Volume 8, Chapter 2: "The Golden Statue"

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Dr. Cha Eunhee remains pleased to see that her patient, Seoyoon, is finally showing some positive results due to the time the latter spent travelling with Small Karichwi. As a result, Eunhee decides to make a new Royal Road character, an orc named Seechwi, since it's been made clear to her that Seoyoon has an easier time interacting with races that aren't human. Seechwi spawns into the Orc Mountain Village in the Plains of Despair, but because she isn't allowed to go far until the 4-week starting area restriction is up, Seechwi spends the time going out hunting nearby wolves with an orc party, and begins to get the hang of fighting as an orc. Once the timer is up, Seechwi plans to search for Seoyoon in order to start looking after her patient in-game.

Meanwhile in Karaka Forest, Pale's party consisting of himself, Surka, Romuna, Irene, Zephyr, Hwaryeong, and Geomchis 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 go about hunting hobgoblins in the area. Pale and company watch the show put on by Geomchis 2 through 5, who take on groups of hobgoblins themselves in order to leave a huge impression on the younger members of the party. Overall, Pale and company are left impressed by how the Geomchis fight, and return to fighting alongside them.

Over in Rhodium, Weed heads over to a crafting material shop where he spends thousands of gold coins in order to purchase all the gold material the shop has in stock. He then decides that it's time to put the Black Lump he was rewarded from the Orc Elder to good use. Since his Blacksmithing skill is only slightly above Intermediate, Weed heads over to the city's Blacksmith shop, and hands the black lump of metals over to the instructor so that the latter can be the one that separates the metals. The instructor uses a smelter to separate the lump's Steel, Black Iron, and Mithril, and then proceeds to hand the now separated metals back over to Weed in return for a gold coin payment. Afterwards, Weed explores around Rhodium in order to find a suitable location to start his work.

Weed settles on a spot in a back alley where no one will be able to see him. He takes out some Clay to make a Clay Mold, and then goes about smelting down the gold material, which he then pours the golden liquid into the mold. Needing to wait for the gold to harden, Weed takes out his blacksmithing tools, and begins smelting down all the Ores that he collected throughout his Plains of Despair journey. While also using the separated Black Lump's Steel, Weed goes about smelting many swords, and also uses the crafting time to begin tailoring clothes by adding smelted metal to the clothing. This repeated work allows for Weed's Blacksmith and Tailoring skills to both gain a level. Weed then uses the Black Lump's Black Iron and Mithril to make an Elegant Black Helmet of a Young Noble and a Precious Lightweight Black Boots since his original helmet and boots were destroyed as a result of the Lich Shire fight.

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  • Undefined Quest: "Artist of Rhodium" (Weed purchases a large amount of gold material, smelts it down into gold liquid, pours said liquid into a clay mold he made, and is now waiting for the gold to harden.)

