Volume 6, Chapter 8: "Strange Companion"

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On the horse he just purchased, Weed departs from Rosenheim Kingdom to return to the Plains of Despair. Weed passes by Oberon's hunting party again, and he goes about picking up the loot they left behind once more. Oberon's party notices the similar action performed by the small loot collecting orc they ran into previously, and put two and two together that it's the same person. They also come to realize that said player is the same transforming orc performing the A-Rank Quest from the Hall of Fame video, and that the quest is going down in the Plains of Despair.

Weed saves some time travelling across the plains by working his horse to the point of the mount collapsing of exhaustion. He sets the horse free knowing that the mount is no longer useful to him, and then transforms back into the fast-running Small Karichwi orc. With only 15 days remaining until the battle against Lich Shire and his Undead Legion begins, Small Karichwi starts running in order to reach the remaining exiled human villages.

While running across the plains, Small Karichwi runs into a girl currently being attacked by a powerful Hunter of Plains monster. Small Karichwi decides to help knowing that the hunter will forever chase after him if it kills the girl, but he ends up witnessing her easily kill the monster in very little effort. Upon closer look at her face, Small Karichwi realizes that it's Seoyoon. She notices the little orc now before her, but Seoyoon doesn't come to view him as an enemy, and continues on her way. Small Karichwi goes back to running as well, but he soon realizes after a couple days that his current path is the same one as Seoyoon's.

Staying at a safe but close distance behind Seoyoon, the two of them reach Yunopu Canyon in the northern part of the Plains of Despair, and are forced to go through it together. Seoyoon fights through a majority of the giant yetis that live in the canyon while Small Karichwi takes on the stragglers while collecting their loot. Throughout the battles, Small Karichwi notices that while Seoyoon fights as a top-skilled player, she's always seen sporting a sad expression. He theorizes that there's more to Seoyoon's story that he can't see from just watching her from afar.

During a food break in the canyon, Small Karichwi cooks Yeti Meat, which catches Seoyoon's attention since she's just been eating starting Barley Bread the whole time. He agrees to share the cooked meat with her, and ends up becoming her personal cook, but only because he believes that Seoyoon will kill him if he doesn't appease her.

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  • A-Rank Quest: "The Undead Legion of Shire" (Weed continues to run around the Plains of Despair trying to recruit exiled humans for the upcoming war)

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  1. The horse that Weed purchased for 3 gold in Serabourg is said to be a cheap, brown, common, short breed, but has muscular legs and good endurance.
  2. Weed rides his horse for a day from Rosenheim Kingdom to the Plains of Despair. He passes by Oberon's hunting party again. Weed picks up a few loot items left behind by their hunts, and continues on past them without stopping.
  3. The Plains of Despair is said to be the home of Abyss Knights, Lightning Casters, Poison Lords, Dark Dancers, and Night Lords all around level 350 or 400.
  4. Oberon's party notices how Weed on the horse picking up items they left behind is similar to the short orc they met earlier that was picking up their loot. They put together that it's the same person, and that it's the same player who turned into an orc in the Hall of Fame video. They realize soon after that the A-Rank Quest concerning the Necromancers is taking place in the Plains of Despair.
  5. Weed works his horse running to the point of his mount falling down in exhaustion. He wishes the horse good luck, and sets the horse free now that his mount is no longer useful.
  6. Weed pulls out the Little Orc Monster Sculpture, and transforms back into Small Karichwi. It's said that Weed visited all the exiled human villages around the center of the plains, but he now plans to meet with the remote ones along the edges of the Plains of Despair. Weed theorizes that the journey will take him up to 12 days.
  7. At this point in time, Weed has 15 days remaining before the battle against Shire's Undead Legion starts.
  8. Running across the plains, Small Karichwi comes across a beautiful girl, but decides to ignore her and continues onward. 
  9. Small Karichwi ends up running into a powerful Hunter of Plains, which is said to be a powerful level 320 warrior that was turned into a monster through a dark spell. The Hunter of Plains is also said to have a large health pool, and the ability to reduce a player's Vitality upon every hit. Despite Small Karichwi being unprepared for battle, the Hunter of Plains instead attacks the girl that he passed by. 
  10. Small Karichwi prepares to attack the Hunter of Plains from behind upon remembering that the monster will forever hunt the enemies it comes across. However, he watches as the girl easily kills the Hunter of Plains. Upon closer look at the girl, Small Karichwi is finally able to see the full view of her face, and realizes that it's Seoyoon. In return, Seoyoon sees the little orc as an enemy, and prepares to attack.
  11. Seoyoon's game avatar is said to be the Berserker class, which is also a master of all kinds of weapons. The Berserker class never suffers exhaustion, and they get stronger when their opponents are bleeding.
  12. Seoyoon is said to be a relentless hunter who slays every monster she comes across; leaving nothing but a trail of dead bodies on the path behind her. It's also said that she's died several times facing off against overwhelming numbers in some dungeons.
  13. Small Karichwi notices that Seoyoon has items over level 300 equipped. He theorizes that Seoyoon must be one of the top players around Bard Ray's current level, which he believes to be around level 390.
  14. Small Karichwi tries to explain the situation to Seoyoon, but she's unable to understand his orc language. He then tries to piece together if he's strong enough to take her, but Seoyoon instead puts her weapon away deciding that she doesn't see Small Karichwi as an enemy, and continues on her way hunting everything she comes across.
  15. Small Karichwi returns to running across the plains for 2 days straight, but ends up running into Seoyoon again, who's been running in almost the same direction. His pride is hurt knowing that despite Seoyoon having to stall hunting and collecting loot, she's easily kept pace with him.
  16. Small Karichwi and Seoyoon run into each other again at the Plains of Despair's Yunopu Canyon, which is said to be in the northern part of the zone, and has a nearby twin mountains that the canyon goes between. The canyon is also home to Giant Yetis said to be around level 340.
  17. Seoyoon and Small Karichwi fight their way through the giant yetis of Yunopu Canyon. However, Seoyoon is said to have been fighting a majority of them while Small Karichwi remains close behind fighting the stragglers. 
  18. Small Karichwi is forced to admit that Seoyoon is a highly skilled player. Weed's way of fighting is said to be concentrating his strength on defense or sudden offense, but also relies on agility and reaction if he gets carried away by rushing into battle and not caring about defense. Seoyoon on the other hand attacks when she sees a weakness, but defends when she senses danger. She also moves as if she's dancing thanks to her high agility. Seoyoon is also mentioned to be an incredible sword user.
  19. Small Karichwi notices how Seoyoon always seems to have some sort of sad expression on her face. He also notices how Seoyoon never aims for her oppoents head in combat, which he theorizes that Seoyoon must be someone that's afraid of looking at other people's faces.  Small Karichwi also notices how she's avoiding the Yeti's that have nearby offspring, and wonders how someone like her became a player killer. He concludes that there's something more to Seoyoon that he's currently not seeing.
  20. After half a day fighting through the canyon, Small Karichwi and Seoyoon take a break. Seoyoon eats starter barley bread, but Small Karichwi uses his cooking skill to cook the yeti meat he recently looted.
  21. Eating a cooked yeti meal provides Small Karichwi a temporary well-fed buff. His Vitality is increased 40% while health is increased 15%. Strength is also increased slightly for eating yeti meat, which is a monster that has a lot of strength.
  22. Seoyoon notices Small Karichwi's yeti meal, which he offers her some. Small Karichwi ends up becoming Seoyoon's personal cook, but he sees it more as a threat believing that because she's a murderer, she may eat him.

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