Volume 9, Chapter 3: "The Wonder of the Northern Region"

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In the Northern Continent, Weed, Seoyoon, and Alveron had set up camp at the ice river to continue hunting and fishing for additional food supplies for their eventual journey to the Valley of Death. During breaks where Seoyoon has to log out of Royal Road to return to the rehabilitation center, Weed goes off on his own to return to the location of the Ice Dragon that he sculpted back when he was at war with the vampires. He goes off on his own, because he doesn't want Seoyoon to find out about the Ice Beauty Sculpture he made near it using her face.

Upon finding the Ice Dragon, only the tail remains uncovered after snowstorms had piled up a large mound of snow on top of it. Weed uses Sculptural Life Bestowal on the tail to bring the dragon to life, but is forced to begin digging out his new dragon servant after it begs for help to remove the mountain of snow on top of it. While digging out the dragon, it asks for a name, which Weed decides to go with "Binryong." The Ice Dragon is satisfied by the name, and gathers strength from the cold all around to finally free itself from what remained of the snow keeping it trapped.

After Binryong's been freed, Weed returns to Seoyoon and Alveron, who've finished packing up camp to finally begin the journey to the Valley of Death. Weed introduces Binryong to the two of them, and explains that they can ride on the dragon to reach the valley much quicker. Alveron gets on the dragon with Weed, but Seoyoon refuses to go, and is left behind. Her choice ended up being the correct one as Weed and Alveron return to her just 3 hours later having caught a bad cold due to the much harsher high-altitude weather flying on the back of Binryong. After warming up over the campfire that Seoyoon made in advance, the 3 of them begin to move towards the Valley of Death the normal way by walking through the snow.

Weed's group slowly make their way towards the Valley of Death on foot only stopping for rest and meals cooked by Weed. In addition, Binryong follows along hunting the nearby weaker monsters for food of its own, and to increase its battle skills. Eventually, their journey begins to slow down due to Alveron's low stamina as a Priest making it difficult to trek through the knee-high snow. As a result, Weed comes to the decision that they need some sort of transportation to travel around the cold north better. He gets an idea upon seeing the nearby wolves, and convinces Seoyoon to attack them, but not to the point of killing.

After Seoyoon hurts a group of wolves, Weed comes in soon after, and applies First Aid with bandages and such to heal the wolves back into top shape. Seoyoon and Weed repeat this process for several weeks until it finally reaches a point where Weed has successfully tamed some of the wolves who are thankful for being healed. Weed then uses his Blacksmith and Tailoring skills to craft up a Wolf Sled that will be pulled by 10 of the wolves he tamed. The 3 of them get on the sled, and in just 4 days, Weed's group arrives at the Valley of Death.

Investigating the valley of its monsters, Weed sees that amongst the Ice Trolls he heard about previously, there's also Lamias, Lizardmen, Lizard Kings, Evil Spirit Soldiers, Evil Spirit Trackers, as well as Priests of Diverse. Weed's group also checks the areas around the valley where they come across a leftover of the old Niflheim Empire known as Vent Castle, but the soldiers refuse them entry due to being a place secluded from the outside world where no amount of Fame is able to sway them. 

Ignoring the castle, Weed and company return to the valley only to find that his 6 Living Wyverns carrying Geumini have finally caught up to him, and greet their master. In return, Weed uses some Wolf Leather to Tailor up some Wyvern Clothing so that his Wyverns can better withstand the cold, and also provides his Starter Clothing to Geumini. It's also revealed that since Weed now fights using the Sword of Cold Loteu, he had given Geumini his Clay Sword and Agatha's Holy Sword so that the gold man has something to fight with. The living sculptures begin to fight one another over who's new clothing is better, but Binryong appears soon after, and shows itself off to prove to the others that he's the superior.

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  • A-Rank Quest: "Truth and Glory" (Weed's group arrives at the Valley of Death)
  • A-Rank Quest: "Prina's Flower" (Weed's group arrives at the Valley of Death)

