entrance to the cave is now blocked by large rocks. Seeing how the ceiling had been collapsed unnaturally to make rocks, Weed takes it as Seoyoon trying to bury him alive, even though Seoyoon was just getting them out of the cold. Weed accepts to cut his way out using his Sculpting skills, but he's still too weak to do so.
  3. Weed checks to see if Alveron is still alive, and is glad to see that he's still in the cave having survived his cold. Seoyoon is also still with them, but she ended up falling to the ground as well, and has fallen asleep having caught a cold while she was nursing Weed and Alveron back to health. While Weed's cold still has him on the brink of death, Alveron has recovered much more.
  4. To regain some strength and health, Weed cooks a French Specialty seafood dish known as Bouillabaisse using Eel, Sashimi and Gold Fish. The dish is known to increase body digestion and increase cold resistance by 15%, but it's also considered incomplete due to Weed not having the right equipment.
  5. Weed feeds the Bouillabaisse to Alveron and Seoyoon. But as revenge for feeding him bad Porridge earlier, Weed dumps Salt, Red Pepper Paste, and Garlic into Seoyoon's portion to make the food difficult for her to eat.
  6. Before force-feeding the sleeping Seoyoon, Weed sees her as a beautiful person with clear skin free of blemishes, having a high nose with red lips, and a neck and collarbone that perfectly lined up.
  7. Weed goes back to resting for a day, and then gets up while Seoyoon and Alveron are still resting. He goes about cooking more 3-day-meals for the 3 of them while using spare time to carve sculptures of Seoyoon.
  8. Seoyoon eventually wakes up on her own still feeling the effects of her cold. Despite some opposition, Weed forces her to keep eating his Bouillabaisse meals. She then goes back to sleep soon after.
  9. Weed remembers back to a moment in his past when he struggled to feed himself and his sister after their parents died where they could only eat rough side dishes, or just rice sprinkled with salt. He would sometimes have to force Hye Yeon to eat her portion.
  10. Hyun seeked out help from the government or social welfare services, but they only provided him basic necessities due to being pessimistic towards their sick grandmother. What they really wanted to do was send Hyun and Hye Yeon off to an orphanage.
  11. Hyun had distanced himself from women growing up because his outlook in life is to live as a bachelor in order to save up more money, and that his sister is the true center of his life.
  12. Weed suddenly gets a message whisper from her sister, Yurin, asking what her big brother is doing at the moment.
  13. Game communication is explained a bit where in order to send people whispers between one another in Royal Road, people have to meet up and become friends first. However, that's not the case with family members who are already provided the ability to do this.
  14. Weed answers Yurin that he's currently doing a quest in the cold North, which surprises Yurin since she heard that barely anyone ever goes to the Northern Continent. Yurin remains worried about Weed's health, but he assures her that nothing is wrong in an attempt to play off as the strong big brother.
  15. Yurin asks about Weed's quest, which he answers truthfully that he's taking on the Valley of Death to find the treasure it holds, and to plant some special seeds there.
  16. Weed realizes that Yurin's 4-week starting area suspension is up by now, and congratulates her to begin exploring the Versailles Continent, but also warns her to not underestimate rabbits, and to not bother the wolves.
  17. The current Lee Hyun makes enough money to live his current lifestyle with his sister through selling auction items, and ad revenue through his Hall of Fame videos. He's left wondering how much better their lifestyle will be once his family has duel income with his sister starting up a character in Royal Road.
  18. Weed next asks about what Yurin chose as her class, which she reveals to him that she got it through a chain quest from a restaurant owner that she was washing dishes for. She reveals that what she ended up with was the hidden class, Aqualight Painter, which leaves Weed speechless having put it together that what happened to his sister is no different than when he got a chain quest from the Rosenheim training Instructor. Weed is left believing that it's their fate that his family isn't allowed to obtain a normal class.
  19. There is an Adventure class known as Grave Robber, which is known for a special way of obtaining items that can earn them some money.
  20. Yurin asks if she can go to the Northern Continent, but Weed warns her that she can't since her low stamina would result in her instantly freezing to death. In return, Weed states that she will introduce her to his companions, such as the Geomchis, Pale, Irene, and Surka. Weed warns her that her sister can't meet them right now since they're far away, but Yurin answers back that distance won't matter for her.
  21. Eventually after spending two weeks in the cave, Alveron has recovered his stamina from his cold enough to the point of being able to move again. He uses Cure Disease to help himself, Weed, and Seoyoon further recover.
  22. Alveron's Cure Disease increases physical resistances to sicknesses to the point of being able to heal most colds. As a result, Weed's cold is healed to the point of being back to normal. He also gains 2% permanent resistance to the Cold Debuff, and 0.2% permanent resistance to ice magic.
  23. Due to their colds being more severe than Weed's, it took Alveron and Seoyoon another day of rest and eating healthy food to be cured of their Cold Debuffs. With their colds cured, they remove the rocks blocking the cave entrance to return to the Valley of Death.
  24. At another location, Pale's party goes about hunting Skeleton Knights that are level 320, but are bored out of their mind finding the fights too easy after spending 8 days they spent fighting alongside Weed and the Geomchis.
  25. At this point in time, Pale can now shoot 3 arrows at once to hit different targets, and Hwaryeong can fix her make-up while fighting. The fights are so boring that Irene casts a buff on their enemies to increase their abilities by 20%, which shocks Seechwi seeing how her party is reacting towards powerful Skeleton Knights.
