The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Wiki

Volume 8, Chapter 1: "Rhodium"

Short Summary[]

After arriving in the poverty-stricken Rhodium, Weed joined the beggars by putting on his out-of-place Yeti Leather Clothes, and manages to collect over a gold coin in small change from player donations. Weed's earnings catch the attention of two other Rhodium players, Pavo and Gaston, who lead what they believe to be a poor player to a cheap diner where the 3 of them eat a meal together. Afterwards, Weed heads off to explore Rhodium in order to learn more about his Legendary Moonlight Sculptor class.

Exploring around Rhodium, Weed could tell that despite the city being in poverty, it was still a beautiful place of culture filled with many aspiring artists. Weed eventually comes across the city's Guild District, and enters the building for the Warrior's guild in order to learn some new skills. Weed approaches the Warrior Instructor, and asks for the latter to strike his body, which the instructor goes along with, and begins striking Weed's torso with his weapon. Weed easily soaks up the damage to the point of the instructor tiring himself out, which rewards Weed with the damage-resisting Toughness stat. Impressed by Weed's will, the instructor also rewards Weed with the Close Eyes skill, which will allow Weed to take less damage by closing his eyes the moment he's about to be struck by an enemy attack.

Elsewhere, the Cold Roses Guild continues their work to be the first major Versailles Continent guild that will go about exploring the Northern Continent. Oberon makes it clear that they should recruit the best in the field for each class to take part in their expedition. A guild member, Drum, comes up with a suggestion that they should try recruiting in Rhodium to pick up some art players, such as Architects, Bards, Dancers, and any other of the art classes that can provide unique benefits for the expedition. Oberon agrees with the suggestion since they will be passing by Rhodium anyway along their journey north.

Back in Rhodium, Weed next stops by the building for the Sculptor's guild, but is not allowed to enter until he signs up as a member of Rhodium's Artists' Union. Weed heads over to the building of the Artists' Union where the Union Elder informs Weed that as a foreigner to Rhodium, he needs to pass a specific qualification in order to prove to the people of the city that the newcomer has a passion for art. The Elder offers Weed an Undefined Quest to make an art piece specific to his class somewhere in Rhodium for everyone to see, which Weed accepts.

Meanwhile in the Plains of Despair, Mapan spends his time establishing a trade route between the villages of the orcs, dark elves and exiled humans. As the only Merchant player in the area, Mapan holds the trade monopoly as the sole person who purchases and sells items to the new orc players that continue to pop up in the Orc Mountain Village. In addition, Mapan uses his spare time carving basic sculptures to level-up his Handicraft skill, which will one day enable him to learn more production skills that will benefit his trade work.


  • Royal Road
    • Rhodium
      • Weed
      • Pavo
      • Gaston
      • Bramas (Warrior class)
      • Rhodium Warrior's Guild Instructor
      • Artists' Union Elder
    • Cold Roses Guild
    • Plains of Despair
      • Mapan
      • Bulchwi (Orc Lord)
      • Erchwi (Orc player)


  • Undefined Quest: "Artist of Rhodium" (Weed accepts)


  • Yeti Leather Clothes
  • Rhodium Diner
    • Simple Soup
    • Salad
    • Loaf of Bread
  • Tomb of King Theodarren (mentioned)
  • Sphinx Sculpture (mentioned)
  • Nameless Sculptures of Lavias (mentioned)
  • Jeweler Class (mentioned)
    • Pearls
    • Jade
    • Emeralds
    • Sapphires
  • Warrior Club
  • Bulky Clubs
  • Large Branches
  • Rusty Orc Glaive
  • Mapan's Trade Items
    • Rope
    • Bandages
    • Item Backpacks
    • Dark Elf Weapons
    • Dark Elf Spices
  • Carving Knife

Stats and Skills[]


