Volume 3, Chapter 9: "The Great Sculpture"

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In the icy Northern Continent, Weed, Alveron, and Van Hawk continue clearing out Morata of the True Blood Clan vampires. Alveron dispels the stone curse on any Church of Freya Paladins or Priests they come across and in the town as they all return to the Teleport Gate cave where Weed cooks the soldiers some food to help them regain their strength. Next, Weed goes out hunting more wolves with the newly freed Freya soldiers since leveling them up will help in the upcoming fights against the vampires. While doing that, Weed decides to make a sculpture that will provide them a support buff, and comes to the conclusion that using the surrounding ice is his best option.

Using Seoyoon's image once more for the face, Weed succeeds in sculpting the Ice Beauty, which increases some of his stats, his Handicraft and Sculpting skills, as well as providing a buff that will grant them some resistances dealing with the cold north. After taking a break due to an ice storm that ended up damaging the Ice Beauty sculpture, Weed repairs it by replacing the statue's broken ice. The repairs showing that he can combine ice together sparks an idea in Weed, which causes him to log off Royal Road to look into this further.

In real life, Lee Hyun gathers information on his computer about possible colossal monsters he could sculpt using a large amount of combined ice. Seeing the dragons associated with the Continent of Magic game, Hyun decides that the perfect thing to go about sculpting in the cold north is a dragon made of ice.

After logging back into Royal Road, Weed and the Freya soldiers go about stacking up a large mound of ice, which Weed then begins to sculpt. Eventually, Weed completes the massive sculpture known as the Ice Dragon, which further increases his stats, his Handicraft and Sculpting skills, and provides even stronger buffs than that of the Ice Beauty. Afterwards, Weed, Alveron, Van Hawk, and the army of Paladins and Priests return to clearing out Morata's vampires.

Meanwhile in Serabourg, Pale, Surka, Romuna, and Irene provide bread for the starving 505 Geomchis; all of which finally complete the Training Hall after 4 grueling weeks, and receive their Hard Iron Swords from the instructor. Now that they're allowed to leave Serabourg, the Geomchis take on the starter quests to face off against the foxes, rabbits, raccoons, and wolves outside the city. The Geomchis go about wiping out everything in sight due to their inflated stats while everyone watches in amazement, but leaves Pale's group fearing that 505 more Weeds have appeared.

Returning to Morata, Weed's group has a much easier time clearing out the town of the vampires thanks to the buffs provided from the Ice Dragon statue. Under his growing leadership, more and more Paladins and Priests are freed from their petrification, and Weed gains the Faith stat after providing Freya prayers during cooking meals for his growing Church of Freya army. Eventually, the last portions of Morata are cleared out with Weed now leading a Freya army that consists of all the Paladins and Priests that were petrified in the town. Alongside Alveron, Weed leads the army into Morata's Black Castle ready to face off against Tori and the remainder of his vampire clan.

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  • (The Geomchis take on starter quests around Serabourg)

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  1. While hunting vampires in Morata, Alveron frees a number of Freya Church Paladins from their stone curse that were found in the town, and join Weed's growing army in the Teleport Gate cave. It is discovered that there are also petrified Freya Church Priests amongst the frozen Paladins.
  2. In total, there are 159 Paladins and 38 Priests petrified in the town of Morata being guarded by the vampires.
  3. Weed hunts wolves around Morata with the Paladins that Alveron already freed to level them up for better fights against the vampires.
  4. Weed sculpts the ice of Morata to make a statue known as The Ice Beauty, which had 750 Artistic Value. The statue temporarily provides 17% increased health and mana regeneration, resistance to ice-magic, +40% cold resistance, 3% chance to reflect attacks, and +30 Charisma stat.
  5. By sculpting the Ice Beauty, Weed's Handicraft Intermediate skill reaches level 7, and his Sculpture Mastery Intermediate skill reaches level 5.
  6. By making the Ice Beauty, Weed gains 320 Fame, +45 Art Stat, +4 Endurance Stat, +3 Perserverance Stat, and +40 Luck Stat.
  7. Weed regrets not getting the Sewing skill to help deal with the cold north.
  8. Fixing the Ice Beauty sculpture after an ice storm damages it, Weed finds out that he can use his Repair skill on damaged statues. The damaged sculpture provided just 20% cold resistance instead of 40% until it was fixed.
  9. Weed gets the idea to sculpt a giant ice sculpture after seeing that he can combine ice during his repairs on the Ice Beauty sculpture. He decides to make an Ice Dragon after looking back at the ones seen in the Continent of Magic game.
  10. Stacking up a giant mound of ice, and using a rope to get around, Weed sculpts his first colossal sized statue known as the Ice Dragon, which has 2,500 Artistic Value. The statue temporarily provides 30% increased health and many recovery, +70% cold resistance, +40% magic resistance, and +35% maximum health.
  11. The Ice Dragon sculpture provides the Blessing of the Dragon, which keeps monsters away from the sculpture.
  12. By sculpting the Ice Dragon, Weed's Handicraft Intermediate skill reaches level 8, and his Sculpture Mastery Intermediate skill reaches level 6.
  13. By making the Ice Dragon, Weed gains 850 Fame, +64 Art Stat, +49 Endurance Stat, +16 Perserverance Stat, and all Stats increase by 12.
  14. Weed, Alveron, Van Hawk and the Paladins return to hunting Morata vampires. It's said that the freed Paladins fighting alongside Weed are now around level 220.
  15. Pale buys 50,000 Bread for the Geomchis.
  16. All 505 Geomchis complete the Rosenheim Training Hall, and each receive a Hard Iron Sword from hall instructor Docke Lancer.
  17. With the 4-week starter timer up, the 505 Geomchis take on starter quests outside Serabourg, and easily swarm any rabbit, fox, raccoon, or wolf that they come across. Pale's group fears for the worst realizing that they've encountered 505 more Weeds.
  18. Weed gains 3 Leadership Stats and 2 Charisma Stats while leading the Paladins against the vampires in Morata. It's implied that he's been obtaining a lot more points in these stats.
  19. Weed obtains the Faith stat while cooking meals for the Paladins and offering them Church of Freya prayers. He starts of with just 1 Faith point, but all the bonuses from his items brings it up to 389.
  20. Weed's stat sheet is a level 205 player is seen here.
  21. Weed finishes clearing out all the vampires from Morata, and rescues all 159 Freya Paladins and all 38 Freya Priests, that were turned to stone in the town.
  22. Weed enters Morata's Black Castle with Alveron and his Freya of Church army ready to face off against Tori and his vampires to reclaim the Crown of Fargo. The castle has a total of 5 floors.

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