Volume 5, Chapter 4: "Grades"

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In real life, Hye Yeon checks the home mailbox, and finds that the results of Lee Hyun's GED exam have finally arrived. She checks the report, and is overjoyed to see that her brother was able to pass the test; meaning that Hyun has officially graduated high school. Hye Yeon also stops by the hospital to inform grandmother of the good news.

Meanwhile, Hyun spends his time exercising at Ahn Hyundo's dojang, celebrates passing the GED exam with its members, and invites his sister and her friends to watch them work out. On the way home, Hyun thinks about his sister's future knowing that she has the looks and smarts to establish her own life, and hopes that Hye Yeon will one day find herself a good husband.

At the Great Society Rehabilitation Center, Dr. Cha Eunhee continues to watch over Seoyoon playing Royal Road. Despite the patient showing some positive signs, Eunhee is left discouraged that Seoyoon continues to remain closed off to everyone around her, and only ever seems to be interested in hunting. Within Royal Road, Seoyoon decides to head east to begin hunting in the untouched Plains of Despair since more and more players have been appearing in Rosenheim Kingdom recently. 

On Weed's side, the construction of the Rosenheim crypt has become such a hot topic that people are willing to pay Weed some won in real life to have it showcased on tv shows or books. Following the huntress hunt, Weed and his workers finally complete the crypt, which is now known as the Tomb of King Theodarren. As a result, Weed's friendship with the Rosenheim Kingdom increases immensely after completing the B-Rank Quest. He takes advantage of this by asking King Theodarren for a new sword, and some soldiers to help with his B-Rank Quest to defeat Bar Khan Demoph's Necromancers in the Plains of Despair, which the king accepts, and sends Weed off to collect his rewards.

Arriving at the Serabourg training grounds, Weed uses his Rosenheim reputation points to purchase the Sword of Cold Loteu, 10 Royal Knights, and 404 soldiers that include captains Becker, Hosram, Buren, and Dale; the 4 former rookie soldiers that fought alongside Weed in the Lair of Litvart. With the 414 Rosenheim soldiers, Weed next arrives at Rosenheim's Order of Freya to pick up his 50 Priests. They then go through the order's Teleport Gate to get sent off to the Plains of Despair.

Back at King Theodarren's tomb, tens of thousands of players are seen visiting the crypt in order to receive the buff from the Sphinx statue. They also leave behind copper and silver donations due to Weed's engraved message asking people to "donate" to those in need.