  1. In Rhodium, Weed pretends to act like a beggar with a gloomy expression in front of other players by putting on his Yeti Leather Clothing; making it look like he's being forced to wear something in the wrong season.
  2. In total, Weed is able to collect 1 gold and 40 silver by pretending to be a Rhodium beggar.
  3. While begging for money, Weed meets Pavo and Gaston. Seeing the bag of money that Weed managed to collect, Pavo suggests that the 3 of them should eat at a nearby diner that sells meals for 20 copper.
  4. Weed, Pavo and Gaston arrive at the diner in one of Rhodium's deep alley ways, and eat their meal. Weed reveals to them that his current goal is to find out more information about his sculpting profession in Rhodium.
  5. Knowing how tough Weed's profession is, Pavo and Gaston tell him a story of a renowned sculptor in Rosenheim Kingdom. Unbeknownst to the two of them, the person they're with is said sculptor. Though it does surprise Weed that his sculpting has started to become famous.
  6. Before leaving, Gaston and Pavo claim that when Weed levels-up higher, they could possibly build him a house.
  7. Weed explores Rhodium. Despite it being in poverty, Weed could tell that the city was still beautiful and romantic since it had wondrous architecture with fancy lights and colors, and streets littered with detailed art. People can also be seen along the roads painting, sculpting, and playing instruments. Bards can be heard singing. Weed finds the city to be peaceful compared to other war-hungry areas across the Versailles Continent.
  8. The current city of Rhodium has no lord controlling it. As a result, the city has also deteriorated due to lack of funds.
  9. The Bard class is considered the most respected class in Rhodium. They earn cash through their singing performances while providing strength and morale buffs in battle. 
  10. The Jeweler class is considered the second most respected class in Rhodium. They can manufacture different metals into beautiful gemstone accessories, such as gold, silver, Pearls, Jade, Emeralds, and Sapphires. It's said that Sculptors can do this too, but not at the level of a Jeweler.
  11. Rhodium is home to over 300 guilds all ranging from combat, to production, or art. Upon entering Rhodium's guild district, Weed decides to enter a Warrior's Guild aiming to learn some new skills.
  12. It's said that there's abundant wildlife monsters around Rhodium, which allows low-level players to level-up quicker than other starting areas.
  13. A Warrior player named Bramas considers himself the best one in Rhodium.
  14. Weed approaches the instructor in the Warrior's Guild, and asks the latter to strike him. The instructor finds it to be a joke since he doesn't take artists such as Weed seriously, but goes along with it. The instructor strikes Weed's torso with his club, but it has no effect. Impressed by Weed's will, the instructor continues to strike Weed's body until he's tired out.
  15. Weed obtains the Toughness stat where one's body becomes stronger to resist hits the more they take in. The stat is only increased when being hit, but as the Toughness stat rises, so does the user's maximum health.
  16. Weed learns the Close Eyes skills after the Warrior's Guild instructor rewards the former with a secret that pain dulls when one's eyes are closed the moment enemies are striking the user, which will allow the user to endure more rigorous beatings. Each level of Close Eyes reduces the damage and pain taken by 3%. However, poor usage of Close Eyes could expose the user to greater danger.
  17. It's said that in order to learn the Close Eyes skill, one's Perseverance stat has to be 400. Perseverance is said to be a tough stat to raise where Warriors struggle getting higher than 250, but Weed was able to do it by constantly fighting battles with his health near empty, and using great combat awareness to remain hanging on at an inch from death.
  18. Bramas is left stunned witnessing a sculptor, Weed, obtain a skill that the former hasn't yet.
  19. The Cold Roses Guild is investing heavily into the Northern Continent expedition since their sick of the wars on the Versailles Continent. They continue to recruit for their expedition, which now has 400 high-level players, and 30 Dark Gamers.
  20. It's said that while there have been small parties exploring the Northern Continent, the Cold Roses Guild are aiming to be the first major guild that explores the north.
