Volume 8, Chapter 4: "Northern Expedition"

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After making thousands of gold in Rhodium selling all the swords and armors he crafted, Weed returns to the Artists' Union building where he turns in the Undefined Quest to one of the members. As it turns out, the city was so impressed by the "Sculptor with a lot of Money" sculpture that the Union offers Weed the position to become Rhodium's ruler. However, Weed turns it down after learning that the large deficit Rhodium is currently dealing with is too much for the current him to handle. Weed then asks the Union member about Moonlight Sculpting, which said member reveals that people around the city, as well as the Sculptor guild, may have the information he's seeking. As a result, Weed receives a Class Quest to investigate the people of Rhodium about Moonlight Sculpting, which Weed accepts.

Upon exiting the Artists' Union building, Weed sees that people from the Cold Roses Guild have appeared to recruit people of the art and production classes for their expedition to the Northern Continent. Two girls approach Weed to try to recruit him, but decide to leave him alone after learning that he's a Sculptor, which they've already recruited a few of. 

Starting his information search, Weed begins at the building run by the Bard guild, and meets with Instructor Serena. After winning her over, Serena asks for a gold payment for the Moonlight Sculpting information, which Weed provides. In return, he's given Serena's Harp, as well as the little information that she knows. Like the Bard guild, Weed travels around Rhodium seeking information at different art guilds, such as the ones for Hairdresser, Dancer, Perfume, Calligraphy, Antiques Appraiser and Craft. Most of which provide Weed a common hint that there's a variety of different types of art forms that Weed should take note of when it comes to his own Sculptor work. 

Weed eventually makes it over to Rhodium's Painter guild, where the instructor reveals the key Moonlight Sculpting information that Weed's been seeking. That such sculptures can radiate light within the darkest of places, and that a Sculptor needs to learn the ability to freely control light in order to truly become someone that can sculpt the moonlight. At this point, Weed receives a game message informing him that he's gathered all the information about Moonlight Sculpting for his Class Quest, and can now talk about it at Rhodium's Sculptor guild.

Arriving at the Sculptor guild, the instructor points Weed towards another person at the guild that's said to be Rhodium's Finest Sculptor. After proving that he's a cut above the rest of the novice Sculptors, Weed asks the Finest Sculptor about Moonlight Sculpting, which the Sculptor explains that one needs to learn how to sculpt light after reaching the pinnacle of earthly sculpting. The Sculptor then provides Weed with a special Ore, and explains that it will take Moonlight Sculpting to carve such an object that many regular carving knives cannot. As a result, Weed receives a new Class Quest where he must go out into the world and learn how to perform Moonlight Sculpting on his own so that he can cut the Ore that the Finest Sculptor provided him.

