Volume 3, Chapter 3: "Instruments and Intrigue"

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Deep within a canyon of the Bar Khu Mountain Range, Weed, Mapan, and the Dwichigi Quartlet enter the Tomb of the Instrument-Loving Dwarf dungeon with Gran, Halman, Margaux and Levi leading the way. Watching the 4 bandits fight their way through the dungeon's werewolves on the first floor, Weed remembers back to an uploaded internet video showing the Dwichigi Quartlet killing one of their victims, and finally figures it out that he's grouped with the famous player-killer team. Weed goes about picking up the dungeon loot left behind by the Dwichigi Quartlet, and pretends to be afraid of the werewolves that attack him and Mapan in order to continue making himself look weak to the player-killers.

Fighting their way to the dungeon's second floor, the Dwichigi Quartlet end up activating any trap they come across, which results in Halman's death to a ceiling trap pouring hot oil down upon him. Gran orders Mapan or Weed to take the lead so that no one else from his team dies right away, which Weed agrees to do. They next come across a room of red-and-blue tiles. Leading the way, Weed realizes that the tiles are a deception to a thread trap, and walks over it. Behind him, Levi ends up stepping on the string, resulting in him dying to a swarm of arrows shot out from the nearby walls.  

The 4 remaining players reach a room of Lightning Bolts continuously striking the floor. Gran provides Weed with a Lightning Stone that temporarily absorbs, and provides lightning resistance to tank all the lighting bolts until his death according to the dungeon's rules while they all follow behind Weed to make it safely to the treasure. However, Weed points out the flaw in their plan that since they only have one resistance stone, they don't have another to safely exit back out of the lightning bolts. Since there's no comradery amongst the player-killers, Gran and Margaux fight to the death knowing that they could take advantage of whoever dies to the lightning first when they try to exit. Despite his health dropping to a very low amount, Gran manages to kill Margaux.

As the only one remaining of the Dwichigi Quartlet, Gran feels safe knowing there's no one left to take the dungeon's treasure from him once he dies to the lightning bolts upon exiting. He threatens to kill Mapan or Weed while taking the other towards the treasure that will be holding the Lightning Stone for him, but Weed steps forward ready to fight. Still believing that Weed is weak, Gran offers his opponent a couple seconds to show him something. Weed finally drops the act, and kills him instantly with the Engraving Knife Technique thanks to Gran already being at low health.

Having purchased a Special Avian Feather in Lavias that provides temporary flight, Weed uses it to fly over the Lightning Bolts; making the dungeon's death rule irrelevant. Obtaining the Harp of Vino the Dwarf treasure, Weed ends up finding it hilarious that what the Dwichigi Quartlet all died over was just an instrument that earns the favor of female NPCs.

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Name: Weed Alignment: Neutral Skills
Level: 177 Profession: Moonlight Sculptor Handicraft Intermediate 4
Title None Sculpture Mastery Intermediate 3
Fame 650 Cooking Intermediate 1
Health: 5275 Mana: 1536 Sword Mastery Beginner 8
Strength: 350 Agility: 320 Repair Beginner 8
Vitality: 114 Endurance: 159 Bandaging Beginner 7
Fighting Spirit: 158 Archery Beginner 5
Wisdom: 51 Intelligence: 45 Identification Beginner 5
Art: 149 Perseverance: 189 Wine Brewing Beginner 1
Attack: 246 Defense: 91 Medical Botany Beginner 1
Magic Resistance Lion's Roar Beginner 1
Fire: 10% Water: 10% Sculptor Skills
Earth: 20% Black Magic: 0% Sculpting Blade Beginner 7
Imperial Sword Technique Comprehension 5
Sculpture Destruction Beginner 1
Sculptural Bestowal Beginner 1


  • All stats are added 20 points.
  • Art stat is added extra 80 points.
  • In moonlit night, all stats increase by 30% in addition.
  • Enables you to equip certain items specialized for the class.
  • Enables you to learn all craft skills to the stage of a master.
  • Grants extra options to items that are produced or refined.
  • Increases Attack Power for the Engraving Knife technique.
  • Decreases Mana Consumption for the Engraving Knife technique.
  • Enables you to learn secret skills based on your level in Sculpture Mastery.
  • Increases Fame by creating a statue of extraordinary image or artistic value.
Influence Contribution Points Affinities
Baran Village +60 n/a Earth +30

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  1. Weed, Mapan, and the Dwichigi Quartlet are the first to find the Tomb of the Instrument-Loving Dwarf dungeon, providing them 200 Fame, and the Discovery Buff.
  2. The Tomb of the Instrument-Loving Dwarf is 2 floors. Werewolves appear to be the enemies on the 1st floor while the 2nd floor is more dedicated to traps.
  3. Weed realizes who the Dwichigi Quartlet are after seeing them fight against the dungeon werewolves.
  4. Halman dies to a burning oil ceiling trap.
  5. Levi dies to wall arrows after stepping on a thread trigger.
  6. Weed is provided a Lightning Stone from Gran to tank all the lightning bolts of the final trap room while they all make it safely to the treasure. The Lightning Stone temporarily provides 99% resistance to electricity, and the ability to absorb it.
  7. Weed points out the primary flaw in the Lightning Stone plan that since they only got one, they will have no way to exit back through the lightning bolts, and will die; resulting in Gran and Margaux realizing that they will be able to steal each other's loot depending on who dies first.
  8. Gran kills Margaux in order to take the treasure for himself.
  9. Weed kills a player in Royal Road for the first time by instantly killing Gran with the Engraving Knife Technique due to Gran having low health after his duel with Margaux.
  10. At the Mirkan Tower dungeon in Lavias, Weed had spent 10 gold to gain a Special Feather that would give him flight wings that last for one month.
  11. Flying over the lightning bolts, Weed obtains the treasure known as the Harp of Vino the Dwarf, which raises the user's popularity by 30% when used on female NPCs.

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