Volume 6, Chapter 2: "Lavias, City in the Sky"

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In the City of Heaven, Dain is seen finally logging back into Royal Road now that she's fully recovered from her real life surgery. She goes about battling against any dullahan or skeleton she comes across within the Cave of Dead Warriors in order to get used to her Shaman avatar again. Dain also comes across the Nameless Sculptures of Lavias that were left behind by Weed, which causes her to break down into tears knowing that Weed left behind their memories when they partied together. She desires to see Weed again, but given that Dain rejected his friend request the day she last saw him, she has to wait for the day that they finally cross paths again. Until then, Dain decides to adventure with other players around Lavias in order to catch up to Weed's level.

Meanwhile in Rosenheim Kingdom, the Geomchis go about trying to impress the beautiful women in the Citadel of Serabourg. They decide to take up construction after gaining an understanding of the Architect skill when they helped build the Tomb of King Theodarren, and start off with a D-Rank Quest to build a new flower shop home for a girl named Selena. Said construction work results in them acquiring the Bricklaying and Landscaping sub-skills, and completing Selena's home results in the Geomchis being offered more construction quests around Serabourg.

The Geomchis all break into the level 200 range thanks to the quest experience from their construction quests, which results in a mysterious wanderer appearing before master Geomchi. The wanderer offers a special Class Advancement Quest for the Geomchis to go out and hone their skills by experiencing the world, and then return to face the wanderer in order to learn skills that are unique to their Martial Artist class. Master Geomchi decides that it's best for the Geomchis to all go their separate ways in order to hone their skills for six months, which they all agree to do. The Geomchis depart from Rosenheim Kingdom soon after with each going off on their own solo journey.

In real life, Lee Hye Yeon reveals to brother Lee Hyun that she sent an application form to the University of Korea, which catches his attention. She also informs him that Hyun has to go in to have an interview today at the university, which excites her brother enough to get himself ready for it under the belief that he's acting as the older guardian for his sister's application. Hyun's actions leave Hye Yeon confused as to why he's not angry over her sister applying him to a university behind his back, but she soon realizes the misunderstanding, and decides to go along with it.

Hyun and Hye Yeon arrive at the University of Korea for the application interview with the professors, but Hye Yeon goes to the bathroom pretending that she has a stomach ache minutes before the interview goes down, which forces Hyun to go to the interview alone before it gets cancelled. During the interview with the 5 professors, Hyun continues misunderstanding the situation, and goes through his life story supporting Hye Yeon. Despite seeing the huge misunderstanding, the professors notice Hyun's deep understanding of virtual reality in his story, and agree that Hyun would make for an incredible student in said field. Unbeknownst to Hyun, the professors give their stamp of approval on his application.

Along the way home with his sister, Hyun is left depressed that he messed up Hye Yeon's interview. Seeing that her brother still doesn't know what's up, Hye Yeon makes sure to change their home mailing address to the hospital where their grandmother is hospitalized at in order to see the results of the application before her brother.

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  • D-Rank Quest: "Selena's House" (The Geomchis accept and complete)
  • Unknown Quest: "Build a Noble's Mansion for Baron Arias" (The Geomchis refuse)
  • (It's implied that the Geomchis take on many construction quests around Serabourg)
  • Class Advancement Quest: "Become a Warrior" (The Geomchis accept, and go their separate ways in order to hone their skills for the day they face off against the wanderer Martial Artist)

