Volume 7, Chapter 8: "Trail of Death"

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Following their break, Weed logs back onto Royal Road along with Pale, Surka, Romuna, Irene, Hwaryeong, Zephyr, Mapan, and Geomchi 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the Plains of Despair. They make a quick return to the Dark Elf Village to pick up some cooking supplies before continuing the climb up the Yuroki Mountains' tallest peak, the Horom Mountain.

After two hours of climbing up the base of Horom Mountain, Weed's party takes a short break where he cooks for them a Ramen Noodle Dish. Afterwards, they return to climbing, and come across a group of giant yetis blocking their path. Weed prepares his companions' weapons and armor for battle by sharpening their weapons, and polishing and ironing their armors. As Mapan sits back to watch, Pale uses his arrows to aggro any Yeti group they come across. Weed's party proves themselves strong enough to take them on despite the Yetis having a freezing ability. Irene acts as the healer, Weed, Zephyr and Geomchi 3 act as the tanks, Hwaryeong performs the crowd control, and the rest deal the damage. Following each battle they come across, Weed makes sure to collect all the Yeti, Giant loot, such as the leather, the meat, and even the bones.

Weed's party continues to climb up Horom Mountain while fighting any Yeti they come across, but the temperature also continues to drop. The moment it reaches a point where his party can be affected by a Cold Debuff, Weed uses the Yeti Leather he's been looting to tailor some cold-resisting Yeti Leather Clothes. After tailoring some boots, gloves and hats as well, Weed provides the Yeti clothing to himself, and to his companions so that they no longer have to fear the cold of Horom Mountain.

As they climb higher up the mountain, the 5 Geomchis go on ahead to get used to wearing their Yeti clothing. However, Geomchi 5 yelling out in triumph ends up causing an avalanche that winds up killing all 5 Geomchis. As a result, Weed and the rest of the party decide to hunt nearby Yetis until the Geomchis' 24 hour death suspensions wear off. After a few days of hunting, the 5 Geomchis log back onto Royal Road, and return to the party. 

Thanks to the avalanche removing the snow in the nearby areas, hidden Arctic Plants are revealed, which Weed goes about collecting. Weed's party then finishes up climbing the top portions of Horom Mountain, and finally reach the peak. Weed and company gain a bit of Fame and stat bonuses for achieving the mountain climb. After taking in the scenery, they all leave behind their signatures on nearby rocks to show off their accomplishment for any newcomer to see.

Weed and company next make their way back down to the bottom of Horom Mountain. While his companions all log off Royal Road out of exhaustion, Weed decides to climb back up to the peak in order to sculpt a statue knowing that successfully sculpting in the harsh weather of the cold peak will greatly increase the skill. Using 3 giant rocks on the peak, Weed decides to sculpt out his real-life family of himself, Hye Yeon, and his grandmother. He completes the three-person sculpture, and names it as the "Harmonious Family." While he doesn't gain much Fame due to using simple rocks at the Advanced sculpting stage, many of his stats go up, and along with gaining some experience in Sculpture Mastery, his Advanced Handicraft and Sculptural Comprehension skills each gain a level.

Some time after, Hwaryeong logs back into Royal Road, and decides to climb back up Horom Mountain by herself to see the scenery again. She ends up coming across, and is amazed by the sight of the "Harmonious Family" sculpture that was left behind by Weed.