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  1. During breaks, Seoyoon does her usual Royal Road log offs to return to the Great Society Rehabilitation Center. While waiting for Seoyoon to return, Weed uses the opportunities to log off as well to spend the free time sleeping, and training at Ahn Hyundo's dojang.
  2. Weed goes off on his own in the Northern Continent to return to the Ice Dragon he sculpted awhile back. The reason he didn't take Seoyoon along is because he didn't want her to see the ice sculpture of her that he sculpted nearby.
  3. Arriving at the location of the Ice Dragon sculpture, Weed is confused to see that a mound of ice snow is there in its place. Seeing the Seoyoon Ice Sculpture nearby covered by a lot of snow, Weed puts it together that the Ice Dragon also got covered. He manages to locate the only part of the Ice Dragon still not fully covered in snow, the tail.
  4. Weed uses Sculptural Life Bestowal on the tail to bring the Ice Dragon to life. With an Art stat of 812, the dragon's level is adjusted to start at level 382. Being a high-tier sculpture increases the level another 10% to 420, but that 10% is then lost due to being a monster that can fly. It then has a 15% level increase due to being created from special material, ice, but has it's health and stamina decreased in return. Like usual, Weed loses 10 Art stat and 2 levels for bringing a sculpture to life.
  5. The living Ice Dragon is provided 100% attribute bonuses to water, ice, and magic, and has high stats in Fighting Spirit, defense, and magic defense. As an ice object, the dragon can freeze opponents, use ice magic, power is increased by 30% in cold regions, but is weaker in warm weather. In addition, the dragon has high intelligence as a user of any type of magic, but will have increased damage if it uses magic similar to its ice property. Finally, since the Ice Dragon was known as the Wonder of the Northern Region, it's provided a special ability known as Ice Breath.
  6. The Ice Dragon begs Weed for help since it can't move while still covered up by the mound of snow. He clears away the snow from the dragon's head first, and made trips back and forth whenever Seoyoon logged back on where he cooked her meals. After managing to free about a third of the Ice Dragon's body, it tries to free itself, but runs out of strength due to it being too underleveled at the moment to support its large dragon body.
  7. The Ice Dragon asks Weed for a name, which the latter goes with "Binryong." Thankful for the name, Binryong uses an ability to absorb the cold around him to provide it strength, and uses the newfound strength to clear the rest of the snow mound off its body. The ability is said to make the Ice Dragon look more white and clear when being used, and Weed figures that as great as the ability is, it will only be useful in the cold north.
  8. Weed returns to Alveron and Seoyoon, who are packing up camp to begin their journey to the Valley of Death. Weed introduces them to Binryong. Seoyoon prepares to attack the 300 meter long dragon, but Weed assures her that the dragon's not an enemy, and is actually his servant.
  9. Due to Binryong's low strength and stamina, it easily exhausts itself after showing off to introduce itself in front of Seoyoon and Alveron. The dragon begins to breath heavily, and the legs begin to shake.
  10. Weed gets up on Binryong to show Seoyoon and Alveron that they are going to be riding on the Ice Dragon. Given the mood of looking like a hero on a dragon amongst the sunset, Weed takes out Serena's Harp to begin playing a few songs.
  11. Alveron gets on Binryong with Weed no problem, but Seoyoon still remains on the ground not choosing to get on right away. In return, Weed orders Seoyoon to just rest in Morata while they head off to the Valley of Death.
  12. After 3 hours flying on Bingryong's back, Weed and Alveron return to the ground at the spot where they left Seoyoon. The two of them had caught a severe cold due to dealing with the harsher cold weather caused by higher altitude, and the harsher winds caused by Binryong's incredibly fast speed. The Cold Debuff decreases physical ability by 45%, skill effects by 60%, maximum health and mana, and it's possible to develop other sicknesses.
  13. It's said that while sculpting in the cold, it's possible that the sculpture will break easier.
  14. Weed and Alveron see that Seoyoon had set up a campfire prior to their return, which implies that she knew what was going to happen to them riding atop Binryong in the Northern Continent.
  15. Seoyoon had cooked a meal for herself at the campfire to simply get rid of her hunger. It's said that she usually just eats bread and wild berries, and as a result, her actual cooking skill is only at starter level 3. Seeing the frozen Weed and Alveron return to her is also said to have almost caused her to break out into a laugh.
  16. Weed, Seoyoon, and Alveron begin their journey to walk normally towards the Valley of Death. They walk and eat during the day while avoiding dangerous areas using the information they were provided from the Morata villagers, and at night, they rest in caves or tents to escape the cold weather.
  17. Weed is mentioned to be wearing multilayered Wolf Leather Clothing that he Tailored in order to protect himself from the cold.
  18. Still dealing with their severe cold, Weed and Alveron try to get behind or in front of one another wherever the wind blows toward them.
  19. One of the dishes Weed cooks during the trip for his group is Fish Garlic Stew. They also eat Meat Soaked in Wine sometimes when their colds get worse due to the weather.
