The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Wiki

Volume 4, Chapter 5: "Shapeshifter Sculpture"

Short Summary[]

Arriving in Rega, Weed comes across the house of Darone the Master Sculptor. He enters the building, and waits patiently while watching Darone, who's in the middle of sculpting a statue of a woman. Darone is suffering from some sort of illness since he's coughing up blood, and he notices Weed seeking him out. In order for Weed to prove that he can learn the master sculptor's skill, Weed is offered a Class Quest from Darone to go out and understand the souls of five living creatures, which Weed accepts.

On the outskirts of Kroin, Weed goes around for days imitating the movements of a rabbit, a deer, a goblin, and a fox. The last of which was witnessed by Mapan and Hwaryeong, who pretend to ignore knowing Weed given how embarrassing the sight of a person moving like an animal is. Weed finishes up the task after imitating a horse, and even gains a new faster movement skill in Quadruple Run since he spent a long time running around on all 4 limbs.

Returning to Darone, the Master Sculptor informs Weed that he will pass the test after sculpting the 5 creatures he imitated. Due to having a better understanding of the creature's souls, Weed ends up sculpting 5 figurines that are much more expressive, and lively detailed, which results in a combined sculpture known as the Five Figurines of Animals. Seeing the sculpture, Darone confirms that Weed has passed the test, which completes the Class Quest. However, the work for Darone isn't done yet. Darone offers Weed a second Class Quest to help the Master Sculptor complete an order of 300 sculptures within a week long time limit, which Weed accepts. 

Throughout the week, Weed improves his sculpture and handicraft skills making hundreds of sculptures while befriending Darone even further. The Master Sculptor even reveals that the middle-aged woman he's been sculpting is actually the love of his life that is no longer of this world. Eventually, Weed gets all the sculptures done within the time limit, which completes the Class Quest, and rewards him with two new skills. The first skill is Sculptural Shapeshifting, which is Darone's secret skill that will allow Weed to transform into the form of a sculpture created by the user. The second skill is Sculptural Comprehension, a passive skill that will allow Weed to create higher quality works the better he understands the object being sculpted, as well as transform into higher-tier creatures when the passive skill reaches higher stages.

At this point, Darone has finished sculpting the Middle-Aged Woman, and finally passes on to the afterlife after leaving Weed a bit of wisdom that it's the person, not the class, that becomes a legend. At the spot of Darone's death is a small Wooden Statue that Weed picks up, and has now collected alongside Geihar's. Weed uses the next moments to sculpt a statue of Darone to have placed alongside the latter's final Middle-Aged Woman sculpture. Completing the Sculpture of Darone, Weed is rewarded with several of his stats and skills going up.



  • Class Quest: "Understanding a Sculpture" (Weed accepts and completes)
  • Class Quest: "Darone's Orders" (Weed accepts and completes)


  • Ice Dragon (mentioned)
  • Zahab's Engraving Knife
  • Five Figurines of Animals (sculpted by Weed)
  • 300 Ordered Sculptures (quest objective)
  • Middle-Aged Woman (sculpted by Darone)
  • Darone's Wooden Statue (Weed now has two alongside Geihar's)
  • Sculpture of Darone (sculpted by Weed)

Stats and Skills[]


  1. Weed arrives at the Rega home of Master Sculptor Darone, and watches the master sculpt a statue of a middle-aged woman.
  2. Darone has some sort of illness since he's coughing up blood.
  3. Darone offers Weed a Class Quest to better understand Sculpture Mastery by having the latter copy the movements of 5 creatures to better understand their souls, which Weed accepts.
  4. The 5 creatures Weed chooses to master their movements is a rabbit, a deer, a goblin, a fox and a horse.
  5. It's stated that Weed has over 800 Art Stat, and 505 Agility Stat.
  6. The 1st animal movement Weed copies is a rabbit. It took over 5 days for Weed to master the movements of a rabbit. The 2nd animal movement Weed copies is a deer where he realizes that he needs to move on 4 legs to better understand some animals. The 3rd animal movement Weed copies is a goblin, which went unseen. The 4th animal movement Weed copies is a fox, which was witnessed by Mapan, Hwaryeong, and other nearby people. The 5th animal movement Weed copies is a horse, which took him over 4 days to complete.
  7. Due to continuously moving around on 4 legs while copying movements, Weed ends up acquiring the Quadruple Run skill. While using, movement speed is +60% faster while draining 30% Stamina, as well as some health and mana. In addition, Speed is increased an additional 20% with the wind, and 80% on some specific terrains. Obtaining the skill also provides +5 Viality, +5 Resistance, and +5 Agility Stats.
  8. Weed returns to Darone since the movement task is complete. In return, Darone asks for Weed to sculpt the 5 creatures he just imitated to pass the test.
  9. Having a better understand of Sculpture Mastery, Weed ends up sculpting a rabbit, a deer, a goblin, a fox, and a horse that all show more expression, detail, and dynamics. The result is Weed creating a noteworthy sculpture known as the Five Figurines of Animals at 460 Artistic Value. Weed also gains a slight percentage increase for creating the sculpture.
  10. The temporary buffs provided by the Five Figurines of Animals is 6% increased health and mana regeneration, 15% Fire-magic Resistance, ability to Detect low-level traps, +25 Leadership, +10 Intelligence, and 10% increased movement speed.
  11. Darone is satisfied with the Five Figurines of Animals, which completes Weed's Class Quest. However, Darone offers Weed a second Class Quest to help the Master Sculpture for a week since he has to complete a 300 sculpture order before time runs out. Weed accepts since said quest will help him better understand living sculptures, and is another step to learning the Master Sculptures secret sculpting skill.
  12. Weed finishes all 300 sculptures within the Weed to complete the Class Quest. He's rewarded with two new skills in Sculptural Shapeshifting and Sculptural Comprehension. The former of which is Darone's secret sculpting skill.
  13. Sculptural Shapeshifting allows the user to transform into the form of a sculpture the user sculpted. It costs 2000 mana, and 500 or more Art Stat, to use. However, taking on the form of larger creatures will require immense points in Strength and health.
  14. Sculptural Comprehension is a passive skill that helps the user develop higher quality works the better they understand the object being sculpted. Starting comprehension adds 10% to the effect of the transformation, but they can only transform earthbound creatures. Intermediate comprehension adds 20% to the effect of transformation, and allows the user to now transform into flying creatures. Advanced comprehension adds 30% to the effect of the transformation, and allows the user to now transform into colossal sized creatures.
  15. Darone finally finishes his sculpture of the middle-aged woman he once loved.
  16. Darone leaves a last bit of sculpting wisdom to Weed that it's the person who brings glory to the profession, and not the other way around.
  17. Due to Darone's illness, he dies in a flash of light moments after his last words of wisdom. His last word is "Sarah," which implies that it's the name of the middle-aged woman he sculpted.
  18. Weed obtains the second Wooden Statue after Darone's death, which is similar to Geihar's Wooden Statue that he received from Rodriguez.
  19. Following Darone's death, Weed sculpts the Sculpture of Darone, which has an Artistic Value of 2,300. The sculpture provides temporary buffs in the form of +50% health regeneration, 40% Magic Resistance, +45% Vitality, +10 to all Stats, and has a peace aura effect anywhere that the statue can be seen from.
  20. By completing the Sculpture of Darone, Weed's Sculpture Mastery skill reaches Intermediate: level 8, the Handicraft skill reaches Intermediate: level 9, and Sculptural Comprehension reaches level 4. Weed also gains 1,350 Fame, +79 Art, +3 Endurance, +3 Vitality, +5 Leadership, and +1 to all Stats.