Volume 4, Chapter 7: "Dungeon Hunting"

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In real life, Lee Hyun is seen at home watching a KMC Media broadcast on his television where the two spokesmen, Oh Joo Wan and Shin Hye Min, discuss recent events within Royal Road. The two chat about the highest-level player known as Bard Ray, and how the Hermes Guild that said player is part of has already taken over the Haven Kingdom. In addition, the guild is now set to declare war on the Versailles Continent kingdoms that neighbor Haven.

The two spokesmen next discuss about an upcoming player that has reached the Intermediate stage in tailoring, cooking, and blacksmithing, which Hyun realizes they're talking about him when the broadcast shows off footage of the Sovereign Prismatic Cloth auction being conducted by Mapan. KMC Media then moves on to showing off Britten Alliance footage of the recent siege battle that went down at Fort Odin. At this point, Hyun decides to return to Royal Road.

Logging in at the entrance of Fort Odin, Weed purchases some supplies from a shop before heading out to hunt at a nearby cave known as the Basra Dungeon. Within said dungeon, a player named Sollon is seen leading a party comprised mostly of wizards against the cave's monsters. The party also happens to have a couple newcomers in Hwaryeong and Zephyr. Given how Hwaryeong's a beautiful Dancer player, Sollon attempts to hit on her in any way he can. In return, Hwaryeong pretends to play along with Sollon's advances while remaining worried that being in his party is going to cause her skills to fall behind compared to her level.

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  1. Lee Hyun watches a KMC Media broadcast on his television where the two spokesmen, Oh Joo wan and Hye Min, discuss Royal Road.
  2. The player, Bard Ray, is the first to reach level 370. He's also known as the Black Knight.
  3. Bard Ray is from the Hermes Guild, which conquered the Kingdom of Haven from the  previous ruler, Iluina. The kingdom has declared war on other neighboring kingdoms of the Versailles Continent.
  4. It's said that at this point in time, over 100 million people are currently playing Royal Road. It is believed that the game will remain extremely popular for the next 10 years.
  5. Oh Joo Wan and Hye Min discuss an unnamed player that managed to reach Intermediate in Tailoring, Cooking, and Blacksmithing, but Lee Hyun fails to realize that they're talking about him. Lee Hyun realizes they're talking about him when the broadcast shows off the Sovereign Prismatic Cloth auction he performed with Mapan in the Britten Alliance.
  6. One of the items Weed tailored using Sovereign Prismatic Cloth is seen in the KMC Media droadcast. Equipping the Rare Tunic reduces damage from arrows by 85%, the tunic is not affected by Fire, Lighting Spells against it have a 20% chance to fail, Blunt Weapons can't score a critical hit against it, adds +100 Fame, adds +10 Art and Agility stats.
  7. Joo Wan happens to also be a Royal Road player, and claims that he wishes to interview the player who made the Sovereign Prismatic Cloth items, but missed his chance due to the player disappearing afterwards.
  8. Joo Wan and Hye Min discuss and show off footage of Balkans Guild assault on Fort Odin, which was held off by the defending Prosperity Guild that Weed was a part of as a mercenary. It's said that prices have increased 70% at the fort due to the required military operations and defensive repairs.
  9. Weed logs back into Royal Road, and appears at the entrance of Fort Odin where he logged off following the attempted siege by the Balkans Guild.
  10. Weed is said to now be level 230 having gained a couple levels from killing players during the Fort Odin siege.
  11. Weed purchases supplies, such as seasonings, herbs, whetstone and bandages, from a shopkeeper in Fort Odin. Some of these items include a Red Herb Zareta, which helps heal wounds, and a Blue Cylon Herb, which is an ingredient for food that increases the rate of mana regeneration. These are sold for 2 silver and 4 silver a piece respectively. Weed buys 200 of both herbs.
  12. Weed departs from Fort Odin, and heads over to a nearby cave known as the Basra Dungeon to begin the hunt.
  13. A party led by a player named Sollon is seen fighting their way through the Basra Dungeon. The party contains many wizards, two players named Batu and Davron, as well as Hwaryeong and Zephyr that Weed met at previous times. One battle gave Sollon's group 3.5% level experience, which shows that Fort Odhein has become popular due to how much experience the Basra Dungeon provides.
  14. Zephyr fights with a fishing pole.
  15. Sollon attempts to hit on Hwaryeong, and claims that he's a member of the Mavros Guild. He even attempts to provide her with all item drops, such as a Silver Armor, to try to impress her.
  16. Hwaryeong and Mapan no longer travel together since the former was the latter's bodyguard. However, Mapan had reached a level where he's now fine to travel on his own.
  17. Hwaryeong begins to question if being in Sollon's group will truly help level her skills up when all she appears to be doing is leveling her character up.

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