Volume 3, Chapter 4: "Van Hawk's Humiliation"

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In the real world, Lee Hyun spends some time on his computer looking through the auction site for Royal Road, and puts several of the items he obtained in the City of Heaven up for auction.

Meanwhile, a bit of the Versailles Continent's history is explained detailing how seven small kingdoms banded together to form the Britten Alliance after the fall of the old Arpen Empire hundreds of years ago.

Logging back into the game, Weed and Mapan have made it out of the Bar Khu Mountain Range, and arrive at Tomlin Village on the eastern edge of the Britten Alliance. Weed sculpting throughout the month of travelling from Rosenheim Kingdom has increased a few of his skills, and the monster fights along the way pushed his Lion's Roar skill all the way up to the Advanced stage. The two stop by the village exchange to sell off Rosenheim products to the Britten Alliance where Mapan sells off some basic items, but Weed is advised to sell the jewels he sculpted at a much larger city where he will get better prices at a jewelry store.

Departing Tomlin Village, Weed and Mapan next travel to Castle Regus, the capital city of the Britten Alliance. The two split up with Mapan going off to the castle exchange while Weed goes to sell his gems at the jewelry store for thousands of gold. While selling, Weed attempts to get more money out of the female shopkeeper using the Harp of Vino the Dwarf, but fails to do so due to his dreadful singing. Weed next stops by an Item Identification shop to get his Crimson Necklace of Life identified, and manages to do so from a player with a much higher identify skill. The item turns out to be a unique Necklace of the Death Knight that has the ability to summon Van Hawk to fight for the user once the Death Knight has his loyalty changed from his dark warlock master, Bar Khan Demoph.

Done with Castle Regus, Weed and Mapan begin their next journey towards the city of Somren. Along the way, Weed uses the necklace to summon Van Hawk, and continuously kills him each time the summon cooldown is up. Weed repeats this process hundreds of times until he feels that the Death Knight has truly accepted Weed as his new master.

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  1. Lee Hyun in real life currently now has 30,000,000 won to work with.
  2. Lee Hyun puts up one week auctions for some items he obtained in the City of Heaven with the starting prices being between 3,000 won and 10,000 won.
  3. The Britten Alliance was formed through seven kingdoms that decided to band together following the fall of the old Arpen Empire.
  4. Weed used Lion's Roar so much during the journey to the Britten Alliance that it reached all the way to the Advanced stage.
  5. It took one month for Weed and Mapan to go from Rosenheim to the eastern Tomlin Village in the Britten Alliance.
  6. Weed sculpting during the one month journey increased his Sculpture Mastery skill to Intermediate: level 4, and his Handicraft skill to Intermediate: level 6.
  7. A bit about Guilds is explained where members get 20% more additional experience than those that aren't part of a guild, and that non-guild members are restricted to entering dungeons if a guild has control over it.
  8. Mapan sells Rosenheim cheese and olive oil at the Tomlin Village exchange, gaining 470 gold. Weed tries to sell off his jewelry as well, but is advised to instead sell them to a jewelry store.
  9. Weed and Mapan leave Tomlin Village, and travel to Castle Regus, the capital city of the Britten Alliance. Castle Regus was once the capital of Keuroin Kingdom before said kingdom became a part of the Britten Alliance.
  10. Weed gains 2 Art stats by simply looking at Castle Regus, and learns that his Art stat can go up by just looking at beautiful objects during his travels.
  11. Mapan paid 2 gold to the Castle Regus guards to enter while Weed only had to pay 4 silver since he's learned how to get on the good side of certain NPCs.
  12. Weed is revealed to be a bad singer trying to use the Harp of Vino the Dwarf on a female jewelry shopkeeper, especially since the singing is combined with his Lion's Roar skill.
  13. Weed makes 3,240 gold for selling off his sculpted jewels at the Regus jewelry store, and gains 150 Fame for making such a huge profit through trading. It's mentioned that he now has over 2,000 total Fame.
  14. Weed spends 50 silver at the Regus Item Identification shop in order to get his Crimson Necklace of Life identified.
  15. Weed's Crimson Necklace of Life is identified by Lindell to be the Necklace of the Death Knight. Equipping the necklace provides the user the ability to summon Van Hawk as an ally, +50% effects to Black Magic, +20 Intelligence stats, and +10 Wisdom stats. Van Hawk starts at level 200.
  16. Weed and Mapan depart Castle Regus to travel to the city of Somren.
  17. Weed continuously summons Van Hawk using the Necklace of the Death Knight, and kills him 840 times until Van Hawk fully accepts Weed as its master. It's implied that Weed killed him a lot more than that.

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