Volume 7, Chapter 2: "Undead Legion"

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From the black temple fortress in the Yuroki Mountains, Karichwi stands ready to begin the war for his A-Rank Quest. Karichwi's army consists of 1,000,000 orcs, 130,000 dark elves, the exiled humans, Barabol's Necromancers, and his personal army of Freya Priests and Rosenheim soldiers; all ready to face off against Lich Shire and his Undead Legion on the Plains of Despair. Also remaining on standby is Mapan watching from afar, who's aiming to gather up whatever loot remains after the war.

Soon after, the undead army consisting of skeletons, ghouls, zombies, and ghosts begins to appear at the eastern spawning pit, and move towards the black temple. Despite some orc casualties at the front, the starting battle against around 100,000 Undead Legion soldiers goes smoothly for Karichwi's army. Using the Mind Hand skill, Karichwi is able to quickly cook food for the wounded, and uses his newly Advanced stage First Aid skill to apply bandages to them. Karichwi also gets involved where he goes around with his Freya and Rosenheim army killing any skeleton or zombie they come across. Eventually, the battle is won, but knowing that the first battle was just a test, Karichwi uses Lion's Roar to get his celebrating army back into position to be ready for the next battle.

Moments after, a larger Undead Legion army consisting of ghouls, reapers, banshees, mummies, undead beasts, and specters appear from the pit, and begin moving towards the black temple. The Freya Priests boost the weakened morale of the orcs and dark elves with Blessings as the battle heats up again. The Undead Legion is able to make it to the fortress walls this time around thanks to their ghosts taking possession of some of the orcs, but Karichwi counters with a trap by making a wall entrance look open, and then swarms the undead on his defensive side from 3 angles. Spotting a rare herb field during the battle, Karichwi orders his forces to retreat for a brief moment just so he could collect the yellow-leaf plants that provide a benefit to one's stamina.

Elsewhere, the 7-man party of Pale, Surka, Romuna, Irene, Maylon, Hwaryeong, and Zephyr continue to power-level at the Lake of Souls, but have grown bored since they found travelling around with Weed to be more exciting. Pale decides to give Mapan a call since they haven't seen each other for awhile, but becomes confused by the Merchant's commentary about an ongoing war going on in the background. Mapan reveals to them that Weed is actually the Karichwi orc from the Hall of Fame video, and that he's currently witnessing a glorious war that's been going on for 10 hours in the Plains of Despair between Karichwi's forces and the Undead Legion. Under pressue from Romuna, who desires to gain the Necromancer class, Pale and company agree that it's finally time to reunite with Weed.

Despite the loss of 3 fortress walls and 230,000 orcs, Karichwi's army comes out victorious in the second battle. The next Undead Legion forces to appear out of the pit consists of Shire's elites: 10,000 bone knights, 5,000 giant monsters, and 3,000 serpa witches riding on giant undead rhinoceroses.

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  • A-Rank Quest: "The Undead Legion of Shire" (Karichwi Weed commands his army to successfully defeat the first two attacks of the Undead Legion)

