Volume 4, Chapter 4: "Engraving Master Darone"

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For the past week in the Britten Alliance, Weed's been spending his time fishing along the Bensa River trying to level up the skill while using the downtime trying to think of ways to increase his Sculpture Mastery. Weed decides that his best option is to sculpt something that will attract the fish to one spot to make fishing easier, which causes him to call up Mapan to bring a giant rock to the river. Weed also realizes that he needs to understand fishing better, which causes him to join a fishing club who've set up camp along the river. He's taught the basics of how to fish from its members, and Weed's fishing noticeably improves. Moments after, Mapan arrives at the river with the large boulder.

Using said boulder, Weed figures out what to sculpt after remembering the tale of "The Little Mermaid." He succeeds in sculpting the Sea Nymph, but the statue ends up providing an effect that keeps the nearby river from flooding for 10 years. The members of the fishing club, who are all single, get angry at Weed since they enjoyed watching the floods wash away the loving couples who stop by to see the river's scenery. This forces Weed to fix the problem by using Sculptural Destruction for the first time on the sculpture he just made.

Meanwhile in Rosenheim Kingdom, the 505 Geomchis have all regrouped after their failed attack on a dragon. They come across a little boy in the woods, who offers the Geomchis a Quest to save the child's parents from an evil giant. Claiming that it's their duty to help those in need, Geomchi accepts the boy's Quest followed by all of his students. The Geomchis easily track down the giant living at a cave, and swarm the creature until its killed. Completing the Quest, they're rewarded Black Swords from the rescued villagers for their efforts. They then move on to find their next goal.

Returning to Bensa River, several days have passed, and Weed manages to grind up his Fishing skill while fishing alongside a more experienced Fisherman class player named Zephyr. Weed eventually manages to fish up a Large Carp, which finally pushes his Fishing skill to the Intermediate stage; gaining many new Stat bonuses in the process. Saying his goodbye to Zephyr, Weed departs from the river to travel to Kroin; a capital city in the Britten Alliance.

In Kroin, Weed stops by the sculpting shop to sell off some figurines he sculpted recently for hundreds of gold. Seeing how dedicated Weed is to being a sculptor, the shopkeeper hints at a new Quest asking if Weed knows about Darone, a Master Sculptor that lives within Kroin's town of Rega.

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  • (The Geomchis accept an Unnamed Quest to save some kidnapped villagers from a Giant)
  • (Weed is provided a hint from a shopkeeper to seek out Master Sculptor Darone in Kroin's town of Rega)

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  1. Bensa River is a location in the Britten Alliance where love couples stop by to view the scenery.
  2. Weed has spent a week at the Bensa River trying to fish to level-up his Fishing skill. He's only managed so far to get it to level 3.
  3. Mapan's work at Weed's Sovereign Prismatic Cloth auction leveled him up, and increased his trust in Weed as a partner.
  4. Weed asks for Mapan to bring him a giant stone so that he can sculpt a statue by the Bensa River.
  5. Weed joins a Fishing Club at Bensa River where he's given the basics from the members on how to properly fish.
  6. After Mapan arrives at the river with the giant rock, Weed decides to sculpt a mermaid after remember the tale of "The Little Mermaid."
  7. Weed sculpts the Sea Nymph Sculpture, which has 450 Artistic Value. It provides an effect where the nearby Bensa River will not flood for 10 years. The Fishing Club gets angry at Weed for making the Sea Nymph Sculpture since they enjoyed watching the Bensa River floods wash away the loving couples since they're all single.
  8. Weed uses Sculptural Destruction for the first time on the Sea Nymph Sculpture. For a one hour duration, Weed's 1800 Art points are converted to the Dexterity Stat. He also gains 0.2% of a level in Sculpture Mastery since destroying a sculpture is still technically sculpting. Weed also loses 1 Art stat and 20 Fame for destroying a sculpture.
  9. The Geomchis are revealed to have all died to the dragon that they attacked earlier.
  10. The Geomchis accept a Quest offered by a little boy to save his parents from an evil giant that's 3 meters tall. They manage to track down the giant living in a cave.
  11. The Geomchis easily swarm the giant to kill it, and save the boy's parents. They're awarded 26 Familiarity points with the family, better relations with the Village of Ulkyn, they level-up twice, and are each rewarded a Black Sword.
  12. Weed's continued fishing for several days after being taught by the Fishing Club helps him reach level 9 in the Fishing skill. He's also just 2.4% from reaching the Intermediate stage.
  13. Weed meets Zephyr, a fellow fisherman player that was said to be the strongest fisher amongst the people at Bensa River.
  14. Weed fishes up a Large Carp, a giant 45 centimeter fish, that pushes his Fishing skill to the Intermediate stage. Gaining Intermediate Fishing allows for Weed to use rods as weapons. He also gains +25 Water Affinity, +2000 Life, increased effects when Cooking fish, the ability to catch Specialty Fish, +50% fish bait effects, +3 to all Stats, +50 Fame, +30 Endurance, +30 Intelligence, and +30 Wisdom.
  15. Weed departs from Bensa River to travel to Kroin, the capital of the Britten Alliance, to sell sculpture figurines he made while fishing.
  16. At the Kroin sculpture store, Weed sells figurines of vampires, wolves, the Crown of Fargo, and many other things that he came across recently. Using food and flattery to build up a bond with the shopkeeper, Weed manages to sell his sculpture figurines for 245 gold.
  17. The shopkeeper informs Weed of Master Sculptor Darone, who lives in the nearby town of Rega.

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