Volume 5, Chapter 3: "The Power of Alcohol"

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After being lost for weeks travelling around Rosenheim Kingdom, the Geomchis decide to make their way back to Serabourg after hearing that Weed is currently doing a quest there. The lower 500 practitioners decide to quickly join in upon seeing players working their butts off to get King Theodarren's crypt done for the B-Rank Quest.

During construction breaks, Pale, Surka, Romuna, and Irene use their free time to hunt and level-up using the Sphinx's Courage buff while Weed cooks meals for them and Maylon. Weed and company eventually decide to go out hunting together, and are met by master Geomchi, as well as Geomchi's 2, 3, 4 and 5, who wish to join them in order to see Weed in action for the first time in the game. Weed accepts, which Pale suggests that they should hunt at a Rosenheim gorge that is filled with powerful amazon huntresses.

Weed's party consisting of himself, Pale's group, Maylon, and Geomchis 1-5 arrive at the gorge of the huntresses. Before beginning the hunt, Weed takes the next moments using his skills to prepare the party for battle, which amazes Maylon since this is her first time seeing all of Weed's craft skills in action. Weed also provides the Geomchis alcohol he brewed, but they end up drinking too much, and pushes the alcohol upon the rest of the group; resulting in everyone but Weed ending up with the Drunk Debuff that keeps them wiped out for the time being. The huntresses finally decide to attack while everyone other than Weed is in a drunk state. 

Weed calls upon Van Hawk to help defend, and as it turns out, Van Hawk has remembered who he once was as a Knight of Kallamore Kingdom rather than just being Bar Khan Demoph's shackled Death Knight minion. As a result of fighting alongside Weed for quite some time now, the Summon Van Hawk item skill becomes a true skill for Weed to use rather than having it restricted to needing the Necklace of the Death Knight equipped. Weed and Van Hawk take on the huntresses by themselves fighting intensely to the point of the two of them running out of mana. As a result, Weed is forced to use last-second makeshift tactics, such as throwing spices at the enemy, just to keep staying alive. 

Meanwhile, the 5 Geomchis, Pale's group, and Maylon, are able to watch the fight unfold since their drunkenness has started to wear off. As it turned out, master Geomchi had planned with the other 4 instructor Geomchis to intentionally get everyone drunk so that they could witness Weed fight at the best of his capabilities, and confirm that Weed is indeed a monster with a lot of potential to grow. Afterwards, they all join in to fight alongside Weed against the huntresses.