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  1. Weed, Pale, Surka, Romuna, Irene, Hwaryeong, Zephyr, Mapan, and Geomchis 1-5 log back onto Royal Road following their break.
  2. Weed's party returns to the Dark Elf Village where Mapan helps Weed seek out vendors to pick up cooking supplies, such as spices and condiments. It's said that they bought at least twice a day's worth of groceries.
  3. Butterflies live on Horom Mountain.
  4. Weed's party returns to climbing the tall Horom Mountain of the Yuroki Mountains. The journey starts off quite peaceful before coming across monster footprints and damage to the terrain left behind by monster fights, which puts them all on-guard. Weed figures that the most likely monster leaving behind these signs are Yetis.
  5. After two hours of climbing, Weed and company take a meal break. He cooks for them a Ramen Noodle Dish.
  6. Higher up Horom Mountain has a thick fog that covers the area. The fog is said to be damp, cold, and refreshing.
  7. Climbing up further, Weed's party finally comes across the mountain Yetis, which are giant level 340 monsters and have white fur. 
  8. Weed prepares his party for combat against the Yetis by sharpening weapons, and polishing/ironing armors. Pale uses his arrows to aggro 3 Yetis towards them.
  9. The giant mountain Yetis can put a Freezing Debuff on their enemies. Strength is reduced, and attack and movement speed are slowed. It's also possible to obtain a Cold Debuff, as well as possibly freeze to death.
  10. The mountain Yetis' claws have the ability to put ice on weapons, such as swords, which dulls their sharpness.
  11. Geomechi 3 and Geomchi 5 have bonded over the years to the point that they understand one another's movements in battle.
  12. While Geomchi 3 acted as the tank, Geomchi's 2, 4, and 5 use their ability to hit the same spot at the same time to kill the 1st Yeti.
  13. Weed's endurance stat is said to have passed 400 at this point. As a result, the attacks from the Yetis barely leave any scratches on him.
  14. Weed and Geomchi 1 defeat the 2nd Yeti together using the same strategy as the one killed by Geomchis 2, 4, and 5.
  15. Zephyr, Pale, Romuna, Hwaryeong, and Surka kill the 3rd Yeti together. Zephyr acted as the tank while the rest did the damage.
  16. Mapan stood by and watched as Weed and company took on the Yetis.
  17. Some of the loot off the Yetis included a Large Stick and some Blacksmith Ores.
  18. Using Zahab's Engraving Knife, Weed cuts up the Yeti corpses to gather up Yeti Leather, Yeti Meat, and Yeti Bones. Weed can extract the leather and meat thanks to having Intermediate level Tailoring and Cooking. Having a high agility stat and experience in said professions also attributes to how much meat and leather he's able to collect.
  19. Monster bones are said to be capable of being used to help brew refreshments.
  20. Back to climbing up Horom Mountain, Pale would continue to aggro any Yeti group they came across. Sometimes pulling as many as 5 Yetis.
  21. The Geomchis find great enjoyment in watching Hwaryeong's dances.
  22. Climbing higher up Horom Mountain, the ground begins to get covered in snow that goes up to the knees while cold winds make the temperature feel extremely cold. The coldness causes drops to combat stats, such as vitality, strength, and agility.
  23. As a result of climbing up Horom Mountain so far, Surka catches a Cold Debuff. Strength is decreased 20%, skill effectiveness is decreased 30%, maximum health and mana are reduced, combat skills may fail in the cold, and having said cold could lead to other complications.
  24. Using the Yeti Leather he's been looting, Weed goes about tailoring his party some clothing known as Yeti Leather Clothes that can better resist the cold. Due to his lack of knowledge when it comes to sewing rustic brute types of leather, said clothing have basic designs. Weed makes 3 layers of leather while the Yeti's fur acts as a finishing touch. Overall, he makes what's basically a white fur coat.
  25. The Yeti Leather Clothes has 60 durability and 25 defense, but requires level 150 and 600 strength to wear. When equipped, the coat adds 40% cold resistance, but decreases vitality due to the item's weight, and agility by 80. The coat also makes Yetis hostile if they see the person wearing it.
  26. Along with Yeti Leather Clothes, Weed uses the Yeti Leather to make similar types of boots, gloves, and hats for his party to wear.
  27. After climbing further up the mountain further, Geomchi 5 yells out in triumph only to cause an avalanche, which ends up killing all 5 of the Geomchis that went on ahead of the rest of the party.
  28. Needing to wait for the 5 Geomchis to respawn, Weed and company spent the next few days hunting Yetis on Horom Mountain. At level 306, Weed was only able to fill up 30% of his next experience bar. The Geomchis return to Royal Road once their 24 hour real-life suspensions wore off.
  29. The Geomchis try to impress Hwaryeong by constantly apologizing to her, but nothing works.
  30. The mountain avalanche caused the snow to disappear from the area, which revealed Arctic Plants that Weed goes about collecting. Arctic Plants are said to be an ingrediant that can be used for cooking.
  31. After a bit more climbing, Weed's party reaches the peak of Horom Mountain. They gain +150 Fame, 1% increased Earth affinity, and +3 Luck stat.
  32. Having reached the top, Weed's party takes a break on the peak of Horom Mountain, and look around to take in the scenery from atop said mountain.
  33. On the peak of Horom Mountain, Weed's party all carve their signitures into nearby rocks to show off their accomplishment to newcomers. Some signitures include Geomchi claiming that he was here, Pale hoping to arrive here with Maylon one day, and Surka saying she was here and left.
  34. Weed and his party climb back down Horom Mountain. While his companions all log off Royal Road due to exhaustion, Weed climbs back up the mountain in order to make a sculpture knowing that sculpting in the harsh weather of the cold peak, as well as being a beautiful scenery spot, will increase his sculpting skill greatly.
  35. Finding some giant rocks on the peak, Weed decides to sculpt his family, which is himself, Hye Yeon, and Grandmother.
  36. It's said that when Weed first started out, he would spend his free time carving when he's not out fighting in order to learn the basic fundamentals of sculpting. This was mostly during the time he was just sculpting Rabbit and Fox figurines.
  37. During breaks while sculpting his family, Weed would eat Dried Yeti Meat.
  38. The first of the 3 statues Weed finishes is his Grandmother wearing a fine dress that he made using his Tailoring skill. Hye Yeon's statue is the next that he finishes. Now that he has the Advanced Sculpture Mastery, Weed witnesses for the first time his incomplete sculpture giving off a distinct radiance. Weed then makes his sculpture last, which he makes the tallest, and the hottest.
  39. Weed completes his 3 statue sculpture of his family on the peak of Horom Mountain. The game asks him to give it a name, which he goes with Harmonious Family. 
  40. The Harmonious Family sculpture has an artistic value of 9,400. Temporary buffs include 30% health and mana regeneration, increased stamina and health regeneration when near the sculpture, less stamina used when going through rocky terrain, 50% increased cold resistance, resistance to ice magic, +25 all stats, 24% increase to 3 random stats for a day, and can all stack with Blessing skills.
  41. By completing the Harmonious Family sculpture, Weed gains some experience to Sculpture Mastery, Sculptural Comprehension levels up to 6, Advanced Handicraft levels up to 3, gains +40 Fame (which is low due to using simple rocks at the Advanced stage), +34 Art, +9 Perseverance, +4 Endurance, and +3 to all stats.
  42. Weed decides not to grant life to the 3 statues of Harmonious Family since it was only to commemorate the occasion. He's decided to only grant life to statues that will actually serve a purpose for him.
  43. Hwaryeong logs back onto Royal Road, and decides to climb back up Horom Mountain alone in order to see the scenery at the peak again. She comes across the Harmonious Family sculpture that was left behind by Weed and feels the effects of the sculpture's radiance effect, and admits that it's marvelous. It's said that the statues have beauty like gems, that grandmother and Hye Yeon are overflowing in liveliness, and that Hyun looks handsome.

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