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  1. Weed earns 7,400 gold coins selling his crafted swords and armor in Rhodium.
  2. Weed returns to the Artists' Union, and turns in the Undefined Quest to one of the middle-aged men working there. The middle-aged man mentions how there was a time where Rhodium was once a city not in poverty filled with art and music, but fell apart due to not having a ruler. The middle-aged man then offers Weed the chance to become the ruler of Rhodium, which is a position that one can only be offered if they created an overly superior work in the City of Artists, which Weed did.
  3. If Weed was to become a ruler, he would gain ownership of soldiers and public facilities, as well as have the ability to set laws and policies for the city. Weed would also be able to harvest taxes, collect techology and commercial goods, and strengthen military power. Going up to a higher position along with better rewards will also go down if the ruler conquers other territories, castles, and other things of similar size.
  4. Weed receives no answer from the middle-aged man when he asks about Rhodium's monthly deficit, it's number of soldiers, and it's technological development and specialty goods. As a result, Weed puts it together that Rhodium has too big of a deficit to take on, and decides to reject the offer as the city's ruler while claiming that his skills require him to keep traveling.
  5. Weed asks the Artists' Union's middle-aged man about Moonlight Sculpting. He answers that while he doesn't know it himself, Weed could learn information about the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor from Rhodium's guilds, such as the Sculpting Guild.
  6. From the middle-aged man, Weed receives a Class Quest related to the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor where he must ask around, as well as go to Rhodium's Sculpting Guild, to learn more about the existence of Moonlight Sculptors. Quest restrictions include being limited to the Sculptor class, needing Advanced Sculpting, certain stats and Fame need to be above a certain level, needs a high Art stat, and is not allowed to be done if the user is already infamous. It's also possible to obtain this quest beyond the 3 quest limit.
  7. Weed departs from the Artists' Guild building to begin searching for information related to the Class Quest in Rhodium.
  8. Upon leaving the Artists' Union, Weed comes across the Cold Roses Guild trying to recruit artists and production classes for their Northern Continent expedition.
  9. It's said that Lee Hyun, at age 20, has remained single his whole life.
  10. Weed is approached by two girls from the expedition trying to recruit him. They ask about his class, which Weed answers that he's a Sculptor. Since the expedition has already recruited 3 other sculptors, one of which is close to Intermediate level, they decide to let him go.
  11. Weed heads next to the Rhodium building run by the Bard guild.
  12. A Bard is said to require minimal skill to start singing, but the higher the kill, the more effective the buffs provided by songs are. In addition, having a high Attractiveness stat, along with a nice face and body, is an added bonus to a Bard's performance.
  13. Weed meets with the Bard Instructor named Serena on the second floor of the Bard guild, who is said to be a beautiful woman with a slender figure and thin jaw line. A look that even Weed finds attractive.
  14. Weed asks Serena about Moonlight Sculptoing, which she admits that while she hasn't heard that term for a long time, she has no obligation to tell information to someone that's not part of the Bard guild. Weed tries to compliment her by saying she's beautiful, but she doesn't take it due to Weed's low Attractiveness stat that he doesn't have a single point in.
  15. The Attractiveness stat is said to increase Luck and a person's overall appearance while also reducing the chance to receive deadly attacks. It can also reduce magic attack damage, and increase drop rates after the stat has passed 200.
  16. Weed tries to compliment Serena again by mentioning how she has a beautiful singing voice as well as beautiful hands and clear eyes. The latter two of which finally win's Serena's attention, which she asks what Weed is curious about.
  17. Serena sings a song for Weed called "The Song of the Returned Soldier." Weed's gains a few temporary buffs that lasts for 3 days, such as 10% increased Fighting Spirit, 5% increased Intelligence, and Endurance increasing if Vitality drops. The fact that Weed was able to get Serena to sing for him made him the most respected person in the Bard guild.
  18. For listening to the song, and for the information she's about to provide on Moonlight Sculptors, Serena asks for 1,500 gold coins, which Weed is forced to hand over. In return, Weed is given Serena's Harp.
  19. Serena's Harp is a 50 durability item that can deal 15 damage. It's said to have been made by a dwarf that was given to Serena. It can be played by anyone, but to use it requires level 60 and  100 Attractiveness. The Harp can be used to complete Bard-related quests. Equipping the Harp adds +30 Attractiveness, +20 Elegance, +2 Playing skills, and +20 Fame.
  20. Serena tells what she knows about Moonlight Sculpting. That finished Moonlight Sculptures she's come across give off a different feeling, and that it gives off a different light.
  21. After departing the Bard guild, Weed next makes his way over to the building for Rhodium's Hairdresser guild. Hairdresser is said to be a rare class that doesn't have many guilds across the Versailles Continent. They go about changing people's hairstyles, and dye the hair as well. Such a class is considered an art class since it requires a skill in beauty.