  21. Oberon makes the decision to recruit the best of each field for his guild's north expedition. These fields include adventuring class such as Assassins, Thieves, Cartographers, Rangers, as well as Clerics, Cooks, and Blacksmiths for heals, meals and repairs.
  22. A player named Drum is said to be the Cold Roses Guild's chief Mage player. 
  23. Drum suggests that they should try recruiting at Rhodium, which has Architect class players that can build shelters for them if they encounter snow storms on the Northern Continent. He also suggests that they recruit some Rhodium Bard and Dancer class players, who's skills can help wash away their fatigue while exploring. Finally, Drum suggests recruiting several artist classes would be helpful since they will also provide unique buffs for the expedition.
  24. Stat buffs from Bards are said to raise as much as 10%.
  25. Bard and Dancer players are said to not be accepted classes for castle sieges since their low vitality makes them easy targets to be picked off by Assassins.
  26. Oberon sees the benefit of having Bards, Dancers and other artist classes for large-scale explorations, and agrees that they should try to recruit them since they need to pass by Rhodium to reach the Northern Continent anyway.
  27. Weed next stops by Rhodium's Sculptor guild. However, the guards refuse to allow him to enter until he joins up with the nearby Artists' Union, which is a grand and fancy-looking three-story structure.
  28. Weed enters the Artists' Union building, and is met by an Elder working there. Weed introduces himself as a newcomer from Rosenheim, which the elder properly introduces Weed to the City of Art and Culture, Rhodium.
  29. Weed admits that the art he witnessed in Rosenheim Palace pales in comparison to the art he's seen around Rhodium.
  30. The Elder mentions that Rhodium's artwork is more beautiful to look at when the time is around sunset.
  31. Rhodium is a location that is filled with many quests related to artists.
  32. Weed asks the Artists' Union Elder how to register as a Rhodium artist, which the elder answers that Weed simply needs to show a specific qualification. The qualification being to make any form of artwork, in Weed's case, a sculpture, someplace in Rhodium. Only then will the people of Rhodium welcome Weed in open arms.
  33. The Elder provides Weed an Undefined Quest where the latter must create an art piece in Rhodium that will prove to the people that the user has a passion for art. A piece must be created specific to the user's class, and failing to impress the people could result in loss of Fame, and being kicked out of Rhodium. Knowing that he has to make something better than a Fine Piece, Weed accepts the quest.
  34. Mapans been spending his time in the Plains of Despair making himself a trade route amongst the orc, dark elf, and exiled human villages. Traded items include items such as traps and camping equipment from the humans, and crafted equipment from the dark elves.
  35. New orc players continue to appear in the Orc Mountain Village, having been impressed by the race in the Karichwi Hall of Fame video. Over 1000 newbie players remain at the gate forming teams of 3 to 5 to begin hunting nearby wolves. They fight with bulky clubs and large branches as starter weapons.
  36. Taking advantage of the orc merchants' outrageous prices, such as a Rusty Glaive costing 100,000 gold, Mapan sets up a trade shop monopoly in the Orc Mountain Village for the newbie orc players. Mapan's trade items include Bandages, Item Backpacks, Dark Elf Weapons, Dark Elf Spices, and many other things.
  37. Mapan would sell his items at 2 or 3 times the original cost, and weapons as high as 10 times the original cost, to the orc players. He learned from Weed that it's not a rip-off as long as his customers are happy by the prices.
  38. Orcs are said to be feeble at magic and handicraft, don't know how to disarm traps, and lack the power of Faith. They're known for their Shamans and Warlocks, who specialize in buffing fighting power.
  39. As the only merchant in the Plains of Despair, Mapan goes about making loads of gold of the items he trades with the newbie orc players.
  40. While journeying between the Plains of Despair Villages, Mapan spents time with a carving knife to improve his Handicraft skill. He had learned the basics of Sculpting in Rosenheim Kingdom.
  41. One of Mapan's current goals is to one day learn the Weaving and Jewelcrafting skills, which can only be learned once his Handicraft skill reaches a high enough level.