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  1. Hye Yeon checks the home mailbox, and finds that the results of Lee Hyun's GED exam has arrived. He needs a 360 point total, and for all subjects to score 40 or higher. Lee Hyun scores 75 in Korean, 90 in Social Science, 65 in Math, 55 in Science, 65 in English, and 40 in Ethics, which all averages out to 65. At a total of 390 points, Lee Hyun has officially graduated high school.
  2. Hyun's grandmother is said to have improved her health, but is still required to be at the hospital.
  3. Hye Yeon aims to get accepted into Korea University. She desires to be an interior designer, and is studying to try to get a 4-year scholarship. She also plans to earn extra money on the side as a private tutor.
  4. Hye Yeon arrives at the hospital to inform grandmother that Lee Hyun has passed the GED exam to graduate high school. Grandmother hints at her death possibly approaching as she's glad that Hyun was able to graduate before she died.
  5. Hyun continues to go to Ahn Hyundo's dojang to exercise his body. The members celebrate with Hyun when they hear that he's received his high school diploma.
  6. Many dojang members have apparently not had good education from elementary to high school. Master Ahn Hyundo on the other hand has an honorary doctor's degree due to his kendo skills.
  7. Hyun asks if he can bring his sister along to watch him train at the dojang, which master Hyundo accepts. Hye Yeon's friends also arrive alongside her at the dojang.
  8. Back in the day, Hye Yeon was a scared and timid girl back when her and Hyun's parents died, and she has to grow tougher over the years.
  9. On the way home, Hyun thinks about his sisters future. He knows she's smart enough to get into Korea University, and has the looks to score a good husband one day. He also passes by the Great Society Rehabilitation Center, and remembers he had to take a test there once.
  10. At the Great Society Rehabilitation Center, Dr. Cha Eunhee had been watching videos of Seoyoon playing in Royal Road. Unfortunately, Eunhee remains disappointed that all Seoyoon appears to be doing is hunting and nothing else.
  11. Seoyoon and Cha Eunhee despite not being family are said to have a sister type relationship.
  12. Dr Eunhee believes that there's still hope since she saw video footage of the closed off Seoyoon interacting with instructor Docke Lancer the day Weed came to visit his house.
  13. Dr Eunhee remains confused as to why a statue with Seoyoon's face was made in Baran Village.
  14. Seoyoons been spending her time in Royal Road hunting Dark Gouls and Blood Ravens in the southern Rosenheim Kingdom. Due to the increase of players appearing in Rosenheim, she decides to head east to begin hunting in the Plains of Despair.
  15. King Theodarren's B-Rank Quest became a hot topic in the real world to the point of Weed being offered won to have the construction of the pyramid showed off on tv shows and such. Weed rejects the deals until eventually accepting 7,000,000 won from the Korean Ministry of Education, who wanted to involve the creation of the king's pyramid in their next textbooks.
  16. Weed had gained 7 levels, and leveled-up to level 266, hunting huntresses at the gorge.
  17. Weed and company finally finish the Tomb of King Theodarren.  The king is satisfied with the crypt, which completes Weed's B-Rank Quest. Weed receices 690 Fame, 2930 reputation points with the Rosenheim Kingdom, and 5 level-ups to reach level 271.
  18. King Theodarren offers Weed whatever reward he desires for completing the crypt. Weed thinks of choosing a sword to replace Agatha's Holy Sword, and also goes with Rosenheim soldiers to help complete his B-Rank Quest at the Plains of Despair.
  19. King Theodarren explains that he built a large wall to protect Rosenheim Kingdom's eastern border to protect it from the evil within the Plains of Despair. However, he agrees to let Weed have some soldiers as long they're treated with respect and aren't killed in vain. Theodarren also agrees to provide Weed with a new sword.
  20. Weed is brought to the Serabourg training grounds to spend his reputation points for Rosenheim soldiers. The choices amongst the soldiers to choose included Scarlet Knights, White Knights, and Royal Knights, which are the kings personal fighters. The Royal Knights are said to be at level 280.
  21. Some of the reputation system is explained. Rosenheim soldiers can be bought for 30-100. Reputation points for cheap weapons go for 2-3 points while more expensive weapons can go for 1500-2000 points.
  22. Weed uses his Rosenheim reputation points to purchase 10 Royal Knights, and names them 51, 53, 55, 56, 58, 59, 60, 98, 99, 100. He also uses points to purchase the Sword of Cold Loteu. Equipping the sword adds +50 Strength, +10 Agility, 20% increased Leadership, +30 Frost Damage, and hits Slow enemies. If one has the Mercenary class, having the sword equipped raises them up to Silver status.
  23. Starting at 2930 repuation points, Weed had used 689 to purchase the 10 Royal Knights and 1700 on the Sword of Cold Loteu to leave him with 541. Weed uses 538 of the remaining points to purchase 404 additional soldiers. 4 of which are Becker, Hosram, Buren and Dale, who've become army captains after starting off as rookies when Weed fought alongside them in the Lair of Litvart. In total, Weed purchased a sword and 414 soldiers.
  24. Weed learns from the training hall advisor that he can receive additional rewards from Rosenheim Kingdom if he returns many of the soldiers, and leveled them up, after completing the B-Rank Quest for the Plains of Despair.
  25. Weed spots Docke Lancer and Sir Midvale at the training hall. The former of which had been promoted to not training knights at the palace. However, Weed never had enough reputation points to hire either of them.
  26. Weed picks up his 50 Priests at Rosenheim's Order of Freya, and then uses their Teleport Gate to get sent off to the Plains of Despair east of Rosenheim Kingdom. The 50 Priests, and 414 Rosenheim soldiers, follow with him.
  27. It's said that 40,000 people a day stop by Rosenheim Kingdom to visit King Theodarren's tomb, mostly to receive the Sphinx's incredible buff to help them level-up. However players leave behind sculptures of animals, as well as leaving behind copper and silver coins since a sign asks people to leave behind donations to be given to those in need. The one in need is implied heavily to be Weed.

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