Volume 9, Chapter 5: "In the Cave"

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In the Northern Continent, Weed, Seoyoon, and Alveron find a cave near the Valley of Death to get some rest after their battle against the Ice Trolls. However, Weed and Alveron's colds become even more severe from fighting in the cold weather where they can't even move anymore, and are slowly losing health to the point of possibly dying. Weed remains convinced that his Power to Reject Death skill will finally activate to turn him into an undead upon dying, but his death ends up not coming due to Seoyoon gathering up Firewood to make a warm fire, and cooks up some low-level Porridge to force-feed Weed and Alveron to sate their hunger, which they both take as villainous torture due to how bad it tastes while still dealing with their colds. After being fed, Weed manages to get some sleep for the first time within Royal Road, but it never reaches the point of him dying in his sleep due to Seoyoon remaining at his side nursing him back to health.

Meanwhile back in Rhodium, Yurin accepts the E-Rank Quest that Balon offered her to give a book he borrowed back to an old man that's usually seen hanging out around the Hesny River. Arriving at the river, Yurin hands the book over to the old man, which completes the E-Rank Quest. The reward is simply a free dinner at Balon's restaurant, but Yurin decides to stick around, and asks why the old man is always looking at Hensy River. In return, the old man reveals that he's actually an Elder Painter who believes in an old Rhodium rumor that there was once a great painter who could paint nature, such as the water of a flowing river. He offers Yurin a new E-Rank Quest to look into the rumor, which she accepts after seeing that the reward is as much as 3 silver coins.

Yurin makes her way over to Rhodium's Painter's guild for information on the rumor, which the gatekeeper informs her that she should seek out Grandmother Bellopaix, a painting collector that lives at the Kaim Family Mansion behind the city. She then makes her way over to said mansion where despite her low Fame, Yurin's allowed to enter due to her interest in paintings. Yurin meets with Bellopaix, and asks her about the rumor, which the grandmother answers that the Flowing Water Painting did exist at one point above Rhodium's river, and serves as a beautiful memory of hers despite the painting no longer existing. As a result of discovering that the rumor is true, Yurin completes the E-Rank Quest.  

Before moving on to collect her reward, Bellopaix mentions to Yurin that she desires to see the beautiful nature painting once again, which provides Yurin with an opportunity to take on the hidden Aqualight Painter class. Despite not originally seeing herself as a Painter, Yurin accepts the offer to become the unique class. In return, Yurin obtains the Painting, Coloring, Doodling, Quick Hand Movement, Artwork Emotion and Illustration Identification skills. The last of which is unique only to those that have chosen to become an Aqualight Painter.

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  • A-Rank Quest: "Truth and Glory" (After battle, Weed's group gets some rest in a cave near the Valley of Death)
  • E-Rank Quest: "Cook Balon's Request" (Yurin accepts and completes)
  • E-Rank Quest: "The Favor for the Elder Painter" (Yurin accepts and completes. Yurin is offered to take on the hidden Aqualight Painter class, which she accepts.)

