Volume 8, Chapter 7: "Classical Concert"

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In real life, Lee Hyun spends his time on the home computer uploading video footage of his hunts in the Rotten Lich's Dungeon to the Hall of Fame website. He then switches over to the Dark Gamers Union website where he reads up on how the Cold Roses Guild's expedition in the Northern Continent is off to a rough start due to not being prepared for the cold weather. Hyun also sees amongst the posts that people's interest in the newly unlocked Necromancer class continues to grow, which excites him knowing that the time is getting closer for when he can sell off the loot he got off Lich Shire for lots of won. Afterwards, Hyun heads out to meet with his Royal Road companions in real life while Lee Hye Yeon remains at home since today's the day she gets the results of her Korea University interview.

At a cafe near the university, Hyun's companions all appear one after another for the meet up. Ahn Hyundo, Chung Il Hoon, Choe Jong Bom, Ma Sang Bom, and Roi Lee, are the first to appear followed by Oh Dongman, Shin Hye Min, Kim In Young, Yeon Hee Park, Yoon Soo Park, Choi Ji Hoon, and Jeong Hyo-Lynn. The last of which shocks everyone when they realize that they've befriended a celebrity singer. Hyun joins up with them at the cafe shortly after. 

With everyone now gathered, they head off to the concert. Hyun and his companions take their seats to watch a classical French orchestra performance, but with the exception of Jeong Hyo-Lynn, everyone else ends up falling asleep. Afterwards, Hyun and company close out the day eating dinner together at a nearby restaurant. With the day over at this point, everyone exchanges e-mails and phone numbers, and then head home.

At home, Hyun discovers that Hye Yeon not only got accepted into Korea University, but also received a scholarship. As a result, Hyun realizes that he will need to keep his promise to attend college since his sister achieved her side of the deal. Hyun rewards Hye Yeon with 30,000,000 won that he was saving up for his sister's college fund, but since her college tuition will be covered by the scholarship, she uses the money to buy her own game capsule for Royal Road.

Meanwhile within Royal Road, rumors are heard near a Freya Church that the Hermes Guild has just about taken over the entirety of the Haven Kingdom, and that Bard Ray has been crowned as its new King. A large movement of templars are then seen exiting the church to go somewhere, which leaves the people watching in confusion as to what's going on.