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  1. It's said that less than 10% of the player orcs within Royal Road are female due to real life women thinking that the female orcs are just too ugly.
  2. Dr. Cha Eunhee makes a new Royal Road character, a female orc named Seechwi. Her orc characteristics are said to have thick thighs and legs, a thick neck, and a large protuding stomach.
  3. The reason Eunhee chose to start a new orc character is because she saw the video footage of Seoyoon finally expressing emotions in front of the "Seoyoon" statue that was sculpted by Small Karichwi. As a result, Eunhee finds that Seoyoon's wounds have finally started to heal.
  4. Eunhee as Seechwi wishes to reunite with Seoyoon in-game, but can't due to the 4-week starting city restriction after spawning into the Orc Mountain Village.
  5. It's said that orcs have an easier time forming parties than humans. Orc parties can go up to 20 players without any experience sharing penalties.
  6. Seechwi is invited to join an orc hunting party, which she accepts. They go out hunting groups of wolves near the orc village.
  7. In real-life, Eunhee had learned a variety of different self-defense techniques, which helps her in battle within Royal Road.
  8. Pale's party consisting of himself, Surka, Romuna, Irene, Hwaryeong, Zephyr, and Geomchis 1-5 continue to hunt monsters in the Karaka Forest. They're currently fighting hobgoblins.
  9. It's said that Karaka Forest has several areas of note: a Beetle Cave, a Hobgoblin Fortress, and areas controlled by Dread Wolves.
  10. Geomchis amaze their teammates by fighting hobgoblins with no body armor, and relying on just their endurance and defensive skills. In comparison, people like Pale and Zephyr require lots of mana to inflict as much damage as what the Geomchis are dishing out.
  11. The Geomchis have the ability to control the flow of battle having climbed the heights to master combat ability. Their hunting speed is also considered to be incredibly fast. Like Weed, they also fight with their lives on the line by keeping their health near th edge of death.
  12. At times, the Geomchis would lose their lives whenever they end up getting surrounded by hobgoblins.
  13. The Geomchis are said to struggle when they're forced to deal with magic attacks.
  14. Knowing that Pale's party are young, the Geomchis are fighting harder than usual in order to keep up their appearances in front of the young ones.
  15. The hobgoblins of Karaka Forest are said to be level 270.
  16. After watching the Geomchis fight, the rest of Pale's party join in to fight the hobgoblins.
  17. Weed travels to a material shop in Rhodium in order to pick up sculpting supplies. A piece of wood is said to go for 1 gold here. However, given how poor the citizens of Rhodium are, the shop hasn't sold anything for the past 3 days.
  18. People are allowed to drink water from Rhodium's water fountain for free.
  19. A player named Sharlinn works at the material shop. It's said that she gets paid minimum wage, but works in a system where she will only get more money if she sells more. 
  20. Sharlinn offers to help Weed pick out some material, such as showing off Bemok Wood or Bora Wood. However, Weed decides that he will be purchasing all the gold in the store.
  21. Sharlinn calculates that purchasing all the gold material would cost Weed 18,000 gold coins. However, given Weed's high Fame and having achieved Advanced Sculpting, it comes as a surprise to Sharlinn that he's got a 30% discount on buying items. In total, it will cost 12,600 gold after the 30% reduction.
  22. Sharlinn is left happy knowing that she will make 2,500 gold on the sale. However, given that it's Weed, he bargains for a normal discount, and gets 2,490 gold off; meaning that Sharlinn only made 10 gold.
  23. Weed uses Item Identification on the Black Lump he received from the Orc Elder, which turns out to be Black Smelting Material. Known as a metallic crafting material, it's a 100 durability item that was combined from many different blacksmithing materials. The item mixes well with steel and mithril, and high-level Blacksmiths can revert the object back to its separate materials.
  24. It's said that mithril weight is exceedingly light, and provides weight reduction effects if its used to craft boots or helmets. As a result, a persons movement and agility would be more effective in battle.
  25. Thanks to having Intermediate Blacksmithing, Weed is able to wear Talrok's Armor that he was rewarded from the Church of Freya.
  26. Weed heads over to Rhodium's Blacksmithing building, which appears to be run by dwarves. Approaching the Blacksmith Instructor, Weed hands over the Black Smelting Material. 
  27. The instructor offers to purchase the lump of metals since it's a rare item that can make good items, but Weed just wants the instructor to break it down into the different starting metals since he can't do it himself with just level 2 Intermediate Blacksmithing, and Weed desires to use it to increase the skill.
  28. The Blacksmith instructor returns from the smelter with the separated Steel, Black Iron, and Mithril. The cost for it back is 700 gold, but Weed only has to pay 630 since he got a 50 gold discount for being a bright adventurer, and another 20 gold discount for bringing something interesting to the instructor.
  29. Weed explores around Rhodium to find a good place to make his quest sculpture. He decides against the central area due to all the beggars. He decides on a back alley that doesn't get many people.
  30. After setting up a small fire, and making a clay mold, Weed began dissolving the gold material he purchased using his Blacksmith skill, and then began pouring the gold liquid into the clay mold.
  31. Needing to wait for the gold liquid to harden, Weed uses the waiting time as a chance to improve his Blacksmithing skill by smelting and crafting new items using all the ores and such that he collected throughout the Plains of Despair.
  32. For every sword he creates with the Blacksmith skill, Weed's skill increases between 0.1 to 0.4% At that rate, he would need to create over 500 swords in order to gain a level.
  33. The swords smelted by Weed are said to have an attack between 20 and 45, and have high durability thanks to Weed's high Dexterity stat. It's said that a Blacksmith at the Advanced level can make an Iron Sword as high as 60 attack. Weed also believes that he would be able to make 100 gold coins each selling the swords he's currently making.
  34. Weed also uses this crafting time as a chance to raise the Tailoring Skill by adding some of the molten iron to some tailored leather clothing.
  35. Weed's Tailoring Skill reaches Intermediate level 3. He can now dye clothes with a specific color, and can now convert soft and hard leather from monsters.
  36. Weed's Blacksmith Skill reaches Intermediate level 3. Attack and Defense of crafted items increase, and he can now make more effective siege weapons.
  37. Black Iron is said to be a very rare to obtain 2nd-tier blacksmith item. It can be used for many goods and purposes, but what it's primarily used for is making armor. An Intermediate level Blacksmith is required to use, and it can turn black when mixed with other metals. An added benefit to items is excellent defense against physical attacks.
  38. Mithril is said to be an extremely rare to obtain 1st-tier blacksmith item that all Blacksmiths desire to obtain one day. Added to swords or armor greatly improves their performance. It can make items look clear and give off a light, and has the ability to protect the user from magic. An Intermediate level Blacksmith is required to use, but will have better benefits if its used by an Advanced level Blacksmith. An added benefit to items is increased physical power, magic resist, Fame, and Charm stat.
  39. Weed combines the Black Iron and Mithril in order to make an Elegant Black Helmet of a Young Noble, which increased his Blacksmith skill by 7% of a level.
  40. The Elegant Black Helmet of a Young Noble has 150 durability and 32 defense. It's said to have been made by a talented Blacksmith that has high Dexterity (Weed), and while the item is immature since it has Mithril that wasn't handled by an Advanced level blacksmith, it has artistic beauty due to its black gloss and sheen. Item restrictions include needing level 300 and 300 Strength to equip. Equip bonuses include +30 Agility, +70 Charm, +20 Art, +20 Wisdom, +10 Intelligence, +200 Fame, 30% increased Leadership, 15% increased Magic Resist, and immunity to confusion.
  41. Continuing ot use the combined Black Iron and Mithril, Weed next makes a Precious Lightweight Black Boots, which increased his Blacksmith skill by 8% of a level.
  42. The Precious Lightweight Black Boots has 130 durability and 14 defense. It's said to be weaker due to the maker not having Advanced level Blacksmithing for Mithril, but the item is still light, will protect the feet, and the user will never feel tired no matter how far they travel. Item restrictions include needing level 300, 150 Strength, and 150 Agility. Equip bonuses include movement speed increased by 15% at the cost of mana, +70 Agility, +20 Art, +100 Fame, no loss to physical state during long distance travel, and the ability to easily walk over rough terrain.
  43. Weed finds the boots he just made to be decent despite not being as good as the ones that were worn on Lich Shire.

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