Volume 9, Chapter 11: "God of War Weed"

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In real life, KMC Media's hosts, Shin Hye Min and Oh Joo Wan, are currently going through with a broadcast informing viewers of the current events going on in Royal Road. However, many viewers are tuning in not to hear about the events going on in-game, but to listen to a telephone interview that KMC Media set-up beforehand with the person who played Weed from Continent of Magic. Once their initial broadcast is done with, the 2 hosts move on to having their telephone interview with Lee Hyun, but they go by his Weed avatar name to keep the player's identity a secret.

Shin Hye Min and Oh Joo Wan start off asking basic questions where they get an idea of how Weed is actually a really cheap person because he didn't want to pay won as the person that had to call in for the interview. They also discuss when Weed sold off his Continent of Magic account for 3 billion won, and how Weed is someone who forever hunts in-game monsters without ever feeling bored. However, what truly catches their attention is when they ask Weed about how much time he spent playing Continent of Magic, which Hyun answers that there was a time that he played for 204 hours straight. The 2 hosts as well as the viewers refuse to believe it, which Hyun answers was indeed the case, but as a result of constantly working, and playing for such a long time without sleep and sitting in one place, his health deteriorated to the point of needing to see a doctor. Since then, he makes sure to exercise a lot while playing games. Once the interview is over, Shin Hye Min and Oh Joo Wan are left stunned in disbelief after getting their first glimpse into the person known as God of War Weed.

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  1. KMC Media runs a broadcast called History of Versailles’ Continent where their hosts, Shin Hye Min and Oh Joo Wan, inform the viewers of recent news in Royal Road. One of such events they bring up is a legion of thousands of monsters heading down from the Beurukei Mountains to attack the Bikeijeu Kingdom, which is good work for Mercenary fighters.
  2. The comments amongst the viewers watching the KMC Media broadcast instead want to hear more about Weed. Comments include one wanting to know about what item Weed got from defeating Tori, a strong level 380 Maul Knight player asking if he's as strong as Weed, and a level 385 Monk wanting to just see how Weed hunts.
  3. As it turns out, KMC Media has been adversiting the fact that they set up a telephone interview with Weed's real-life player (Lee Hyun) a few days ago, and are going to be having the interview today. Oh Joo Wan remains excited to go through with the interview having heard that Weed became a legend in Continent of Magic after clearing a dungeon that was deemed to be unconquerable.
  4. Shin Hye Min and Oh Joo Won get through to Lee Hyun to begin the telephone interview while many viewers the KMC Media broadcast and leave comments. However, the introduction answers that Hyun provides are too short. 
  5. The 2 hosts apologize if they're putting Hyun in a bad mood, which he answers that they shouldn't have made him be the one to call in since the phone bill can be expensive. The answer shocks the hosts realizing that Hyun is a really cheap person.
  6. Shin Hye Min asks about the 3 billion won that Hyun earned from auctioning off his Continent of Magic account, which he answers that he no longer has it, and that if he was to keep that 3 billion won, he has to keep working until the next day comes.
  7. Shin Hye Min and Oh Joo Won next ask about what Hyun's secrets that allowed his Continent of Magic character to outlevel faster than everyone else, which Hyun answers that he hunted places that were overflowing with monsters down to the last 1, and never got bored of it.
  8. Shin Hye Min and Oh Joo Won next ask how much time Hyun spent playing Continent of Magic, which he answers whenever it was that he had free time, and once played for 204 hours straight. The answer comes as a shock to the hosts and the viewers watching, and refuse to believe it.
  9. Shin Hye Min asks if Hyun kept track of his time properly, which Hyun answers that 204 hours was indeed what the game was telling him after he logged off. They ask if what Hyun means is that he stayed logged in while doing other things for breaks, but Hyun answers that he did indeed play 204 hours straight.
  10. Oh Joo Won asks how it's possible for someone to play for 204 hours straight without sleep, which Hyun answers that sleep can be overcomed if you play games to become fully engaged in hunting and questing. Hyun adds that while he started off sleepy, it went away after 50 hours, and after 100 hours, his eyes were still open. The only reason he stopped at 204 hours was because his computer mouse broke.
  11. Shin Hye Min asks what Weed was properly eating while playing for so long, which Hyun answers that his house had nothing.
  12. Oh Joo Wan asks how long Weed played without sleeping, which Hyun answers that he's done so for 3 years while doing a variety of jobs.
  13. Shin Hye Min asks if Weed's body deteriorated, which Hyon answers that walking around became awkward after eating and sitting in the same chair for so long. As a result, he makes sure to thoroughly exercise now so his legs don't become atrophied again.
  14. Shin Hye Min mentions that hospitalized I.C.U. patients had similar symptoms, which Hyun agrees that what he went through was probably something similar. He mentions of one day where he got a nosebleed just washing his face, and as a result, he had to spend some money to get himself checked out at the hospital. He reveals that the doctor told Hyun of how the ventilation from his computer fan after playing games for so long was a danger to his health.
  15. Following the interview, the 2 hosts are left pale in the face after getting a glimpse into the person that is God of War Weed.

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