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  1. The Geomchis have been lost for a month travelling around Rosenheim to the point that they feel they should change their names to "The Lost". They decide to make their way back to Serabourg after hearing that Weed is doing a quest there. It took them another few weeks to find their way back, and Geomchis 6-505 quickly decide to join in upon seeing Weed's working players.
  2. Weed makes a Kimchi Pancake meal with Lemonade for Pale, Surka, Romuna, Irene, and Maylon. It's said that Maylon ate as much as 10 servings.
  3. Taking advantage of the lion Sphinx buff, Pale, Surka, Romuna, and Irene hunt the nearby goblins. Pale, Surka, and Romuna are said to have reached level 232 while Irene is at level 225. Pale adds that his nose bleed 5 times while Surka's bleed 7 times.
  4. Weed remembers back to a time when Lee Hyun spent a year working in a dusty room sewing doll's eyes and dying clothes. Due to the rough workplace, Weed ended up having to receive expensive treatment at the hospital, and came to realize that from then on, he needs to keep his body healthy.
  5. Geomchis 1-5 meet Weed's group, and desire to go hunting with the latter's party, which Weed accepts. The 500 Geomchi practitioners are said to be around level 180 while the master and 4 instructors are said to be over level 200.
  6. Weed forms a large hunting party consisting of himself, Pale, Surka, Romuna, Irene, Maylon, and Geomchi 1 through 5. 
  7. Weed's party rents out horses to head for a Rosenheim gorge said to be the home of level 280 huntress monsters. Huntresses are basically Amazon warriors that fight with swords, spears and whips. The huntresses also gather in groups of 2 or 3, and don't attack their enemies until they enter the heart of the gorge.
  8. Weed uses his sword grind, armor polish, and ironing skills to prepare the party for battle against the huntresses. Maylon is surprised by this since this is her first time seeing all of Weed's craft skills in action.
  9. Maylon's weapon is known as the Two-Handed Bow of High Elf Venus, which Weed believes could go for 10,000,000 won in real-life. Equipping the bow adds +15 Strength stat, +20 Agility stat, +60 Accuracy, Quick Shot does 25% more damage, hitting an enemy burns 3 of their mana. and hitting an enemy slows them 100%. Weed using his skills to prepare the bow for combat adds another +10 Strength, +15 Agility, +9 attack, +16 Accuracy, firing range is increased by 5, and skills using the bow are increased 10%.
  10. Weed realizes that Maylon's tunic is one of the rare Soverign Prismatic Cloth items that he sold at Mapan's auction. Weed using Ironing on it is said to have increased its defense, health recovery and cold resistance.
  11. Weed cooks a steak meal for the party. It's said that this is the Geomchi's first real meal apart from constantly eating starter Barley Bread.
  12. Knowing that the Geomchis don't want just water, Weed pulls out bottles of alcohol that he had been brewing through experiments using different herb mixtures. The Geomchis, as well as Pale's group and Maylon, go about drinking the alcohol as if they're in a picnic. Drinking Weed's alcohol increases their Strength stat and max health temporarily. 
  13. Master Geomchi wants to try more of Weed's alcohol, which results in the latter pulled out Snake Wine, which is said to temporarily raise the Endurance stat. Buying the bottles is said to have cost 1 silver each while the snake for the drink was caught by Weed during hunts.
  14. It's said that Weed had made 70,000 gold over the past few weeks. He made about 10,000 gold from the workers who wanted to join the quest and hunting during the downtime while saving 60,000 gold from the 100,000 that was provided for the royal crypt quest.
  15. The top 5 Geomchis all end up getting drunk after continuously drinking Weed's alcohol. Eventually, they force Pale's group and Maylon to drink as well, which results in the whole party except for Weed ending up getting drunk, and receive the Drunk Debuff.
  16. The Drunk Debuff temporarily reduces health by 70%, Strength and Agility stats are halved, players can't use skills that require Wisdom, Intelligence or mana, and players will experience dizziness and hallucinations until the debuff wears off.
  17. The huntresses decide to attack while everyone but Weed is drunk. As a result, Weed summons Van Hawk to help fight.
  18. Van Hawk is no longer shackled to Bar Khan Demoph after fighting alongside Weed. As a result, Van Hawk remembers his past as a knight of the Kallamore Kingdom, and Weed can now summon him without having to use the Necklace of the Death Knight. Basically, summoning Van Hawk has become a true skill for Weed instead of being restricted to an equipped item skill.
  19. Weed and Van Hawk face off against numerous huntresses. Van Hawk is tasked to deal with one huntress at a time while Weed faced off against the rest. Weed would then hide behind Van Hawk to apply First Aid bandages whenever Weed's health dropped below 100. Once Weed and Van Hawk's mana had run out, Weed resorted to using his cooking spices, such as Salt, Soy Sauce, Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Pickled Garlic and Garlic Juice to give emergency treatment to his wounds, and as last resort attacks on the enemy huntresses.
  20. The drunkenness wears off a tad from the rest of Weed's party as the top 5 Geomchis, Pale's group, and Maylon watch in amazement at the sight of Weed's battle against the huntresses. The Geomchis confirm that Weed is a monster fighter using the skills from the dojang while Pale's group remain envious that Weed can fight so exceptionally. Maylon is left even more amazed since she's seeing Weed perform skills that she, as a reporter, has never seen before.
  21. It's revealed that the 5 Geomchis got themselves intentionally drunk just to witness the best of Weed's fighting skills when he's put in the most intense situation possible. Master Geomchi is satisfied by the result.
  22. The 5 Geomchis, Pale's group, and Maylon finally join the fight against the huntresses to support Weed.

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