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  1. Dain enters back into the story due to her real life surgery being a success. Logging back into Royal Road, she appears back in the City of Heaven, and decides to go hunting Dullahans around Lavias.
  2. It's said that along with her spells, Dain is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, fencing and archery. She easily defeats the first Dullahan she comes across getting back in the grove of playing the game.
  3. Travelling through the Cave of Dead Warriors, Dain comes across the chiseled wall images of the Nameless Sculptures of Lavias that were left behind by Weed. Being within the statue's aura increases Vitality and mana by 25%, movement speed by 10%, and enemies deal 5% less damage.
  4. Dain recognizes the statues of herself and Weed, and begins to cry upon realizing that it's the same man that she partied with before logging off to go through with the surgery.
  5. Dain sees that the Geomchis left behind graffiti messages by the Nameless Sculptures of Lavias when they leveled up and trained in the City of Heaven.
  6. It took two days for Dain to fight her way back out of the Cave of Dead Warriors against skeletons and dullahans.
  7. Dain explores the city of Lavias, which has become highly populated with other players long after Weed had his City of Heaven adventure. It's said that low-level tourists risk their lives just trying to visit the place, and nobles of the Brent and Rosenheim kingdoms now often stop by the City of Heaven. Expensive quests even appear just to escort the nobles.
  8. Dain is offered some quests from the avians of Lavias, which include disposing of undead, gathering herbs, learning the herbal medicine skill for 200 gold, or going to the north corner of a cave to bring back a special herb.
  9. Dain desires to see Weed again, but has to wait for when they finally cross paths again since she rejected added him to her friends list to have easy contact. She decides to go adventuring with other players in Lavias to level herself up since she knows that Weed is now much higher leveled than her.
  10. In Rosenheim's Citadel of Serabourg, the Geomchis take on a D-Rank Quest to fix a flower shop house for a pretty girl named Selena. The reward is Selena's friendship, and the quest requirements is having some Fame, and experience in construction. The Geomchis have some skill in construction due to helping Weed construct King Theodarren's pyramid crypt. 
  11. The Geomchis try to avoid work on Selena's flower shop using the free time to try to hit on her. They work for 10 days straight on the flower shop, but become depressed knowing that their time with Selena is almost up, and wish to spend at least one more week with her. Geomchi 3 comes up with a solution by destroying the flower shop so that they can build it again, and spend more time with Selena.
  12. The Geomchis finally complete the flower shop for the D-Rank Quest, which results in them receiving more requests to build houses and shops for others around Serabourg.
  13. The Geomchis learn the Architect sub-skills of Bricklaying and Landscaping due to their repeating actions of helping construct buildings around Serabourg. Bricklaying allows them to stack bricks neatly while Landscaping allows them to dig quicker.
  14. After 3 months of construction work, the Geomchis have become well-liked by all the beautiful women around Rosenheim Kingdom. The many construction quests are said to have leveled up all the Geomchis to above 220.
  15. The level 220 stat screen for Geomchi 505 is seen here. It's implied that his stat screen is very similar to the rest of the Geomchis.
  16. A wanderer wearing light armor and a cape approaches master Geomchi. The wanderer claims to be a Martial Artist similar to the Geomchis, and offers them a high-end Class Advancement Quest to go travel the world, and hone their skills. Once they've gained enough experience, the Geomchis are to return, and challenge the wanderer in order to be guided to the true strength of the Martial Artist class by being rewarded more skills.
  17. Master Geomchi has a meeting with the other 504 Geomchis after the wanderer leaves. He decides for the Geomchis to all to their separate ways in order to experience the world, and in six months, they will meet back in Rosenheim Kingdom. The Geomchis agree to do so by all bidding farewell, and depart from the Rosenheim Kingdom.
  18. In real life, Lee Hye Yeon reveals to her brother, Lee Hyun, that she sent an application form to the University of Korea, and got accepted. She shows off the latter off acceptance to Hyun, but informs him that he still needs to go in for an interview.
  19. Hye Yeon reveals that the interview is today, which excites Hyun, and causes him to get ready for it. This confuses Hye Yeon since she expected her brother to be mad that she applied him for a university behind his back.
  20. During a taxi ride to the university, Hye Yeon realizes that Hyun is misunderstanding that the interview is for him, and not her.
  21. Hyun and Hye Yeon arrive at the University of Korea. 3 minutes before the interview, Hye Yeon pretends to have a stomach ache, and heads off to the bathroom, and does not return. Hyun informs this to the professors, which leaves them puzzled.
  22. Hye Yeon continues to hold out for 10 more minutes, and manages to get a message to one of the professors to get Hyun to take the interview since she's still got a stomach ache. The professor informs Hyun of this, and warns him that the interview will be cancelled if he doesn't appear, which forces Hyun to go.
  23. Hyun approaches the 5 professors interviewing him, and goes through his life story, but telling it from Hye Yeon's point of view, and the work he did to make her happy. Over the course of the story, the professors realize the misunderstanding that Hyun believes he's at an interview for his sister.
  24. Despite the misunderstanding, the professors notice that Hyun has a deep understanding of virtual reality gaming, and let the interview go on. They ask what Hyun believes is the divide between virtual reality and reality, which Hyun answers it's meaningless since they're both the same. Whether it be real life or Royal Road, you're still living fiercely going about life by gaining knowledge and money.
  25. After Hyun leaves the interview, the professors agree that despite the misunderstanding, Lee Hyun has strong vitality and mentality when it comes to his knowledge about virtual reality, and give him the stamp of approval on his application.
  26. Hyun returns to Hye Yeon, who still can't believe that her brother still doesn't know what's going on despite the interview. Before heading home, she goes behind Hyun's back again to get the home mailing address changed to their grandmother at the hospital so that Hye Yeon sees the results of the interview before her brother.

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