Volume 3, Chapter 8: "True Blood Vampires"

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After logging back into Royal Road, Weed goes out to scout Morata up closer while Alveron continues to remain in the cave containing the Teleport Gate. He arrives at the deserted town, but soon realizes that many vampires from the True Blood Clan patrol the roads. Weed prepares for battle, and takes on a lone vampire that went off on his own. Despite using everything at his current disposal against the vampire, the fight takes too long, which results in Weed's death. Forced out of Royal Road, an angry Lee Hyun is left motivated to kill all the True Blood vampires.

Meanwhile in Serabourg, the 4-man party of Pale, Surka, Romuna, and Irene had promised Weed that they would support the hundreds of new Geomchi players, who are all at the Training Hall beating down scarecrows. Pale introduces himself to them as a friend of Weed, which causes the starving Geomchis to all start begging him for food.

A day later once his death timer wore off, Weed logs back onto Royal Road spawning inside the Teleport Gate cave with Alveron. He finishes up getting his Repair skill to the Intermediate stage using the item breaking and repairing method from earlier, and then decides to hunt the wolves around Morata to increase his level. With Alveron supporting the wolf hunt, Weed finally breaks into the level 200 range.

Following the level grinding, Weed and Alveron arrive at Morata to begin clearing out the vampires from the town. Now that he has Alveron as support, Weed easily gets revenge on the vampire who killed him. He then summons Van Hawk to help with the vampire hunt. Killing vampires alongside Alveron and Van Hawk, Weed finally achieves the Intermediate stages in Sword Mastery and the Engraving Knife Technique; the latter of which allows him to now make colossal sculptures to further improve his class.

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  1. Morata is home to a black variant of wolves.
  2. Being hit by the cold weather of the Northern Continent causes a cold effect that lowers physical abilities by 14%.
  3. Having equipped the Ring of the High Priest to replace 1 of his 8 Farrot's Rings, Weed casts the High Priest's Blessing on himself; temporarily increasing his stats by 150%, and his health and mana by 30%. The High Priest's Blessing lasts 20 minutes.
  4. Weed's First Aid skill is said to have reached the Intermediate stage.
  5. Weed cooks a Royal Bird of the Day Dish using the Lavias Avian eggs he purchased to provide himself a +500 health and mana buff after eating it.
  6. Having equipped Agatha's Holy Sword to replace his Clay Sword, Weed casts its Sacred Blessing skill upon himself to increase his defense stat by 40%.
  7. Weed's Triple form of the Imperial Formless Sword Technique has upgraded to a Septuple attack (7 strikes).
  8. Weed gets the Cold Debuff again that reduces his abilities by 20%, his skill effects by 30%, and reduces his maximum health and mana.
  9. Weed takes on one of the Morata vampires. Despite all the buffs he put on himself, and managing to get the vampire's health down to below 10%, Weed still ends up dying to the vampire. His death caused some of his skills to drop in percentage: Sculpture Mastery by 7%, Cooking by 6%, and Handicraft, Sword Mastery, and Repair all by 5%. He doesn't drop anything important upon dying.
  10. Including the 5 times against the Lavias Death Knights, Weed has now officially died 6 times.
  11. Pale, Surka, Romuna, and Irene finally appear again having promised Weed to watch over the 505 Geomchi's that have been training at the Rosenheim Training Hall the past 2 weeks.
  12. Weed finally gets his Repair skill to the Intermediate stage where he can now repair items to max without suffering any durability loss, and can learn the Blacksmith skill.
  13. Using the ring and sword buffs, Weed reaches level 182 solo hunting wolves of the Morata province. With Alveron's support for hunting, Weed levels up all the way to 200. Reaching level 200 is considered a checkpoint in leveling up where players can change class, and gain the ability to have a wider range of skills.
  14. It's revealed here that Weed had equipped Van Hawk's Helm, and the Rose Engraved Gloves.
  15. The town of Morata is said to have a total of 300 enemy vampires.
  16. Weed and Alveron begin hunting the vampires in the town. Weed first gets easy revenge on the one who killed him, and then summons Van Hawk to help with the vampire hunt.
  17. Van Hawk is now completely loyal to Weed, and is able to level-up thanks to a summoning agreement where the summon gets 20% of the experience from what the summoner fights.
  18. Weed's Sword Mastery skill reaches the Intermediate stage while hunting vampires. Reaching Intermediate increases sword damage by 50%, and each Intermediate level increase will add an additional 7%.
  19. Weed's Engraving Knife Technique skill reaches the Intermediate stage while hunting vampires. Reaching Intermediate gives his sculpting attack a blue color, he can now sculpt colossal sized statues, and the attack now ignores enemy defense.

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