  22. Weed gets forced into a chair by the Hairdresser instructor, which Weed goes along with, and gets a haircut. Temporary buffs include 3% to the Art stat that has various effects on other production skills, and Attractiveness increases by 5% for 3 days. What Weed had to pay for the haircut is unknown. All the Hairdresser instructor provides on Moonlight Sculpting is mentioning that Sculpting has been trying to develop throughout history.
  23. After departing the Hairdresser guild, Weed next makes his way over to the building for Rhodium's Dancer guild. For 80 gold coins, Weed takes up dancing lessions to win over the Dancer instructor. He gains a temporary 2% Agility increase until his death, or body becomes fatigued. His Attractiveness stat also goes up by 1. The Dancer instructor claims that dancing is a lot better after seeing a Moonlight Sculpture.
  24. After departing the Hairdresser guild, Weed next makes his way over to the building for Rhodium's Perfume guild. Weed purchases 3 of the best cheapest perfumes to win over the Perfume instructor. The Perfume instructor tells Weed that a person's feelings can change if they view sculptures at different angles. Seeing a sculpture at a different time of the day can also result in such changes.
  25. Weed starts to realize that the purpose of the Class Quest is to teach Weed that there's a variety of different types of art forms.
  26. Weed next stops by Rhodium's Calligraphy, Antiques Appraiser and Craft guilds for Moonlight Sculpting information. Calligraphers just wanted Weed to buy wooden plaques that have letters on them, the Appraisers just wanted Weed to buy pots of unknown origins, and Crafts just wanted him to buy glass accessories.
  27. Weed chose not to enter Rhodium's Architect guild knowing that it will cost him a lot to buy a house.
  28. Weed next makes his way over to the building for Rhodium's Painter guild. Weed asks the Painter instructor about Moonlight Sculpting, which said instructor brings up how Painters once had a competition against Moonlight Sculptors to see what wins between a Painter's 2-dimensional art, and a Sculptor's 3-dimensional art. 
  29. The competition between the Painter and the Sculptor was to make a lion. In the end, no one was declared the winner because it was useless to compare a sculptor with a painter that were too different fundamentally.
  30. Weed purchases a Large Watercolor Painting from the Painter instructor for 1,500 gold coins.
  31. Weed at this current time has 7,000 gold coins left.
  32. The Painter continues to talk about Moonlight Sculpting, and how sculptures will remain dark if they're put in a dark environment, but that's not the case with a Moonlight sculpture that glows. He then gets to the point that a Sculptor can learn the ability to freely control light, which is the key to Moonlight Sculpting.
  33. After the information he learned from the Painter instructor, Weed receives a game message that he's learned all the information about Moonlight Sculpting, and can now go to the Sculptor guild.
  34. Weed makes his way over to the building for Rhodium's Sculptor guild. Many nice Sculptor players are seen. It's said that taking up sculpting is a lot more popular ever since Sculptor Weed became infamous in Rosenheim Kingdom.
  35. Weed meets with the Elder Sculptor instructor on the building's second floor, and asks about Moonlight Sculpting. The elder answers that he doesn't know, but he points in the direction towards a person in the room that may know. However, a decent sculpting level is required to talk to him.
  36. Weed approaches the middle-aged man that the instructor pointed him towards, who's said to be Rhodium's finest Sculptor. The Sculptor spends his time mumbling to himself about how young people don't have any patience.
  37. Weed wins the attention of the Sculptor when he points out that the latter is working with Elven Elkwood, which proves to the Sculptor that Weed is a cut above the rest when it comes to sculpting. The guild Sculptor is seen carving a Wood Bowl using the Elven Elkwood.
  38. It's said that Art originated as paintings, music and sculptures when people desired from the heart that they wanted to create such.
  39. At one point, Weed used his sculpting to carve his own Cooking tools, such as stone table, a wooden spatula, and a frying pan.
  40. Weed asks the Sculptor about Moonlight Sculpting, which the latter answers that it's known as light sculpting that can be learned once one reaches the pinnacle of earthly sculpting. However, one needs to know of Moonlight Sculpting's origins to learn it. In addition, Weed will need to learn how to make light if he desires to master Moonlight Sculpting. 
  41. The Sculptor provides Weed with an Ore, and points out that it's hard to cut Ore with simple carving knives. As a result, Weed receives a new Class Quest where he must find the way to cut the Ore using light sculpting in order to learn the lost Moonlight Sculpting art. Like before, quest restrictions include being limited to the Sculptor class, needing Advanced Sculpting, certain stats and Fame need to be above a certain level, needs a high Art stat, and is not allowed to be done if the user is already infamous. It's also possible to obtain this quest beyond the 3 quest limit.
  42. Weed realizes that the point of the new Class Quest is that he needs to find the way to learn Moonlight Sculpting on his own.

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