Volume 6, Chapter 7: "Past Ties"

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Under the leadership of guildmaster Teros, the Crimson Wings Guild looked into a hint they found in a library about a lost king, Zet Belsos. Their investigations brought them to a man named Count Kresse, who offered them an A-Rank Quest to find the royal tomb of King Belsos, and bring back his Black Flute treasure. Accepting the quest, Teros and his Crimson Wings put together a large party of 250 players to raid the dungeon tomb.

The massive Crimson Wings party arrives at a ruined area near the center of the Versailles Continent, and easily locate the entrance to the royal tomb of King Belsos. However, they soon discover that the entrance is blocked by an enchanted gate. Crimson Wings member Shavron reads the gate's inscription, which states that no one is allowed to enter until they put 7 red scorpion figurines upon the 7 pedestals before the gate. Seeing the 7 red stones on top of the pedestals, Teros realizes that they need to find a sculptor to sculpt said stones into 7 scorpion figurines.

Elsewhere, a 30-man party led by Oberon departs from Rosenheim Kingdom to begin hunting in the Plains of Despair. The party starts off hunting wolves, but they next come across Small Karichwi trying to pass by them. Leaving each other alone, Oberon's curious party watches the little orc go about picking up the loot they left behind from their fight against the wolves. Small Karichwi then heads off in the direction he was originally running towards, Rosenheim Kingdom.

For days, Small Karichwi had been running all around the plains to the Village of Exiles, and other similar villages that housed exiled humans. He manages to convince each of them to join the upcoming war against Lich Shire and his Undead Legion since the exiled humans know that there will be nothing left if the undead wins. Despite becoming severely exhausted from all the running, Small Karichwi succeeds in making it all the way back to Rosenheim Kingdom, and then cancels his Sculptural Shapeshifting once he reaches the Citadel of Serabourg to become Weed again. The reason for needing to return to Serabourg being that Weed has to meet with Mapan regarding the items of silver that the former ordered previously.

Weed reunites with Mapan at the fountain of Serabourg's central square. The latter of which shows off the 2,000,000 Silver Arrows, and enough Sterling Silver to make up to 60,000 weapons. However, it doesn't come as a surprise to Mapan when Weed adds a catch to the deal. The catch being that Mapan must deliver all the silver to the Plains of Despair's Yuroki Mountains before getting paid. Providing Mapan a map of the zone, the Merchant departs Serabourg towards the Plains of Despair with 10 wagons full of the silver items. Meanwhile, Weed stocks up on supplies in Serabourg, and purchases a horse in order to travel faster to the remaining exiled human villages.

At that same time, two Crimson Wings members, Psyche and Mako, arrive in Serabourg from out of the Teleport Gate to seek out the famed sculptor that made Rosenheim's now infamous Sphinx Sculpture. They manage to locate Weed before he departs from Serabourg on his new horse, and ask for him to sculpt them 7 scorpion figurines. Weed rejects since he doesn't make simple souvenirs anymore, but given that it's an emergency for the Crimson Wings, the two guild members offer him as many as 2 high-value red rubies, which catches Weed's attention.

Provided the 7 red stones from their A-Rank Quest, Weed uses the next moments sculpting out 7 scorpion figurines for Psyche and Mako. During the sculpting, Weed overhears the two Crimson Wings members discuss their desire to kill the same Weed that embarrassed everyone in Continent of Magic; not knowing that the sculptor Weed right in front of them is the same person. Weed finishes the 7 scorpion figurines, and exchanges them for the 2 rubies. As he watches Psyche and Mako depart, Weed decides that it's best for him to not reveal to people in Royal Road that he was once a Continent of Magic player.

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A-Rank Quest: "Shadow of the Returned King" (Crimson Wings guild accepts)

A-Rank Quest: "The Undead Legion of Shire" (Weed runs around the Plains of Despair to recruit humans from the exile villages, and meets with Mapan in Serabourg to have the silver he ordered brought to the black temple fortress in the Yuroki Mountains)

