Volume 4, Chapter 3: "Prismatic Clothing Auctions"

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At the gate of the Free City of Somren, Weed sets up a stall where he's prepared to repair, tailor, smith, and cook for players in order to grind up the skills while earning some money on the side. However, the people believe it to be a scam since no one in their right mind would take on so many craft skills. In return, Weed summons Van Hawk to stand beside him to prove to the people that he's not a low-level fake.

Sure enough, people start to line up when Weed proves to a player that he can cook delicious meat that will temporarily increase their stats. While cooking, the players discuss if Weed really is the same one from Continent of Magic, or the recent rumors about a Weed defeating the True Blood Clan. However, they conclude that it's not since Weed is a common player name in the game due to its legendary history, and that the evidence they're currently seeing of a craftsman Weed doesn't line up with the one heard in the NPC rumors. Weed continues to prove that his skills are legit by tailoring Quality Leather Pants, and smithing Unclean Iron Boots. He even learns a new trick when Weed realizes that he can sculpt designs into the items; transforming the boots he just made into an Artistic Unclean Iron Boots that provides additional stats.

Over time, craftsman Weed becomes famous to the point of people from all around arriving in Somren to have Weed craft something for them. Weed makes over a thousand additional gold selling off the items he crafted from the Premium Deer Leather, and his Blacksmith and Tailoring skills eventually reach the Intermediate stage. Achieving these stages also provides Weed with 4 new sub-skills in Sword Grinding, Armor Polishing, Ironing, and Washing.

Weed eventually makes an announcement that he will be gone for 4 days, but will return with new items to sell that he will have tailored from Sovereign Prismatic Cloth. The players quickly learn that the cloth is high-tier material, which gets everyone excited for what Weed has in store for them. 4 days later, players from all around arrive in Somren to take part in the Sovereign Prismatic Cloth auction, which is being conducted by Mapan. They all begin placing their bids, which results in Weed successfully selling the 13 items he made from the high-tier cloth for thousands of gold.

The next day, the customers find that Weed has disappeared from Somren.

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  1. Weed sets up a repair, tailoring, blacksmith, and cooking stall at the gate of Somren to further improve his craft skills. He summons Van Hawk to stand next to him at the stall to prove to the people of Somren that he's not a low-level scammer.
  2. Weed cooks meat for his first customer that temporarily increases their Vitality by 160 points, which causes people to start lining up before him for meals.
  3. Players discuss if the crafting Weed they see before them is really the same legendary one from Continent of Magic, or the rumored one connected to the Church of Freya that defeated the True Blood Clan. However, they conclude that the evidence doesn't add up, and that many people in the game are nicknamed Weed since the name is legendary amongst players.
  4. Weed shows off his tailoring skill to the players by making a Quality Leather Pants made from starter Rabbit Skin. He sells it for 1 silver. This causes more people to start lining up before Weed to have clothing made for them.
  5. Weed shows off his blacksmithing skill to the players by smithing Unclean Iron Boots that provide +2 Agility. He then gets an idea to sculpt signatures to items by cutting the boots into becoming Artistic Unclean Iron Boots, which adds additional +1 Defense, +1 Strength, and +1 Stamina Stats. Weed gets 1 gold for the boots.
  6. Weed's craft work gains the attention of two high-level players who believe Weed to be a true upcoming master.
  7. Weed arranges an in-game auction event to sell off the items he tailored from the Premium Deer Leather. It's said that he made over 1000 gold from the players that participated in said auction.
  8. Weed's Blacksmith skill reaches the Intermediate stage. He gains two new sub-Blacksmith skills in Sword Grind and Armor Polish. The former aimplifies weapon damage while the latter increases defense and dazzles enemies in confusion. Weed also gains +5 to all Stats, +50 Fame, and +3 Art.
  9. Weed's Tailoring skill reaches the Intermediate stage. He gains two new sub-Tailoring skills in Ironing and Washing. The former increases defense while the latter also increases defense, but is limited to 3 times a day, and severe washing will end up tearing clothes.
  10. After achieving the Intermediate stage in Tailoring, Weed asks for his customers to wait for 4 days since by then, he will show off products made from Sovereign Prismatic Cloth.
  11. Mapan conducts the Sovereign Prismatic Cloth auction that has 13 items up for sale consisting of 1 unique, 5 rares, and 7 normals. It's not said how much Weed makes other than the fact that one person bid on an item as high as 4,000 gold.
  12. Weed departs from the Free City of Somren following the Sovereign Prismatic Cloth auction.

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