Volume 5, Chapter 8: "Orc Wars"

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Karichwi continues to perform his role as an orc settlement newcomer in the Yuroki Mountains, but is still disliked by the orc higher ups. Aiming to become friendly with the village, Karichwi goes out hunting powerful minotaurs in the Plains of Despair with hundreds of the lesser orcs where he gains a lot of experience, and becomes a respected orc commander.

Elsewhere, Pale and company are seen hunting monsters, such as water spirits, at the Lake of Souls to continue leveling themselves up. Pale and Maylon also go on a date using the lake as a setting.

Over time, Karichwi had become highly respected in the orc settlement after completing many quests, and fighting alongside the orcs against their enemies. Karichwi is eventually greeted by the village's elder, who offers the former a special Race Quest to support the orcs in their upcoming attack against the Yuroki Mountain black temple that's controlled by the dark elves, which Karichwi accepts.

Upon returning to the Teleport Gate cave, Karichwi transforms back into Weed, and reunites with his standby Rosenheim soldiers and Freya Priests. Ordering them to prepare for battle, Weed summons Van Hawk, and then uses the Black Necklace of Life to summon Tori the Vampire Lord for the first time. Just like what Weed did to Van Hawk previously, he summons and kills Tori with the help of his army for days until the Vampire Lord is forced to accept Weed as his new master. Tori also gifts Weed a special Blood Oath item that permanently increases some stats as proof that the Vampire Lord has submitted to Weed's rule.

Eventually, the orcs complete their preparations for war against the dark elves.

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  • C-Rank Quest: "Orc Provisions" (Karichwi Weed had accepted and completes)
  • (It's implied that Weed as Karichwi completed many orc settlement quests in order to gain the respect of the Yuroki Mountain orcs.
  • Race Quest: "The Prosperity of Orc Tribes" (Karichwi Weed accepts)
  • B-Rank Quest: "The Exiles Living in the Plains of Despair" (Weed accepts a quest to support the orcs in their war against the dark elves that protect Bar Khan Demoph's Necromancers)

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  1. Some of the orc command chain is explained where the warriors and scouts are at the bottom while the champions, captains, elders and chieftains serve as the rulers.
  2. Karichwi (Weed) goes about trying to befriend his fellow orcs, but is looked down on by those higher up, such as the champions and captains. Orcs are also jealous of Karichwi for having all the orc women after him.
  3. Karichwi would go out hunting with orc parties that respected him, and face off against the Plains of Despair's level 300 Minotaurs. The Minotaurs are said to wield blood-red axes, and have more health, strength and agility than other level 300 monsters.
  4. Weed levels up to 295 hunting as Karichwi with his orc party consisting of hundreds of lesser orcs in the 120 to 210 level-range. Many orcs die, but the ones that survive level-up, and come to respect Karichwi as their leader.
  5. The Pale, Surka, Romuna, Irene, and Maylon, Zephyr, Hwaryeong, and Mapan party go about hunting Water Spirits and Fish Monsters at the Lake of Souls to level-up. Pale and Maylon decide to have a date at the lake where Pale describes Weed's adventures to Maylon.
  6. Karichwi completes a C-Rank Quest to gather monster meat in a hunting party, and bring the food back to feed the young orcs. The reward is equipment, precious stones, and ores. Karichwi had also completed many other quests, some of which he faced off against Dark Elves, to become a lot more respected in the orc village.
  7. After becoming respected in the village, an old orc elder informs Karichwi that 25 chieftains have agreed to attack the dark elves' black temple in the Yuroki Mountains with a vast army of orcs knowing that they've been doing something strange there, and will attack 10 days from now. 
  8. Karichwi is given a Race Quest from the orc elder to battle alongside the orcs against the dark elves at the black temple to become the rulers of the Plains of Despair, which Weed accepts. The reward is said to be precious stones and ores, and that refusing the quest would exile Karichwi from the village.
  9. Karichwi transforms back into Weed, and returns to the Teleport Gate cave where his Rosenheim soldiers and Freya Priests remain on standby. He cooks for them as well as prepares their armor and weapons for combat. Weed summons Van Hawk, and then uses the Black Necklace of Life to summon Vampire Lord Tori for the first time. Like with Van Hawk previously, Weed aims to beat the unruly Tori until the Vampire Lord finally accepts Weed as the new master.
  10. Tori, still an art lover, falls in love with the Seoyoon mercenary sculpture that Weed sculpted outside the Teleport Gate cave.
  11. With the help of Van Hawk, the Rosenheim soldiers, and the Freya Priests, Weed, who's now a lot stronger compared to when they first fought in Morata, defeats Tori without losing any soldiers this time around. Weed continues the summoning for a week to continue summoning and killing Tori, which at that point, the Vampire Lord finally submits.
  12. Van Hawk feels bad for Tori knowing that Weed had put him through the same thing.
  13. As proof that Tori accepts Weed as his new master, the Vampire Lord gives him a drop of his vampire blood known as a Blood Oath item. Using the item permanently increases mana by 300, +20 Charm, +10 Charisma, +2% damage for Black Magic skills, but also decreases Faith by 50. Other stats may increase or decrease randomly.
  14. The orcs are said to have finished preparations for war against the dark elves at the black temple.

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