Volume 3, Chapter 11: "Emergence of Poor Broadcasting"

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In real life, Lee Hyun uses a Royal Road auction site on his computer to sell the vampire items he looted in Morata. He also spends some time studying with his sister to eventually take his GED high school exam.

Meanwhile at CTS Media, a meeting amongst the directors is held to discuss their broadcast's declining viewership. They agree that their only option left is to become better incorporated with the people connected to Royal Road by starting a special program where they show off video footage of the stories of 8 players that are currently playing the game.

Lee Hyun gets a call from CTS Media's Yoon Nahee to discuss his Royal Road character, Weed, being one of the stories they show off on video, which Hyun accepts since he will be making some won for each episode that gets broadcasted. He forms the contract with CTS Media, but Hyun is left struggling on how to write the manuscript for how his story had gone during his character's first week in the game. Upon sending it in, the people in CTS Media's production department are left in disbelief that Weed's first 7 days of manuscript and video footage is nothing but hitting a scarecrow at Rosenheim's Training Hall.

Soon after, CTS Media begins the broadcast of the 8 player stories, but viewers are left confused as to why one of them is nothing but a player constantly hitting a scarecrow. After 4 weeks of showing off Weed doing the same thing, CTS Media decides to pull the plug on Weed's story.

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  1. Weed's journey in the Northern Continent's Morata province lasted for 3 months.
  2. Lee Hyun has a high Triple Diamond rating on a Royal Road auction site. He spends some time selling the vampire items he looted in Morata.
  3. Hyun has 1 month to use for studying until he has to take his GED test. His sister helps him study.
  4. The directors of CTS Media decide to start a special program showing off the video footage of 8 Royal Road players in order to bring back viewership to their broadcasting company once people got tired of seeing bad celebrity players.
  5. Nahee Yoon of CTS Media gets in contact with Hyun to discuss his Royal Road character to be 1 of the 8 players that they show off in their special program, which Weed accepts.
  6. Weed's current level is said to be 219.
  7. Hyun forms a contract with CTS Media to show off his game character's story from the beginning. He will make 500,000 won for each episode, and will air twice a week.
  8. CTS Media cancels Weed's show after the first 4 weeks of episodes showed off nothing but him hitting a scarecrow at the Rosenheim Training Hall.

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