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  1. The Crimson Wings guild led by Teros found a hint in a private library one day about the lost King Zet Belsos, the third king of the old long forgotten Belsos La Deus dynasty. The guild members investigated the hint, such as asking NPCs about King Zet, and eventually get an audience from Count Kresse at the far away Mersel Kingdom.
  2. The Crimson Wings receive an A-Rank Quest from Count Kresse claiming that King Belsos left being many treasures, such as a special Black Flute, at his burial tomb. Bringing back the flute to Count Kresse would provide the Crimson Wings extra rewards. The guild would also be rewarded with any treasures in the king's tomb. The only restriction is that magic isn't usable while inside the tomb.
  3. Teros and the Crimson Wings gather up 200 players around level 330, and hire 50 players around level 350 from the Dark Gamers Union to take part in the A-Rank Quest. In total, the party consists of 250 players.
  4. The Crimson Wings party arrives at a ruins area hidden in the center of the Versailles Continent where they've narrowed down the location of King Belsos' tomb. A guild member named Gale scouts ahead to remove any high-level traps for the party. They eventually locate the entrance to the tomb, but is blocked by an enchanted door that has a red scorpion image on it, as well as an inscription.
  5. A Crimson Wings mage named Shavron realizes that the door's inscription is in Varon, a Shaman language. She reads the inscription to the party, which is to bring 7 scorpion figurines since King Belsos loved and revered scorpions. The enchanted door shows off 7 pedestals with 7 red stones. Teros realizes that in order to pass the enchanted door, they need a sculptor to sculpt the 7 stones into 7 scorpion figurines.
  6. A 30-man hunting party that includes players named Oberon, Pluto, and Haisyns depart from Rosenheim Kingdom to go hunting in the Plains of Despair. They are required to walk there, which causes them to pass over Rosenheim's wall along the border of the Plains of Despair. The 3 named members are said to be experienced, having gone on hunting trips away form Rosenheim 5 times. Oberon is also established as the party leader.
  7. Oberon's party goes about hunting Soulless Wolves in the Plains of Despair, which are said to be below level 200. After the battle, the party pushes further into the zone. They come across one monster approaching them, and prepare for battle. However, it turns out to be a tiny orc, which they don't realize is a transformed Weed as Small Karichwi.
  8. Oberon's party lets the little orc go about his business seeing the latter carrying a giant bag, and is trying to get somewhere. However, Small Karichwi notices all the loot left behind by Oberon's party during the fight against the Soulless Wolves, and decides to check the loot on the ground, picking up teeth, hides, wolf meat, and money, such as 3 silver coins.
  9. For days, Small Karichwi had been running across the plains to the Village of Exiles, and other surrounding villages, in order to convince its humans to help fight Shire's Undead Legion. Despite their hatred for the orcs, they agree to fight knowing that no one will survive if the undead wins.
  10. It's said that the Plains of Despair is one of the top-10 dangerous regions of the game. Due to it being a mostly unexplored region, very little is known about the zone, such as what monsters live here, and what dungeons can be found here.
  11. At this point in time while Small Karichwi is running around the plains to each village, Weed has 20 game days left before the A-Rank Quest begins against Shire's Undead Legion.
  12. Small Karichwi's constant running across the Plains of Despair resulted in him getting the Exhaustion Debuff. His Vitality, Strength and Agility stats are reduced, and there's a chance of collapsing from exhaustion if the user doesn't choose to rest anytime soon.
  13. Small Karichwi continued to run along the plains for 3 more days. It started to rain, and ended up raining throughout all 3 of these days that Small Karichwi continued to run. His Exhaustion Debuff becomes severe, which stops his Stamina recovery completely, causes him to start losing health, and is set to collapse from exhaustion if he doesn't choose to rest now.
  14. Lee Hyun is apparently someone that hates the winter and summer seasons, but likes spring and autumn.
  15. Small Karichwi chews on healing herbs to keep himself going despite the severe exhaustion. After 6 days, Small Karichwi manages to reach Rosenheim Kingdom. He then reaches the Citadel of Serabourg on day 7. He then cancels Sculptural Transformation to return as Weed.
  16. Weed is in the verge of collapsing in Serabourg due to the Exhaustion Debuff. People end up viewing the exhausted Weed as a begger, and he manages to have up to 3 silver and 14 copper given to him.
  17. In the past, Hyun used to eat expired food due to being poor, and putting his sister's needs first over his own.
  18. It's said that Rosenheim Kingdom has had more players in recent days, and is almost as populated as the more central kingdoms of the Versailles Continent. The reason for this was because of the buffs provided by the Sphinx sculpture at the Tomb of King Theodarren. The sculpture has also resulted in more players trying out the Sculptor class.
  19. Weed meets with Mapan at Serabourg's fountain in the central square. Mapan shows off the 2,000,000 Silver Arrows, and the silver items that can be smelted down to make up to 60,000 weapons. Mapan managed to buy it all for 65,000 gold trying to get the cheapest deals possible, and the items overall is enough to fill 10 wagons.
  20. Weed offers to pay up to 70,000 gold, but only when Mapan delivers all the silver to the Yoruki Mountains in the Plains of Despair. He also provides Mapan with the Plains of Despair map to avoid enemies, which Mapan notes that this is his change to boost his trading skills at the Village of Exiles.
  21. Mapan departs to the Plains of Despair with his 10 wagons full of silver items. Weed stocked up on necessary supplies at the Serabourg stores, then purchased a horse at the stables since there's still more exiled human villages he needs to visit.
  22. Two members of the Crimson Wings Guild named Psyche and Mako arrive in Serabourg using the Teleport Gate in order to search for the famous Sculptor Weed that can make them 7 red scorpion figurines for the A-Rank Quest. Psyche is a girl wearing a red velvet robe while Mako is a boy wearing yellow ceremonial monk clothes. The people of Rosenheim recognize them as two players that have appeared on the Hall of Fame.
  23. Mako mentions that he was once humilated in Continent of Magic by the player named Weed. It's said that a lot of Royal Road's players are former Continent of Magic players who have a beef with Weed. They even gave Weed the "Dark Knight" nickname in Continent of Magic since he was the most dangerous and successful player.
  24. Psyche and Mako manage to locate Weed in Serabourg before he departs on his horse. Weed rejects making scorpion figurines for them since he's in a hurry to return to his A-Rank Quest, even turning down earning extra profit if he was to make the figurine souvenirs for them.
  25. Psyche and Mako claim that it's an emergency, and offer to pay Weed with a Red Ruby which catches the latter's attention. Weed figures that selling the Red Ruby would earn him up to 400 gold, and possibly up to 500 depending on how nice he makes the ruby. He agrees to make the 7 scorpion figurines for them.
  26. Weed claims that as an artist, he admires art, which is why he became a sculptor, and uses special techniques to maintain originality. This claim impresses Psyche enough to offer another Red Ruby for the job.
  27. While Weed sculpts out the scorpion figurines using the 7 red stones they provided for him, Psyche and Mako discuss right in front of him that they wish to meet the same Weed from Continent of Magic one day, and kill him at least 1000 times to make him suffer for being at the top of that game. 
  28. Weed completes the 7 scorpion figurines, and is provided 2 Red Rubies in exchange. Hearing Psyche and Mako's conversation, he decides that he shouldn't tell people that he once played Continent of Magic. Psyche and Mako depart with the 7 scorpion figurines while Weed can now continue on with his A-Rank Quest.

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