Volume 7, Chapter 5: "The Power to Reject Death"

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Following the reunion party, Weed decides that the first thing to do is to return to the orc village in the Yuroki Mountains. Weed transforms back into Karichwi in front of his amazed companions as they arrive at said village. Karichwi heads over to the home of the village's Orc Elder, and turns in the Race Quest that was originally for the orc vs. dark elf war before it chained into the Necromancer's A-Rank Quest.

By turning in the orc Race Quest, the orcs are crowned as the dominant race of the Plains of Despair for displaying their strength against the dark elves and Undead Legion, and Karichwi's friendship with the orcs further increases. Karichwi also receives a Black Lump reward from the Orc Elder, which is a blacksmithing item that appears to be a mixed lump of many different metals. One of said metals appearing to be the top-tier Mithril metal that Karichwi can't touch until his Blacksmith skill reaches a high enough level. 

Storing away the Black Lump for the time being, Karichwi figures that the only way he will be able to smelt the object is to learn the process at the "City of Artists" known as Rhodium; a city that Karichwi realizes is also a place that he will be able to learn more about his Legendary Moonlight Sculptor class. Before leaving, Karichwi gets a game message that the orc race has been revealed to the public, and is now a playable race for Royal Road. The result is many new players spawning in at the orc mountain village to try out playing as an orc.

No longer requiring the Karichwi transformation, Weed next travels with his companions back to the black temple fortress where he reunites with his Rosenheim soldiers. Buren, Becker and Hosram reveal in sadness that along with 25 of the normal soldiers, they also lost Dale during the boss fight against Lich Shire, which comes as a blow to Weed knowing that the loss of the soldiers will lower the reward when he gives the soldiers back to Rosenheim Kingdom. As his companions head off to explore the black temple, Weed goes on alone to a basement area where Barabol's Necromancers are waiting, and turns in the A-Rank Quest to them. 

For completing the A-Rank Quest, Weed's friendship with the Necromancers increases. He's also rewarded enough level-ups to finally break into the level-300 range, and is provided a special Blood Necromancer skill known as the Power to Reject Death; which will allow for Weed to continue fighting after death by reviving into an undead form for 24 hours, and transforming back to normal if he manages to survive said 24 hours. Before leaving, the Necromancers provide Weed a quest hint of an evil god worshiped by the villainous Embinyu Church that desires to dye the world in darkness, and that one of the church's 12 leaders is hiding out in the unexplored land of Baseurin.

Meanwhile, players across the Versailles Continent continue to feel the effects of the Curse of King Belsos. Despite the rising temperatures from the heat-wave curse, things go back to normal for the most part with players beginning to adapt to the hot weather, and finding methods to cool themselves off. In addition, players begin to roar in excitement when they begin to hear NPC gossip that Weed succeeded in the A-Rank Quest by defeating Lich Shire and his Undead Legion.

In real life, KMC Media's spokesmen, Shin Hye Min and Oh Joo Wan, are back to discussing the recent events of Royal Road to its viewers. They go over how Teros has officially disbanded the Crimson Wings Guild as a result of everyone turning their backs on them for causing the Curse of King Belsos, as well as how player exploration of the cold Northern Continent may start up soon in an effort to find a way to end said heat-wave curse. Afterwards, players are brought in for interview to discuss Weed's A-Rank Quest, which they all still believe is impossible for one person to complete, and are prepared to face the undead invasion that will come after. However, Shin Hye Min receives new information from her headphone that word has begun to spread in-game of how Lich Shire and his Undead Legion have been defeated, much to the shock of the players being interviewed.

