Volume 5, Chapter 6: "Sculpture Transformation"

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Now that he's respected in the Village of Exiles, Weed can go about interacting with the rest of the villagers to take on quests and hunts provided by the Plains of Despair village, such as a C-Rank Quest to kill a doppelganger that's been causing problems for villagers Moss and Amy. Weed goes about leveling himself and his army up for their eventual fights against the orc and dark elf races that block the path to Bar Khan Demoph's Necromancers.

During a break at the Teleport Gate cave some time after, Weed deduces that despite their increased strength from questing in the Village of Exiles, his small army consisting of church Priests and Rosenheim soldiers is never going to be strong enough to take on both the orcs and dark elves. However, he realizes after thinking about it that there may be a way given how the two races appear to be bitter enemies.

Outside the cave, Weed sculpts a large rock to complete the Monster Orc Sculpture, which results in some of his stats increasing. Weed then uses his Sculptural Shapeshifting skill for the first time to transform himself into the orc depicted in the sculpture. He then heads off on his own as an orc, and begins to climb up the Yuroki Mountains.

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  1. Weed is now respected by the humans of the Village of Exiles. He comes across Moss, who tells Weed  the story of a doppelganger enemy who in the past wanted to make Moss' sister, Amy, its lover. Despite Amy rejecting it, the doppelganger gives her a 3 year ultimatum to become his lover, or else he will kill all the villagers. In the current day, there's now only 3 months remaining.
  2. Moss offers Weed a C-Rank Quest to kill the leader of the doppelgangers before Amy gets taken away. Weed was uninterested at first, but decides to accept after remembering his family relationship with his grandmother and sister. The restriction is both Moss and Amy have to survive by the end of the quest.
  3. Weed's Freya Priests and Rosenheim soldiers are said to have come to respect his command after they gained 2 to 3 levels during the previous fight against the giant ants. They agree to follow along with Weed to the doppelganger hideout since they dislike the idea of a young girl being tormented by monsters.
  4. The doppelganger hideout is stationed in a forest area north of the Village of Exiles. With his army, Weed travels to the woods and finds the doppelganger transformed into Moss, and easily kill it. Weed then returns back to the village to turn in the C-Rank Quest.
  5. Weed and his army take on additional quests and hunts around the Village of Exiles to increase their strength. Due to the village's poor quality item rewards, Weed decides to hand the items over to his army for them to use.
  6. Weed is said to have leveled up to 279 while the Freya Priests and Rosenheim soldiers have all gained many levels through quests and hunts around the Village of Exiles. However, Weed still finds this to not be enough for taking on the Plains of Despair's orcs and dark elves.
  7. During a break at the Teleport Gate cave, Weed spends some time trying to come up with a solution as to how he and his small army are going to fight the orcs and the dark elves backed by the Necromancers. He remembers the old saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".
  8. Using a 3 meter high stone, Weed sculpts a Monster Orc Sculpture that has an Artistic Value of just 1. The Monster Orc temporarily increases health and mana regeneration by 5%, movement speed by 15%, +20 Strength, +10 Agility, +60 Charisma, +50 Leadership, and can stop the crying of a child. The statue also adds -10 Intelligence, and -200 Charm.
  9. Weed gains some level experience in Sculpture Mastery, +46 Fame, +1 Fighting Spirit, +1 Endurance, +3 Charisma, and +5 Perserverance for completing the Monster Orc Sculpture.
  10. Weed uses his Sculptural Shapeshifting skill for the first time to turn into the Monster Orc that he just sculpted. As an orc, Weed can wear iron armor or heavy clothing, Strength and Agility are incrased, Intelligence and Wisdom drop to the lowest level, Art is cut in half, and Charisma increases significantly. Of Weed's currently equipped items, he's only able to use his current cape and sword until he finds items that an orc can wear.
  11. Orc Weed tries to speak, and notices that orc speech adds a "Chwiiik!" sound
  12. Orc Weed goes off on his own to climb up the Yuroki Mountains.

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