  20. Weed had carved his own Wooden Plates for meals. During one of the meals, Seoyoon takes away his dishes, which Weed takes as her possibly stealing his plates away under the belief that she's taking them for herself, but Seoyoon ends up simply washing dishes as her way of showing gratitude for the meals.
  21. It's said that Verjua Plates can go for as high as 6,000 gold.
  22. Bingryong's way of eating during the journey to the Valley of Death is to just fly around, and land on top of whatever enemy he sees. It's also Binryong's way of increasing his experience and fighting abilities. Bingryong's high Fighting Spirit causes oridinary monsters to remain frozen in place.
  23. Weed's group passes through ice mountains where many level 400 monsters live, and a key location here is known as the Forest of Massacre. Due to Binryong being a coward, it would attack weak monsters here, but run away whenever the boss shows up.
  24. It's said that walking on cold or frozen land consumes a lot of stamina. Due to Alveron's weak stamina as a Priest class, their journey slows down due to Alveron tiring himself out having to trek through snow up to their knees.
  25. Along the journey to the Valley of Death, Weed's group only ever comes across wolves for food.
  26. It's said that horses are a common trade within towns and cities.
  27. Weed decides that they should come up with some sort of transportation method to travel around the Northern Continent quicker. Thinking about how horses would simply freeze in the cold north, he gets an idea when he sees the wolves all around him.
  28. Weed convinces Seoyoon to not kill the nearby wolves, but just beat them up enough to the point that they wish they died instead.
  29. Seoyoon goes about breaking the legs of nearby wolves as Weed comes in soon after to apply First Aid to bandage up their wounds. Weed departs due to the wolves still showing their violent side, only for Seoyoon to appear once more and beat them up again. After several weeks of repeating this process, the wolves become tamed, and act thankful for Weed. He also feeds them Dried Fish to further befriend the wolves.
  30. Some of the wolves, which are said to be captain-level, still refused to accept Weed. He takes said wolves to a private area, and then returns later on with a backpack packed with more meat and leather; implying that he chose to kill the captain-level wolves.
  31. Weed uses his Blacksmith and Tailoring skills to craft a sled that will be pulled by the wolves he tamed. The sled is made out of wood, uses monster tendon to keep the wolves leashed, and uses steel blades to slide across snow and ice.
  32. Weed's wolf sled is said to have the shape of a chariot, and is pulled by 10 wolves. There's also very little wind resistance due to how low the sled is. It's described to be a sled perfect for the Northern Continent.
  33. Weed, Seoyoon, and Alveron get on the sled as Weed commands the 10 wolves to start moving. The sled moves fast with great stability. Enough to allow Alveron and Seoyoon to relax and enjoy the scenery. After travelling by sled for 4 days through the Northern Continent, Weed's group arrives at the Valley of Death.
  34. Before entering the valley, Weed checks the geography of the surround area. The valley is said to be surrounded by steep cliffs, and a huge mountain covered by snow and ice is nearby. 
  35. Many monsters, such as the previously mentiond Ice Trolls, are also seen living amongst the valley cliffs. Weed can see that there's several 100s of Ice Trolls, and their level can go above level 320, and their body is white as snow. They also have long arms, and disgusting looking muscle bodies.
  36. Weed's group also spot Lamia monsters at the valley, who try to seduce Weed and Alveron. They're described to have female humanoid bodies where their lower half is like a snake, have slender fingers, and show off bright attractive smiles. Their fighting ability is said to be on par with the Ice Trolls, but also come with high intelligence.
  37. Weed also sees amongst the valley monsters that there are also Lizardmen and Lizardkings. There are also Evil Spirit Soldiers with their servant Evil Spirit Trackers, as well as Priests of Diverse, that protect the Valley of Death from intruders.
  38. Weed's group investigates around the valley, and come across the Niflheim Kingdom's Vent Castle that they heard about in Morata. However, it's an old castle with many broken places. The soldiers within the castle have no trust whatsoever, and refuse to allow Weed and Seoyoon to enter, even though Weed claims that he's here to help, and Alveron's abilities as a member of the Freya Church could help them.
  39. Since Vent Castle has no communication to the outside world, Weed realizes that Fame is useless since no information would reach Vent Castle about what he's been able to accomplish so far. As a result, Weed's group leaves the castle alone, and returns to the valley.
  40. Upon returning to the Valley, Weed sees that his 6 living Wyverns, as well as Geumini, have finally arrived to reunite with their master. Weed tailors up some Wyvern Clothing so that his 6 Wyverns can better withstand the cold. The Wyverns come to enjoy the clothing, even though it's simply low-level ripped loose cover-up cloth.
  41. Weed provides Geumini his noob clothing that he had during his starter levels. Geumini is also revealed to have been given Weed's Clay Sword as his starter weapon. Weed had also given Geumini the Agatha's Holy Sword since he now wields the Cold Sword.
  42. While the Wyverns and Geumini fight over who's clothes are better, Binryong appears before them. The Ice Dragon shows itself off as the superior to the living sculptures when it lets out a mighty roar.

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