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  • Race Quest: "The Prosperity of Orc Tribes" (Karichwi Weed completes. Orcs become a playable race in Royal Road)
  • A-Rank Quest: "The Undead Legion of Shire" (Weed completes)
  • (The Necromancers provide Weed a quest hint related to the evil Embinyu Church that one of said church's leaders is hiding out at an unexplored land known as Baseurin)

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  1. Deciding next to return to the orc village in the Yuroki Mountains, Weed shows off his Karichwi orc form in front of his companions, which amazes some of them such as Surka and Hwaryeong.
  2. Arriving at the orc village, Karichwi overhears some of the orc merchants usual overpricing, such as selling Zombie Teeth for 5,000,000, a Rotten Ancient Soldier's Sword for 20,000,000, and a Cursed Bracelet for 8,000,000.
  3. The orcs greet Karichwi and his "prisoners." They ask if they can eat Karichwi's prisoners, such as Hwaryeong, Irene and Romuna. One even offers Karichwi 2 gold to eat them, which Karichwi counters that he won't take gold, but 80 Zombie Eyes from the orc, which are said to be worth 5 silver each.
  4. At the Orc Elder's home, Karichwi turns in the orc Race Quest that he received for the orc vs. dark elf war originally, but then became a war against Shire's Undead Legion. It's said that for a period of time, there will no longer be a struggle for power in the mountains with the orcs crowned as the rulers after the they claimed victory against the dark elves and Undead Legion. They will also no longer have a problem with the monsters of the rough terrains.
  5. By completing the Race Quest, Karichwi gains 230 Fame, 19 Friendship points, 950 Influence points, and 3 level-ups. In total, Karichwi  now has 2,790 Influence points to work with when it comes to the orc mountain village. He also receives a Black Lump reward from the Orc Elder, which is an odd blacksmithing lump mixed of many different metals. One of the metals appearing to be the top-tier mithril.
  6. Seeing mithril in the Black Lump, Karichwi Weed remembers how in order to handle said metal for blacksmithing, he needs to pay a visit to the City of Artists known as Rhodium. He also figures that being an artist city, Rhodium will provide him information about his Moonlight Sculptor Class.
  7. The Orc Elder thanks Karichwi for all that he's done, which results in the latter receiving a message that the existence of the orcs on the Versaillies Continent has been revealed. The orc race is now an available choice that can be chosen as a new Royal Road character. Due to their enhanced physical abilities, their strength is said to rivil a Barbarian class. Karichwi departs now that his task concerning the orc village is done with.
  8. It's said that after orcs were made available, many new Royal Road players chose orc and spawned in the orc mountain village. Most of which had "Chwiik" attached to their avatar names. Due to the expensive prices amongst the orc merchants, players had to go out mountain hunting for items.
  9. Needing to report to the Necromancers next, Weed and his companions arrive at the Dark Elves' Black Temple fortress where the dark elves and Weed's Rosenheim soldiers are waiting for him.
  10. Buran, Becker and Hosram reveal to Weed that Dale died to Lich Shire's magic spells during the war. They also reveal that 25 other Rosenheim soldiers died in the battle. It's said that the surviving Rosenheim soldiers all went up about 70 levels fighting in the war. The Royal Knights also went up between 10 to 20 levels.
  11. Pale and company find it surprising and heartfelt that it looks like Weed is mourning the loss of some of his soldiers. However, in Weed's head, he's hating that the loss of several soldiers means that he won't get as big of a reward once he returns them back to Rosenheim Kingdom.
  12. Entering the black temple, Weed's companions desire to explore the castle, which he accepts. He goes off on his own to meet with the Necromancers.
  13. Beneath the black temple, Weed reunites with Barabol's Necromancers, and turns in the A-Rank Quest for stopping Lich Shire from causing an endless war on the Versailles Continent against the undead. By completing the quest, Weed gains 2,750 Fame, his Friendship with the Necromancers increases, and he gains 17 levels. Weed has finally broken into the level 300 range and is now at level 306.
  14. The Necromancers reveal that while they have no item rewards to offer since the treasures of the Necromancers have been scattered throughout the world, they're willing to provide Weed with a special Blood Necromancer class power known as the Power to Reject Death. Weed accepts the power, which turns his hand into that of a Death Knight's, increases his health by 500, mana by 1000, and increases all stats by 3.