  26. Due to Seechwi's low level compared to everyone else, all she can do is pick up the loot from the enemies that are defeated by Pale's group. The buff provided from her Orc Commander class simply provides the group 3% stronger physical damage, and 2% faster recovery rate. The effect would have been larger if there were more orcs, but she's the only one.
  27. After departing Rhodium, Yurin tests her fighting skills on a rabbit, but after defeating one, she has to rest already due to a Painter class having low health and attack.
  28. Having heard from Weed about his sister, Pale sends a message whisper to contact Yurin. The two introduce themselves to one another where Yurin heard from Weed that Pale is someone that's skilled at shooting arrows, has a timid personality, and likes to dig in the ground when he's alone. Talking with Pale, Yurin views him as a nice person.
  29. Yurin and Pale inform one another that they're at Rhodium and the Yuroki Mountains respectively. It would take Pale's group a week to meet Yurin at Rhodium, but Yurin informs them that she will come to them, which surprises Pale. Taking out Charcoal and Paper, Yurin asks for Pale to describe his surroundings in the mountains.
  30. Answering Yurin's questions, Pale describes his location. There's two tall trees behind him, a normal-sized light grey boulder in front of him, many surrounding weeds and wildflowers, but there's more wildflowers to his right, a far away steep looking mountain in the distance, lots of surrounding trees, the Dark Elf castle seen in the distance after two mountains, and just several clouds in the sky.
  31. Pale's party views the Yuroki Mountains as an extraordinary rainforest of beautiful scenery. And sets a great mood when it fogs or rains.
  32. Zephyr shows interest in Yurin since he doesn't have a girlfriend yet, and is interested in a girl that has a strong independant livelihood knowing that she's Weed's sister, and won't come at him just for his money. He asks Pale what Yurin's voice was like.
  33. Before answering, Pale warns Zephyr that the Geomchis will kill or break the spine of anyone that touches Yurin or makes her cry. Adding up the Geomchi threats was death 309 times, being left in a vegetable state 68 times, a month stay in the hospital 93 times, lower-body paralysis 30 times, and such horrific deaths that he can't describe twice.
  34. Zephyr's interest in Yurin evaporates upon realizing that she's someone he had no chance approaching, and that not only would Weed come after him given that Yurin's his sister, the Geomchis would also all try to kill him.
  35. Yurin completes the picture using Pale's description of the Yuroki Mountains while also having herself drawn on it. Despite her drawing skill not being very good starting out, she considered overall positions, and the details of the objects she was drawing. It's described to be a feminine sensibility and soft curve drawn with warm colors.
  36. Yurin uses a special skill unique only to Aqualight Painters known as Picture Teleportation on the Yuroki Mountains picture she just drew. At the drawback of having mana halved for 4 days, the skill allows the user to teleport anywhere on the continent they're currently standing on as long as the user knows the exact geography.
  37. After using Picture Teleportation, Yurin's body slowly disappears from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head. From the plains outside Rhodium, Yurin suddenly appears in front of Pale and company in the Yuroki Mountains as she depicted herself in the picture she just drew.
  38. Deciding to get a better grasp of the Valley of Death's geography, Weed gets on Binryong to fly up and look down at the valley.
  39. Looking at the geography, Weed sees snow and ice as far as the eye can see, and mountains, rivers, and frozen cities and towns in the distance. As for the valley itself, Weed could see that it's placed in the middle of the mountains with ground paths that look like a pair of long snakes that meet up and form a dead end. In addition, Ice Trolls live along the mountain tops. The valley itself isn't very big, and the frozen Niflheim Soldiers and Knights start appearing about a third of the way through the valley.
  40. Weed locates a much larger cave by the Valley a Death that unlike the last one, is big enough to fit his 6 Living Wyverns. He establishes it as their base for taking on the valley.
  41. Weed's Wyverns and Binryong are technically classified as monsters, meaning that they also benefit from the monster buff where they're stronger at night. However, due to the Valley of Death's extremely cold weather, Weed's 6 Wyverns will be unable to properly fight.
  42. Binryong and the 6 Wyverns go about hunting Ice Trolls and Lamias little by little, but since they need to rest during the night, they allow for the fast recovering Ice Trolls that have high reproduction rates, things always return to normal. As a result, Weed changes tactics where he and Bingryong go out at night to hunt while Seoyoon, Alveron and the 6 Wyverns hunt during the day.
  43. During rest breaks, Binryong remains outside the cave while Seoyoon logs off Royal Road to return to the rehabilitation center. Alveron looks after their cave fire while the 6 Wyverns huddle up by the fire to warm up. In addition, Weed spends time cooking Stir-Fried Fish in Sweet Wine, and Tailors together Patched-Up Clothing to help keep everyone warm.
  44. During battle, due to his cowardish personality, Binryong would goof off remaining around Alveron whenever the Ice Dragon's health drops below 20%.
  45. Weed realizes that at the rate they're going, they're not going to make any progress into the Valley of Death due to the fast reproducing Ice Trolls, and the fact that unlike them, all the monsters are adapt at fighting in the cold. The only benefit was hunting, and his group gaining experience. With no other option left, Weed pulls out Zahab's Engraving Knife.

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