Volume 2, Chapter 5: "The One Who Does the Worst"

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After killing enough Skeleton Knights in Lavias' Memphis Hall dungeon to complete the Quest, Pale, Surka, Romuna, and Irene are forced to log off Royal Road due to their parents not liking the amount of time their children are spending in the game. However, said parents end up getting wrapped up in playing Royal Road as well; leaving Weed on his own while Pale and company teach their newbie parents the basics of the game in Serabourg.

Taking a break from Royal Road, Lee Hyun spends his time looking over his current finances in order to continue taking care of Hye Yeon and his grandmother. Knowing that his sister is smart enough to get into a decent college, Hyun even prepares to sell off his body organs if his need for more money becomes that desperate.

Re-entering Royal Road, Weed spends time solo hunting while selling off sculptures to the Avian residents in order to acquire more information about Lavias. Such information includes him learning about the Cave of Dead Warriors dungeon. His hunting eventually breaks him into the level 100 range, and provides Weed with enough mana to finally be able to use the Sword Dance form of his Imperial Formless Sword Technique; meaning that he's now able to use all five of the imperial sword forms.

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Name: Weed Alignment: Neutral Skills
Level: 109 Profession: Moonlight Sculptor Handicraft Intermediate 2
Title None Sculpture Mastery Beginner 9
Fame 365 Cooking Beginner 8
Health: 5260 Mana: 1521 Sword Mastery Beginner 8
Strength: 335 Agility: 305 Repair Beginner 7
Stamina: 89 Fighting Spirit: 143 Bandaging Beginner 7
Wisdom: 36 Intelligence: 30 Sculpting Blade Beginner 7
Luck: 5 Leadership: 74 Archery Beginner 5
Perseverance: 174 Art: 84 Identification Beginner 5
Attack: 231 Defense: 76 Imperial Sword Technique Comprehension 5
Magic Resistance
Fire: 0% Water: 0%
Earth: 0% Black Magic: 0%


  • All stats are added 20 points.
  • Art stat is added extra 80 points.
  • In moonlit night, all stats increase by 30% in addition.
  • Enables you to equip certain items specialized for the class.
  • Enables you to learn all craft skills to the stage of a master.
  • Grants extra options to items that are produced or refined.
  • Increases Attack Power for the Engraving Knife technique.
  • Decreases Mana Consumption for the Engraving Knife technique.
  • Enables you to learn secret skills based on your level in Sculpture Mastery.
  • Increases Fame by creating a statue of extraordinary image or artistic value
Influence Contribution Points
Baran Village +60 n/a

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  • Unnamed Quest: (Weed and company complete the Skeleton Knight killing quest)

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  1. Weed's party completes the Quest to kill off Skeleton Knights in the Memphis Hall dungeon.
  2. Pale, Surka, Romuna, and Irene are forced to log off Royal Road due to the intervention of their parents, but said parents end up getting into playing Royal Road anyway. This results in the kids having to teach them the basics of the game, and leaving Weed on his own.
  3. Surka and Romuna are revealed to be sisters.
  4. Pale's real life name is revealed to be Oh Dongman.
  5. Lee Hyun has 29,000,000 won left from the money he made auctioning off his Continent of Magic account.
  6. Lee Hyun's sister, Hye Yeon, makes her first true appearance here.
  7. Lee Hyun sets up selling off his organs just in case he reaches the point of desperately needing more money.
  8. Weed provides sculpture gifts to the Avians of Lavias in order to learn more information about the City of Heaven, such as hearing about the Dead Warrior’s Cave dungeon.
  9. Weed purchases some food supplies from the Lavias grocery store for 18 gold and 50 silver.
  10. Weed's character sheet as a level 109 is seen here. He reached level 95 leveling up with Pale and company while solo hunting afterwards got him to level 109.
  11. Weed now has enough mana to perform Sword Dance, the fourth form of his Imperial Formless Sword Technique skill.
  12. Weed's current amount of gold is 650 after hunting, selling loot, and gaining quest rewards in Lavias.

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