Volume 3, Chapter 10: "Battle of the Black Castle"

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Weed, Alveron, and their army of Church of Freya Paladins and Priests are greeted by many vampires upon entering Morata's Black Castle, which they easily defeat. They then move to clear out the remaining vampires on the castle's 1st Floor where Alveron frees the area's petrified Paladins, as well as a group of Morata's villagers that were also stone cursed. The freed village elder offers Weed a B-Rank Quest to lift the curse from the rest of the Morata villagers, which Weed accepts.

Weed next leads his Freya army to the castle's 2nd Floor where they dispose of the vampires and their minions. After Alveron frees the floor's petrified Paladins, Priests, and villagers, Weed cooks a Garlic Stew for the Freya soldiers to give them an edge for the next vampire fights. Moving on to the 3rd Floor, Weed's army takes on another group of vampires. Only this time, they're led by a Vampire Queen that can Charm her enemies to instead fight for her. Weed counters the Charm with his Lion's Roar to clear away the confusion, and the army succeeds in defeating the floor's vampires. Afterwards, Alveron lifts the curse on the remaining Paladins and Priests found nearby.

Having lifted the stone curse on all the Paladins and Priests by this point, Weed breezes through the vampires of the 4th Floor to reach the 5th Floor where only Tori the Vampire Lord remains. In addition, one of the villagers begs Weed to save a petrified girl named Prina on the 5th Floor. When Weed and company reach Tori's location, they see that the Vampire Lord is wearing the Crown of Fargo, and is protecting a statue believed to be the stone cursed Prina. Weed and Tori have a small chat before fighting about the beauty of certain statues, which impresses the art loving Vampire Lord when he hears that Weed is a sculptor

The final battle against the True Blood Clan begins with Tori facing off against Weed, Alveron, and all their freed Paladins and Priests. Tori proves himself to be a powerful boss enemy managing to kill many of the Paladins, and even raises them as vampires to fight against their former comrades. However, Weed counters by having the Priests spam their holy skills upon Tori, which provided Weed an opening to land a fatal blow on Tori's heart using the Sword Kaiser form. Weed plays keep-away while the dying Tori chases after him, but the Vampire Lord eventually dies due to constantly being bombarded by attacks from Weed's supporting troops.

Checking Tori's corpse, Weed loots two items; the Crown of Fargo for the High Priest's B-Rank Quest, and a necklace that Weed believes will allow him to summon Tori to fight at his side once he "gains" the Vampire Lord's loyalty. Since Tori's curse on Morata has been lifted by this point, Prina is free of her stone curse, which finishes the village elder's B-Rank Quest since all the villagers are now free. Weed is rewarded with high-tier cloth and leather material, and he's now considered a friend to the people of Morata. In addition, the remaining Paladins and Priests decide to stay in Morata to protect the powerless town.

With their job in the Northern Continent done, Weed and Alveron go back through the cave's Teleport Gate to return to the Free City of Somren on the Versailles Continent.

