The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Wiki

Volume 5, Chapter 2: "The Pyramid and the Dignity of the King"

Short Summary[]

In Rosenheim Kingdom, players continue to transport quarry stones to the royal crypt's construction site. Weed also goes about cooking Grass Porridge meals to keep his working players satisfied and in good spirit.

Meanwhile on Royal Road's website, a video is posted showing off footage of Weed's B-Rank Quest. People watching it remain shocked to see that it looks like some sort of concentration camp, and go about questioning if being a sculptor is really worth going through this.

Eventually, Weed's workers finish up transporting the stones. With the help of Rosenheim's guilds, including the Ica Guild that killed all the Geomchis previously, they begin stacking up the stones to form a pyramid. Afterwards, Weed begins to sculpt the crypt's interior area to look like a real-life Korean home while adding a room for King Theodarren's coffin, and using thousands of gold to decorate the place with many expensive art pieces. Feeling that the tomb is still lacking something, a massive rock is brought to the construction site, which Weed starts to sculpt.

After several days of sculpting the rock outside the pyramid, Weed completes the Statue of the Sphinx, which is basically a huge lion with the face of King Theodarren. Completing the Sphinx statue further increases Weed's stats, Sculpture Mastery, and pushes his Handicraft skill up to the Advanced stage. Achieving the latter also provides Weed a new Mind Hand skill that will allow Weed to summon a third hand to support the user with certain tasks. The players who've been helping Weed construct the crypt are left amazed by the statue's incredible Sphinx's Courage buff, and start to realize that the sculptor class isn't a complete joke.

Meanwhile, Pale and Maylon have fallen in love at first sight, which causes the former to introduce his new girlfriend to Surka, Romuna and Irene. While befriending one another, Maylon reveals to them that she's KMC Media's real life spokesperson, Shin Hye Min.

Back to Weed, he's approached by many guild recruiters since they've come to realize the value of having a sculptor. However, he turns every offer down, and returns to working on the crypt pyramid.


  • Real Life
  • Royal Road
    • Weed (Gains the "Artisan With Exceptional Dexterity" title after completing the Sphinx sculpture, and achieving the Advanced stage in the Handicraft skill)
    • Lemon (player helping construct the crypt)
    • Geomchi
    • 4-Man Party
    • Mapan (mentioned)
    • King Theodarren (mentioned)
    • Maylon


  • B-Rank Quest: "King Theodarren's Tomb"  (Weed continues to construct the royal crypt)
  • B-Rank Quest: "Help Sculptor Weed Build a Prominent Tomb" (players continue to help Weed build the crypt)


  • Crypt Stones
  • Grass Porridge (cooked by Weed)
  • Hammer and Chisel (Weed's sculpting tools)
  • Huge Natural Rock (Used by Weed to sculpt the Statue of the Sphinx)
  • Zahab's Engraving Knife
  • Statue of the Sphinx (sculpted by Weed)

Stats and Skills[]


  1. Weed cooks Grass Porridge to his crypt workers for free. Vitality is increased by 35, satiety is relieved, and thirst is quenched.
  2. A player named Lemon is seen amongst the workers accepting the Grass Porridge.
  3. Weed's Cooking skill is said to have reached Intermediate: level 4.
  4. Weed spends 100 gold a day making meals for his construction workers. Up to this point, Weed has spent 700 gold of the 100,000 that was provided to him for Theodarren's B-Rank Quest.
  5. A video is posted on the Royal Road website showing off Weed's B-Rank Quest to construct King Theodarren's quest. To many people watching the video, they watch in horror at what looks like a concentration camp, and start to question the sculptor class.
  6. Weed's workers finish carrying the quarry stones to the construction site. They begin putting the stones in position.
  7. Some facts about Royal Road guilds is explained. They can save money, claim markets, and raise even more money to increase what their guild owns. They can also establish commercial taxes, invest in various technologies, and purchase goods at a bargain price. Guilds also benefit when they control mines since they will have enough people to clear out the cave's enemy monsters to mine the mineral and gold deposits.
  8. Several Rosenheim guilds help make the next construction task easier by putting the crypt's stones in place at the site. Amongst the guilds is the Ica Guild that killed all the Geomchis at a previous time. Weed contacts Geomchi to ask if he's ok with the Ica Guild helping with the quest, which Geomchi replies that he's ok with it since giving people work if they desire it is the more noble thing to do.
  9. Everyone realizes that the crypt structure Weed is aiming for is a pyramid. However, Weed decides to make part of the interior of the crypt look like a real-life 3-room, 2 bathroom, Korean flat. He also adds a living room, two rooms for artwork, and a room for the king's coffin.
  10. From his 100,000 quest gold, Weed spent 1,600 gold on the Grass Porridge during the stone transporting, and 49,700 gold on art works to decorate the interior of the pyramid crypt.
  11. Feeling like the crypt is still missing something, Weed has a giant rock brought to the construction site, and begins to sculpt it outside the pyramid. He decides to use several days to sculpt a powerful-looking lion with the face of King Theodarren.
  12. A bit of King Theodarren's history is explained. He had trained up a large Rosenheim army that was able to win against their old enemy, the Brent Kingdom, which became the foundation to Rosenheim's future peace and prosperity.
  13. Using the story details told to him when King Theodarren talked for hours in the throne room, Weed succeeds in sculpting the Statue of the Sphinx out of the massive rock at an Artistic Value of 4,700. The Sphinx provides what is known as the Sphinx's Courage buff, which temporarily increases health and mana regeneration by 30%, movement speed by 15%, magic resistance by 20%, max health by 15%, stamina by 20%, and +16 to all stats.
  14. The Sphinx has the Lion's Roar, which drops the morale of enemies near the statue, as well as decrease the strength of their abilities, and increases the Fighting Spirit of nearby players.
  15. For completing the Sphinx sculpture, Weed reaches Intermediate: level 9 in Sculpture Mastery and Handicraft passes Intermediate: level 10 to reach the Advanced stage. He receives a bonus when using craft tools, and weapon damage is increased. He also gains 630 Fame, +16 Art stat, +12 Endurance stat, +6 Vitality stat, and +1 to all stats. The Sphinx has also been added to Royal Road's Wonders of the East list.
  16. Weed gains the "Artisan With Exceptional Dexterity" title for reaching the Advanced stage in Handicraft. Not only is this is first title, Weed is said to be the first ever player to reach the Handicraft Advanced stage.
  17. Weed obtains the Mind Hand skill after reaching the Advanced stage in Handicraft, and having a high level of dexterity. At the cost of 2 mana-per-second, Weed can now summon a "third hand" that can manipulate objects, and perform basic attacks on enemies. The first thing Weed realizes is that he now had a 3rd hand that can support his craft skills.
  18. The workers are left amazed by the buffs provided by Weed's Sphinx sculpture, and realize that the sculptor class isn't as useless as they originally thought. The guilds even start to think about trying to recruit Weed.
  19. Pale introduces Maylon to the group, and have already fallen in love at first sight. It's said that Pale originally had a crush on Romuna since they were childhood friends.
  20. Maylon reveals to the group that she's KMC Media's spokesperson, Shin Hye Min. She also wishes to interview Weed about the construction of the pyramid.
  21. Guild representatives attempt to recruit Weed since they want exclusive rights to his sculptures. However, Weed rejects every offer.
  22. Weed returns to sculpting the pyramid crypt. The workers had to make a dirt ramp to carry the remaining stones to the top.