  15. The Power to Reject Death activates when a player's health reaches 0, which causes the user to revive as an undead that now has two times the amount of health and mana. The effect lasts for 24 hours. The user will turn back to normal after 24 hours, but dying in undead form will act as a normal death. Higher level in Power of Reject Death will change the type of undead that the user turns into, and the user will be able to use undead abilities. Undead form is immune to black magic curses, vulnerable to holy magic, and can't be Blessed or Healed by Priests.
  16. Weed realizes he hit the jackpot since the Power to Reject Death means that he doesn't have to worry as much about his character dying, and that he can continue hunting for levels and items after reviving as an undead.
  17. Before departing, the Necromancers reveal to Weed that the Versailles Continent isn't truly at peace. That there's an evil hidden beneath the world known as the Embinyu Church that believe in evil god who will dye the world in darkness. Amongst the Embinyu Church's 12 leaders is one that is said to be in hiding in an unknown land known as Baseurin.
  18. People across the Versailles Continent continue to feel the effects of the Curse of King Belsos. It's said that in the past few days, there hasn't been a drop of rain, haze has settled over the land, and the heat continues to skyrocket. Despite fire magic increasing 20%, fire mages are looked down upon while ice mages are giving the spotlight to help cool people off.
  19. Despite the Curse of King Belsos, most players still remain on the Versailles Continent knowing that they will probably get rewarded greatly for finding a way to lift the curse. People also adapted to the heat by staying near city fountains, and bring along buckets of cold water to drink while travelling. In addition, players decide to go hunting in underground dungeons, and begin exploring the cooler areas north of the continent.
  20. Amongst the players is a fire mage named Rosetta struggling to get in a party. She soon begins to hear gossip from the nearby NPCs that an adventurer called Weed was able to put a stop to Lich Shire and his Undead Legion. Everyone else begins to roar in excitement that Weed finished the A-Rank Quest, and will allow them to obtain the Necromancer class.
  21. Shin Hye Min and Oh Joo Wan continue as spokesmen for KMC Media regarding news within Royal Road, such as informing viewers that a group of mercenaries succeeded in killing all the monsters that invaded Reuwan Village. Shin Hye Min also remains disappointed not being able to journey to the Plains of Despair with her lover, Pale, but she has a 3 day holiday break coming up.
  22. Shin Hye Min and Oh Joo Wan reveal that the Crimson Wings Guild has officially disbanded due to the ripple effect caused by setting off the Curse of King Belsos. At the height of their power, the Crimson Wings was a top-10 guild that controlled 7 castles, 25 villages, and had over 150,000 people available. Guildmaster Teros was seen holding down a castle with 10,000 archers before his army's morale fell against people that desired revenge, and finally forced him to disband the guild.
  23. Oh Joo Wan reveals that players have become interested in finding a way to lift the Curse of King Belsos, and theorizes that a quest will trigger about it one day to have people go on a grand exploration adventure to the cold North Continent in order to discover the means that will lift said curse. Shin Hye Min hopes to journey there one day with Pale.
  24. Oh Joo Wan leaves off with a warning that despite the world being warmer thanks to the Curse of King Belsos, the North Continent will still be extremely cold, and forzen over with ice and snow. As a result, even Adventurer class players that thrive in going around to different locations will have a hard time exploring the cold north.
  25. The talk show next discusses about the ongoing A-Rank Quest in the Plains of Despair with several players being interviewed. Despite Shin Hye Min believing that there's still hope, all the interviewers believe the quest to have failed since they've heard nothing about it up to this point. The interviewers claim that the Red Mercenary Guild has already been dispatched to deal with the Undead Legion once it begins its invasion on Rosenheim Kingdom. Only Shin Hye Min knows that the true person behind the A-Rank Quest is Weed.
  26. Shin Hye Min receives word that Lich Shire and his Undead Legion have been defeated much to the shock of the people being interviewed.

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