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  1. Karichwi's army before the war starts consists of 1,000,000 orcs and 130,000 dark elves. The group of exiled humans stand with Karichwi while Barabol's 10 Necromancers, and the Freya Priests and Rosenheim Soldiers force are also on nearby.
  2. Each orc regiment consists of either 30,000 or 50,000 soldiers. The purpose is to provide strength in unity that will help keep the orcs alive longer.
  3. The Undead Legion appears out of the pit consisting of skeletons, ghouls and zombies. It's said that zombies have a lethal poison that can kill humans in minutes. The Zombies and Skeletons stand at 3 metres tall, and the ghouls come with sharp nails and teeth. Another enemy, ghosts, appears out of the nearby lakes to join the Undead Legion ranks. As they got closer, Karichwi believes that he can see up to at least 100,000 starting enemies.
  4. Due to the poison they give off, the Undead Legion kills any bit of foliage, such as grass and trees, that they come across.
  5. Karichwi hypes up the morale of his scared army by claiming to the orcs and dark elves that if they were to become undead, they will go bald and be unable to bathe. They will also be unable to eat, and their stomachs will go thin of starvation.
  6. The starting battle goes smoothly for Karichwi's forces. Despite the loss of some orc soldiers, they hold back the initial attack of the Undead Legion. Karichwi goes around hunting zombies and skeletons with the support of his Freya Priests and Rosenheim soldiers. During the battle against the Undead Legion, Karichwi would purposefully take hits as a way to improve his Perserverance and Defense stats.
  7. Karichwi Weed's First Aid skill is said to have reached the Advanced stage at this point. Constantly having to bandage the orcs and dark elves levels the skill up to Advanced level 3. Karichwi also provides his wounded soldiers meals in the form of Rabbit Meat Soup.
  8. Karichwi puts the Mind Hand skill to use for the first time where he uses the third hand to apply bandages and cook food faster for his army.
  9. Believing to have won the war from just the first battle, the orcs and dark elves refuse to listen to Karichwi's order to retreat behind the fortress walls. As a result, Karichwi is forced to use Lion's Roar to make them listen. At this point, Lion's Roar increases Fighting Spirit by 200% and Leadership of the user by 220%.
  10. The next batch of Undead Legion soldiers appears out of the pit. The undead army now consists of reapers, banshees, mummies, ghouls, and undead beasts. Reapers are said to wield long sickles while banshees have voices that can slice the air. To further boost the weakened morale of the orcs and dark elves after seeing their new enemies, Karichwi orders the Freya Priests to provide them additional Blessings.
  11. Specters are revealed to be amongst the ranks of the Undead Legion. They can pass through walls, possess their enemies such as the orcs, and can fly around spraying acid.
  12. Karichwi orders the orcs to deal with ghouls and mummies, while the spellcasting dark elves deal with the ghosts. He has trouble commanding the orc lord when Lion's Roar loses its effect.
  13. Ghost specters pass through the fortress walls, and begin possessing orcs. A battle at the walls erupts when mummies reach the wall with the possessed orcs as well. However, the spells from the dark elves, free orcs using silver weapons, and Karichwi getting involved, manage to hold it.
  14. Karichwi forms a trap where he makes the wall entrance look completely open for the Undead Legion to charge thorugh. However, the undead are met on all three frontal sides by Karichwi's forces. Karichwi also orders a regiment of orcs to cut off the undead's only escape path back.
  15. Mapan continues to watch over the fight form afar, and is able to witness and admit how great of a commander Karichwi Weed is.
  16. Some information about the Medical Botany skill is explained: red herbs help with vitality, yellow herbs help with stamina, green herbs help with mana, black herbs are used for black magic, white herbs are helpful for Wizard users, and purple herbs create poison.
  17. Karichwi is lucky to have stumbled across a yellow-leaf herb field during the battle. He and many others once heard from a Royal Road program about how the yellow herbs increase stamina. As a result, the value of yellow herbs went up, became a must have amongst many players, and caused the yellow herb fields to disappear across the known areas of the game. Karichwi calls for his forces to retreat just so he could collect the herb field.
  18. Pale's 7-man party consisting of himself, Surka, Irene, Romuna, Hwaryeong, Zephyr, Maylon, are seen fishing while still power-leveling against the monsters of the Lake of Souls. Despite leveling at a reasonable pace, Pale's party find it boring without Weed since they felt more tension, and a higher sense of accomplishment, questing alongside him.
  19. Implied to have seen the Hall of Fame video, Romuna, who's a Mage player, remains excited about the possibility of switching to the Necromancer class. It turns out that one of her 4 dreams is to become a powerful Necromancer that can control countless undead.
  20. Pale decides to message Mapan since he hasn't heard from the Merchant for awhile. Mapan gives a commentary about the war currently going on, which confuses Pale. The Merchant reveals to Pale that he's currently with Weed in the Yuroki Mountains of the Plains of Despair, and that Weed is actually Karichwi from the Hall of Fame video. Pale informs this to his party, which stuns everyone.
  21. Mapan states to Pale that the battle against the Undead Legion has been going on for 10 hours, but looks to be close to finishing. Under pressure from Romuna wanting to become a Necromancer, Pale's Party decides to head off to the Plains of Despair.
  22. The second battle against the Undead Legion comes to an end after the last banshee dies. 3 of the 8 black temple walls have been destroyed, and 230,000 orcs have died as a result of said battle. Karichwi uses Lion's Roar while everyone else in his army roars in confidence for the next battle.
  23. The third army of the Undead Legion, which are believed to be Lich Shire's elites, appears out of the pit consisting of 10,000 bone knights, 5,000 giant monsters, and 3,000 serpa witches riding on colossal rhinoceroses. The serpa witches are said to be users of black magic, potions, and curses.

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