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  1. On his computer, Lee Hyun uploads the video footage of his hunts in the Rotten Lich's Dungeon to the Hall of Fame website for Royal Road.
  2. Weed checks the Dark Gamers Union, and notices complaints about the heat-wave curse of the Versailles Continent, and even more complaints about the Code Roses Guild's northern expedition. The northern expedition are said to have not been prepared for the cold and ice storms of the Northern Continent, and would end up easily getting Cold Debuffs.
  3. Amongst the Dark Gamer website posts include the Necromancers being unlocked, limitations and strengths of combat classes, overall balance of good classes, classes for soloing, classes that can make money, possible futures of people that have been on the Versailles Continent for 3 years, and monster drop lists.
  4. The most popular posts on the Dark Gamer website are about items, but viewship for class related posts are also high.
  5. Dark Gamers also post about the new Necromancer class. Information includes tricky quests to become a Necromancer, using fresh bodies and having an affinity with death to produce their first undead minions, and needing to kill a lot of those types of creatures to increase the Necromancer's abilities.
  6. Since people are now getting more and more interested in the Necromancer class, Hyun figures that he will be able to sell Lich Shire's items, such as Bar Khan's tome, after 2 to 3 more months pass.
  7. Amongst more of the Dark Gamer posts, no one talks about craft classes, adventure classes were rare, there were many about solo combat classes, such as Paladins using healing magic or Elementalists using spirit summons to fight for them. The last thing Hyun checks in information on monsters.
  8. Hyun leaves his home on a Friday to meet up with his Royal Road friends in real life. 
  9. Lee Hye Yeon stays home while his brother is out. By 5 pm, she's supposed to get the results from Korea University regarding her interview.
  10. A cafe in an area near Korea University is said to be a place where Royal Road couples meet up. 
  11. The top-5 Geomchis, Ahn Hyundo, Chung Il Hoon, Choe Jong Bom, Ma Sang Bom and Roi Lee, are the first to arrive at the cafe. Their hair is combed back while wearing suits, but Chung Il Hoon is wearing sleeves due to the heat.
  12. Oh Dongman (Pale) and Shin Hye Min (Maylon) appear second at the cafe. Mapan had once nicknamed the couple as "Iron River."
  13. Kim In Young (Irene) appears third at the cafe. She's said to be wearing a bright white dress.
  14. Yeon Hee Park (Romuna) and Yoon Soo Park (Surka) appears fourth at the cafe. They find the sight of Ahn Hyundo to be scary.
  15. Choi Ji Hoon (Zephyr) appears fifth at the cafe. It's said the cafe became calmer due to his gentle look.
  16. Jeong Hyo-Lynn (Hwaryeong) appears sixth at the cafe. Despite wearing a hat with sunglasses, her appearance still caused everyone to draw attention to her due to being a beautiful celebrity singer. Her friends realize she's Hwaryeong when she asks about Weed.
  17. Compared to her in-game avatar, everyone notices how Jeong Hyo-Lynn is prettier in real life. Jeong explains that she changed up her eyes and body to make sure that no one recognizes her in-game. She took on the Dancer class to do a lot of physical activity.
  18. Seeing that Jeong Hyo-Lynn (Hwaryeong) is after Weed, it's implied that Yeon Hee Park (Romuna) and Kim In Young (Irene) are also interested in Weed given that they see Jeong Hyo-Lynn as competition for him.
  19. Other than master Ahn Hyundo in the 50s age range, Chung Il Hoon, Choi Jong Bom, Ma Sang Bom, and Roi Lee (Geomchis 2-5) are said to be 5 years older than the group. The 4 of them don't realize that Jeong Hyo-Lynn is a celebrity singer.
  20. Ahn Hyundo remained silent while everyone else in the group talked since he felt out-of-place being in a higher age range.
  21. Lee Hyun finally appears as the seventh at the cafe. His companions all easily recognize him since he made no changes to his in-game Weed appearance.
  22. Taking a seat next to Jeong Hyo-Lynn, Hyun is left unimpressed by her expensive-looking clothes, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other luxury items. In his mind, he views her look as a -200.
  23. Hyun and his companions head off to a classical concert that's said to be a famous French orchestra performing. The conductor is said to be an upcoming French rookie. Thanks to Shin Hye Min's connections to KMC Media, she was able to get good seats for everyone in the middle of the audience.
  24. About 10 minutes into the concert, Ahn Hyundo and Chung Il Hoon fell asleep. Eventually, everyone ends up falling asleep until Jeong Hyo-Lynn is the last one. Hyun ends up lying on Jeong Hyo-Lynn's shoulder.
  25. Ahn Hyundo is said to be dreaming about being a hero after a great war victory while Chung Il Hoon dreams about being in medieval times surrounded by beautiful noble ladies. Everyone else is said to be having bad dreams about dungeon hunting.
  26. After the concert, Hyun and company next go to a nearby restaurant to have dinner where Choi Ji Hoon announces that he will pay given that he's rich. They eat roasted meat.
  27. After dinner, it's time to part ways now that it's dark. Hyun and company exchange e-mails and phone numbers, and then head home.
  28. Hyun returns home, and learns from Hye Yeon that she not only got accepted into Korea University, but also received a scholarship. Despite not liking the thought of going to college, Hyun admits that he will keep the promise since he said he would go if his sister got a scholarship.
  29. As a reward for getting a college scholarship, Hyun hands his sister 30,000,000 won that he'd been saving up. Since her college tuition will be covered by her scholarship, Hye Yeon decides to use the money to purchase a game capsule for Royal Road.
  30. In-game, rumors are heard near a Freya Church that the Hermes Guild is on the verge of taking over the whole Haven Kingdom after taking down 3 more castles. While there's still a few cities left, the result of a full takeover is inevitable.
  31. Bard Ray calls himself the King of Haven Kingdom. His throne coronation is said to have over 6000 guests as witness. Bard Ray ended up having a bad reputation due to his cruelty in battle, which gained him a lot of notoriety. The Iron Templars Guild and Lone Wizards Guild are rumored to be forming a coalition to fight against Bard Ray and the Hermes Guild.
  32. A large movement of Freya templars are seen moving out from the church, which leaves everyone wondering what's going on.

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