Volume 4, Chapter 6: "Siege of Odin Castle"

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Having finished his sculpting work with Darone, Weed departs from Rega itching to get back to fighting.

Meanwhile somewhere in Rosenheim, the Geomchis continue to go about hunting monsters. The students remain worried that Weed's skills will dull knowing that he spent weeks sculpting with Darone, but master Geomchi assures them that predators like Weed never forget how to hunt.

The setting switches over to Fort Odin along the borders of the Britten Alliance and the Aidern Kingdom to the south. Now under the control of the Prosperity Guild, the Balkin Guild attacks the fort with a massive army to reclaim what was originally theirs. Weed is seen supporting the defense of the fort as a mercenary wearing a mask disguise, and goes about killing many invading Balkin Guild soldiers to get back into the fighting grove while looting the items dropped from those he kills.

Returning to the Geomchis, they begin exploring the southern mountain areas of Rosenheim, and are spotted by Gran, Halman, Margaux, and Levi of the Dwichigi Quartlet. The four player killers agree to attack the Geomchis, but are shocked to discover that their opponents are really skilled at sword combat; resulting in all 4 members of the Dwichigi Quartlet dying. After logging back into Royal Road once their death penalty wore off, the Dwichigi Quartlet desire to get revenge against the Geomchis, and return to attack them with 300 members from the Ica Guild that the 4 player killers joined recently. The Geomchis are unable to deal with the massive army led by the Dwichigi Quartlet, and are all eventually killed.

In real life, Ahn Hyundo, the four instructors, and the 500 practitioners, regroup at the dojang following their slaughter to the Dwichigi Quartlet. Despite their loss, Hyundo's interest in the game strengthens since he now feels like a real soldier that should take on Royal Road with all his heart, which the rest of the dojang members agree. The result is Hyundo writing down a revenge kill-list containing the Dwichigi Quartlet and the Ica Guild.

Back in Royal Road, the victorious Dwichigi Quartlet and Ica Guild members are left stunned in disbelief that the only loot dropped from the Geomchis are Black Swords and starter Barley Bread.

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  1. Weed departs from Rega now that his work with Darone is complete.
  2. Pale, Surka, Romuna and Irene are said to have all passed level 190. Mapan reached level 160 and Hwaryeong reached level 210.
  3. The Geomchis talk about Weed possibly losing his edge due to the amount of time he spent sculpting with Darone.
  4. The setting switches to Fort Odin, which is situated between the Britten Alliance and the southern Aidern kingdom zones. The fort had been conquered by the Oasis, Prosperity and Wings of May Guilds from the Balkin Guild. However, the Prosperity Guild betrays their two allies, and takes the fort for themselves. Currently, the Balkin Guild prepares to attack the fort to regain what was originally theirs from the lone Prosperity Guild.
  5. Commanded by General Brine, the Prosperity Guild defends the fort with 3000 players, and many NPC mercenaries that were promised gold should they win. 10 for participating, 5 per kill, and 20 for staying alive.
  6. Prosperity Guild's defense of Fort Odin consisted of four corps. 1st army defends the walls, 2nd army defended the gate, 3rd army is the ranged mage and archer group, and 4th army are the fresh recruits tasked to carry supplies.
  7. A mercenary group known as the Iron Cross Knights led by a soldier named Theodore helped defend Fort Odin for the Prosperity Guild.
  8. Weed is revealed to be among the mercenaries helping defend Fort Odin from the Balkans Guild forces. Wearing a mask to hide his identity, Weed goes about killing 42 Balkin Guild soldiers, and loots all the items from them.
  9. The battle of Fort Odin lasts a whole day and gets televised. The masked Weed is the primary discussion, but viewers end up believing that there's actually 42 masked soldiers killing the members of the Balkin Guild rather than there being just one masked man. The Balkin Guild fails to reclaim the fort.
  10. The Geomchis are said to have passed level 170.
  11. Exploring the southern mountain regions of Rosenheim, the Geomchis are spotted by the Dwichigi Quartlet's Gran, Halmat, Margaux, and Levi. The 4 agree to attack the Geomchis. In return, the Geomchis believe the Dwichigi Quartlet to be new types of monsters, and accept the challenge. The Dwichigi Quartlet all end up dying to the Geomchis.
  12. The Dwichigi Quartlet are revealed to have joined Rosenheim's Ica Guild. After relogging into Royal Road once their death penalty wore off, they decide to rally 300 members from the guild to get revenge on the Geomchis. The surprise attack from the Dwichigi Quartlet's army kills about 240 of the Geomchis before the sword users retreat to try to regroup. The Geomchis choose to all fight down to the last man, which results in the deaths of all 505 Geomchis. Geomchis 1-5 are the last to live until their killed off. The master Geomchi is the last one, and ends up dying to Gran. 
  13. The names of the remaining dojang instructors after Chung Il Hoon are revealed to be Choe Jong Beom, Ma Sang Beom, Roi Lee. These are Geomchi 3, Geomchi 4, and Geomchi 5 respectively.
  14. Ahn Hyundo hasn't lost a fight for 30 years until his game death to Gran.
  15. Having returned to the dojang in real life, the 505 members that died become more interested in Royal Road feeling like soldiers that should take on the game with all their heart. Ready for revenge, Hyundo writes a kill-list on a blackboard containing the names of Gran, Halman, Margaux, Levi, and the Ica Guild.
  16. The Dwichigi Quartlet and Ica Guild are left stunned in disbelief that the only loot off the Geomchis they just killed are Black Swords and lots of Barley Bread.

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