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  1. Weed's group finds a place to rest in a cave near the Valley of Death. Due to the cold weather, and fighting while being sick, Weed's Cold Debuff gets worse, and is unable to move. Alveron is also seen in the cave with him suffering from the same Cold Debuff.
  2. Weed's current Cold Debuff has him fatigued and with a hot fever. Physical ability is lowered 62%, battle skills are disabled, he's unable to move due to decreased health and stamina, he will experience dizziness at times, and he will die if he's not treated properly.
  3. It's said that in snows 4 out of 7 days of the week, and a strong cold wind blows in the Northern Continent. The Valley of Death is said to be even colder, and results in a greater stamina drop if they're travelling and battling there, which is why Weed became so fatigued.
  4. It's said that if a game avatar is suffering a Cold Debuff, the user can't log out, and then log back in to try to get rid of the cold.
  5. Weed can't treat himself, because he used up all his herbs when he was cooking food for the people at Morata Village.
  6. While resting, Weed remembers back to a time when he was working in real life, and became a person that hates being sick. Due to Lee Hyun's young age, his bosses would constantly yell at him for doing something wrong, and get blamed as the one that's causing the problems. Then on a day he gets sick, it turned out that no one actually worried about him, and caused Hyun to cry his eyes out.
  7. If a person has a high Endurance stat, they can survive a severe Cold Debuff for a long time before dying off.
  8. Weed's daily routine is said to be always making sculptures in his free time, fighting when needed to, and resting when recovering health and stamina is required.
  9. Due to his severe Cold Debuff slowly killing him, Weed believes that everything will be ok in the end since he will eventually revive as an undead thanks to the Power to Reject Death skill. However, it turns out that Seoyoon is helping to keep him alive by gathering up Firewood to warm up Weed with a fire.
  10. The area around the Valley of Death is said to have a low supply of Firewood. Meaning that Seoyoon walked far through blizzards just to help Weed.
  11. Seoyoon cooks Porridge to feed Weed while he's unable to move. However, the food is extremely hot and spicy, and smells fishy, due to her low Cooking Skill, which discomforts Weed believing that it's the worst porridge he ever had. The reason Seoyoon's Porridge tastes bad is because she didn't clean the Smelt she used properly, and the Rice isn't fully cooked.
  12. Seoyoon cooks the Porridge in a Small Iron Can that's said to be a 4 copper coin item that came of a fox near a starting castle. It's said to be an item that not even beginner players use.
  13. Seoyoon continues to feed the weakened Weed the bad porridge, which Weed takes as her trying to torture and murder him, and leaves him hoping that he does eventually die so that his pain finally ends. Seoyoon feeds Weed as much as 150 spoonfuls of porridge, which is about 4 bowl fulls. Weed's hunger is satisfied, but he also becomes bloated to a point where it feels like he's going to explode.
  14. After feeding Weed, Seoyoon moves on to feeding the sick Alveron. Weed could hear Alveron suffering as if he's being tortured as well. Seoyoon had actually blown on the food to cool it before feeding Weed, but with Alveron, she just feeds him. However, Alveron only has to eat 1-third of the Porridge after Weed already ate 2-thirds.
  15. Previously, the reason Weed didn't die of his cold was because he fell in exhaustion while going to the cave to rest instead of falling while still fighting monsters in the Valley of Death.
  16. Weed recovers some health after being fed by Seoyoon, but his cold continued to worsen, and causes Weed to fall asleep. This is actually the first time Weed had ever fallen asleep within Royal Road.
  17. Weed wakes up from time to time seeing that Seoyoon is still nursing him to keep him alive, such as melting water, and soaking a cloth in it to put on Weed's forehead to keep him cool.
  18. In Rhodium, Yurin accepts Balon's E-Rank Quest to return the book he borrowed from an old man that appears near Hesny River.
  19. Yurin heads over to Hensy River, which is said to look extremely clean, and has many lovers and elderly people walking around it at night.
  20. Yurin finds a lone elderly person at Hesny River that she believes to be the one she has to return the book to. The reason being is because the elder looks at the river endlessly with a grieving face showing solitude and sadness.
  21. The elder accepts the book back after hearing that it's from Chef Balon at a restaurant a few minutes away, which completes the E-Rank Quest. Yurin receives a game message to return to Balon for the rewards, which is a free meal at his restaurant.
  22. Yurin decides to sit with the elder interesting in what he's looking at in the river, which he states that it's a canvas. Yurin remains confused by the answer, which the elder explains that it's a water canvas; a different way to draw a picture rather than just using simple paper. He explains that it's possible to use nature as a canvas due to how it harmonizes with the world, and is actually the basic qualities of what it means to be a painter.
  23. Yurin agrees with the elder that it's possible to paint anywhere. In return, the elder explains that he had always chosen to just paint within the designated margins of paper, but believes that painting can be pushed further with nature. The elder then asks Yurin for a favor to look into a rumored Rhodium legend of how there was once a great painter that could paint on a flowing river.
  24. Yurin receives a new E-Rank Quest to look into the absurd Rhodium rumors described by the Elder Painter of a peron that was once able to paint a legendary picture on top of the river. The reward is 3 silver coins, and the quest is restricted to those that delivered Balon's item, and listened to the old painter's story.
  25. Yurin takes note of the 3 silver coins, which is a high amount for what she's earned so far. 3 silver coins would amount to 15 hours of dishwashing, and is enough to purchase a starting Small Hat, or Fire Bolt Spell Book. As a result, Yurin accepts the Elder Painter's quest.
  26. Yurin heads over to Rhodium's Painter's Guild for information on the quest, but is turned away by everyone due to her low fame. The lone exception being the gatekeeper, who informs Yurin that while he heard the rumor long ago, a famous painter named Grandmother Bellopaix at the Kaim Family Mansion could tell her more.
  27. Amongst the mansions behind Rhodium is the one for the Kiam Family. However, Yurin was denied entry due to her low Fame. Yurin mentions to the gatekeeper that she wishes to speak with Grandmother Bellopaix about a painting, which impresses the gatekeeper enough to let her in since Bellopaix holds great affection for people interested in painting.
  28. Yurin meets with Bellopaix while she's taken care of the flowers in the mansion's garden. Yurin asks about the painting on the river, which Bellopaix answers that the rumors are indeed true since she witnessed it herself in the past. 
  29. Bellopaix describes the water nature painting as brushstrokes that were so amazing that it caused her to collect paintings from then on. Bellopaix adds that paintings around Rhodium don't have the same impression, and will probably never be seen again since painting the flowing water had perfect harmony and composition.
  30. Yurin asks if the reason the flowing water painting isn't that remembered because it was a short-lived piece of art, which Bellopaix answers that the strength of time comes into play. That the flowing water painting has been forever embedded into her memory.
  31. Upon learning that the rumors of the flowing water painting are true from Bellopaix, Yurin completes the E-Rank Quest she received from the Elder Painter. The painting no longer exists, but it's remembered as one of the greatest paintings ever seen. Yurin receives a level-up for completing the quest.
  32. Bellopaix mentions that she desires to see such a beautiful painting again, but is hard to do so due to many upcoming painters wishing to just draw on paper. She asks Yurin if the former can see such a spectacle one last time before she dies, which results in Yurin being offered the hidden class, Aqualight Painter. After seeing Bellopaix in tears, Yurin agrees to take on the Aqualight Painter class.
  33. By accepting the Aqualight Painter class, Yurin receives 5 new skills related to drawing plus 1 other skill unique to the class: Painting, Coloring, Doodling, Quick Hand Movement, Artwork Emotion, and Illustration Identification.
  34. The Painting skill allows for Yurin to draw anything, and Fame will increase depending on the type of artwork the user creates.
  35. The Coloring skill allows for Yurin to draw using colors, and the skill level will increase depending on how many different colors are used. In addition, dyes can be extracted from grass and flowers.
  36. The Doodling skill allows for Yurin to weaken or fear enemies if she draws on the face or body. The effects are doubled at night, but aren't as effected if the doodles are towards weaker monsters. 
  37. The Quick Hand Movement skill allows for Yurin to draw moving objects using rapid hand movements. Mana is required to increase the hand movement speed, and the skill can be used in combat.
  38. The Artwork Emotion skill allows for Yurin to determine the value of basic artwork.
  39. The Illustration Idenficiation is a unique Aqualight Painter skill that Yurin can obtain. 

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