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  1. Weed, Alveron, and their army of 159 Paladins and 38 Priests are greeted by 50 vampires upon entering Morata's Black Castle, which they easily defeat.
  2. Weed gets a level-up following the 50 vampire fight, and picks up some item loot such as Vampire Fangs, and a Vampire Cloak with the ability that can transform the user into a bat to escape a fight. When the cloak is equipped, total defense doesn't apply when transformed, 50 Faith is reduced, appeal to women is increased 25, and all stats are reduced 25. He also loots 3 gold and 25 silver from a single vampire, showing that vampires are rich in money.
  3. Following the 50 vampires at the gate, Weed and company clear out the Black Castle's 1st Floor of the vampires that are found here and there. On the 1st Floor, 50 petrified Paladins are found and freed for a total of 209, and they come across some petrified farmer and villager civilians that Alveron also lifts the stone curse from. 
  4. An elder amongst the freed 1st Floor villagers reveals that they're the citizens of Morata who've all been turned to stone like the Freya Paladins and Priests. He offers Weed a B-Rank Quest to free all the villagers from the True Blood Clan's stone curse, which Weed accepts.
  5. Weed and company move on to the castle's 2nd Floor where they face off against 150 vampires and their 100 minions. On the 2nd Floor, Alveron lifts the curse on 30 Paladins and 40 Priests for a 239 Paladins and 78 Priests. There were also a number of villagers on the 2nd Floor that Alveron lifts the curse from.
  6. Weed cooks a stew made of Avian Eggs, Fruits of Heaven, and Garlic, for the Freya soldiers to give them an edge against the vampires.
  7. Weed and company move on to the castle's 3rd Floor where they face off against 200 vampires and a Vampire Queen with a Charm skill that turns her enemies with low Fighting Spirit into her slaves to use against their allies. Weed counters the Vampire Queen's Charm using Lion's Roar. Weed's current Lion's Roar increases Fighting Spirit by 200%, provides Weed 170% increased Leadership, and erases Confusion on allies. After clearing out the 3rd Floor of its vampires and Vampire Queen, 61 Paladins and 22 Priests have their stone curse lifted.
  8. The total Freya soldiers is now 300 Paladins and 100 Priests, which is said to be all the soldiers that the Church of Freya dispatched to reclaim the Crown of Fargo.
  9. The castle's 4th Floor had 300 vampires that were all easily defeated by Weed's Freya army.
  10. Weed is asked by a villager to save a petrified girl named Prina on the 5th Floor, which is being guarded by Tori the Vampire Lord. The Crown of Fargo is also revealed to be atop Tori's head.
  11. Tori is revealed to be an art lover of beautiful statues, which leaves him impressed when he hears that Weed is a sculptor.
  12. Tori faces off against the full power of Weed's army of himself, Alveron, the 300 Freya Paladins, and the 100 Freya Priests. Tori has a Stone Curse skill, which is heavily implied to be the cause of everyone that had become petrified in Morata. Tori also has a powerful Tornado Blade melee attack that even managed to kill up to 20 Freya Paladins at once. Tori has a Vampire Transformation ability where he can turn his dead enemies into vampires that now fight for him. Tori can regain his health and mana by biting, and sucking the blood out of his enemies.
  13. In the fight, Tori manages to kill 178 of the 300 Freya Paladins.
  14. Weed's garlic breath from the stew proves to be useful when he's almost caught by Tori.
  15. Weed manages to defeat Tori by landing a blow on the Vampire Lord's heart using the Sword Kaiser form after Tori was distracted by the Priest's barrage of holy attacks. The dying Tori would try to chase after Weed, but is finally killed due to the constant attacks from Alveron and the rest of the Paladins and Priests; meaning that Weed didn't land the killing blow to reap higher benefits.
  16. Weed obtains the Crown of Fargo from Tori's remains for the High Priest's B-Rank Quest. Wearing it is restricted to a Cleric that has to be recognized by the Church of Freya. Equipping the crown provides +150 Strength, +150 Agility, +150 Stamina, +50 to all Stats, and +500 Fame.
  17. Weed gains 20 Art Stats for looking at the Crown of Fargo.
  18. Weed also obtains the Black Necklace of Life from Tori's remains, which he believes to be an item similar to Van Hawk's that will allow him to one day summon Tori to fight by his side once he's "gained" the Vampire Lord's loyalty.
  19. With the last villager, Prina, freed, Weed completes the B-Rank Quest offered by Morata's village elder to lift the curse on all the villagers. Weed gains 900 Fame, his friendship with Morata increases 25 points, and he gains 8 level-ups. His item reward is 100 pieces of Sovereign Prismatic Cloth, and 200 pieces of Premium Deer Leather.
  20. The remaining Paladins and Priests decide to stay in Morata to protect the town from the forces of darkness, such as the servants of Bar Khan Demoph.
  21. Weed and Alveron depart the Northern Continent by going back through the cave's Teleport Gate to return to Somren on the Versailles Continent.

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