Volume 2, Chapter 2: "The Statue of the Goddess Freya"

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In the mountain area west of Baran Village, Weed's party consisting of himself, Pale, Surka, Romuna and Irene continues to push through the lizardmen stronghold to reach the captive villagers. During the fights, Weed is forced to stop using his Hard Iron Sword due to its durability falling to the point of almost breaking, and resorts to fighting with just his fists. The lizardmen have an easier time pummeling Weed, but the latter still refuses to fall; resulting in Weed gaining a new Perseverance stat. Eventually, Weed's party comes across the cages of the captive villagers, and dispose of the lizardmen guarding them. Due to the party's bags all being full, Weed manages to convince the villagers to carry some of the lizardman loot, and begin their journey back.

Meanwhile on Darius' side, his punitive force has finished wiping out the lizardmen from Baran Village; completing the first D-Rank Quest. Weed's party returns to Baran Village with the rescued villagers, and turns in the second D-Rank Quest to Ghandilva to receive the plant seed reward. Having heard that Weed is a sculptor, Ghandilva offers Weed a Class Quest to restore a destroyed Goddess Freya statue that the people used to pray to in the village. Weed accepts the quest, but it will keep him from hunting together with the party until he's done. As for the punitive force, Darius orders his Rosenheim soldiers to remain at Baran Village in order to take all the quest credit for himself.

Having obtained the plant seed, Weed's party have a private meeting where Weed informs them about the City of Heaven, much to Pale and companies amazement. In return, Pale details that he only ever heard about the dwarves' City Under Earth for blacksmiths, which Weed admits he desires to go to one day. Moments after, Weed uses his identification skill on the plant seed, and sure enough, turns out to be the Seed of Heavenly Tree that will guide them to the City of Heaven. The party agrees to go to the City of Heaven by themselves once any leftover business is done.

Following the meeting, Darius quarrels with the remaining angry players in his punitive force due to the high number of casualties caused by Darius' poor leadership. As Weed's party watches, Weed is just left thinking of the punitive force as a bunch of fools since they missed the big catch that his party obtained under their noses.

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Name: Weed Alignment: Neutral Skills
Level: 68 Profession: Moonlight Sculptor Handicraft Intermediate 1
Title None Sculpture Mastery Beginner 8
Fame 250 Cooking Beginner 6
Health: 3460 Mana: 340 Sword Mastery Beginner 5
Strength: 255 Agility: 220 Archery Beginner 5
Stamina: 109 Fighting Spirit: 87 Repair Beginner 4
Wisdom: 36 Intelligence: 30 Bandaging Beginner 4
Luck: 25 Leadership: 88 Identification Beginner 1
Art: 229 Sculpting Blade Beginner 1
Attack: 170 Defense: 30 Imperial Sword Technique Beginner 1
Magic Resistance
Fire: 0% Water: 0%
Earth: 0% Black Magic: 0%


  • All stats are added 20 points.
  • Art stat is added extra 80 points.
  • In moonlit night, all stats increase by 30% in addition.
  • Enables you to equip certain items specialized for the class.
  • Enables you to learn all craft skills to the stage of a master.
  • Grants extra options to items that are produced or refined.
  • Increases Attack Power for the Engraving Knife technique.
  • Decreases Mana Consumption for the Engraving Knife technique.
  • Enables you to learn secret skills based on your level in Sculpture Mastery.
  • Increases Fame by creating a statue of extraordinary image or artistic value.

Pale: Multiple Shot (Archer skill), Penetration (Archer skill), Power Shot (Archer skill), and Fire Arrow (Archer skill).

Surka: Multi-Fists (Monk skill).

Irene: Blessing: Helping Hand

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  1. Weed gains the Perseverance stat during the fight against the lizardmen.
  2. 8 lizardmen guarded the Baran Village captives.
  3. Weed's party completes the D-Rank Quest to rescue the captured villagers of Baran Village. The party is rewarded 15 Fame, Weed levels-up once, and they get a plant seed.
  4. Darius' punitive force finishes the D-Rank Quest of clearing out the lizardmen from Baran Village, and leaves the Rosenheim forces stationed at Baran Village so that only he takes credit for it.
  5. Weed accepts a Class Quest to restore a Goddess Freya statue that was destroyed in Baran Village.
  6. Weed informs Pale, Surka, Romuna and Irene about the City of Heaven.
  7. Weed learns from Pale about the City Under Earth, a dwarf city that is known for its blacksmithing.
  8. The seed reward turns out to be Seed of Heavenly Tree that will lead people to the City of Heaven. Weed, Pale, Surka, Romuna and Irene agree to go to the City of Heaven by themselves as a party when they're ready to.
  9. Darius gets in a verbal argument with the angry players in his punitive force.

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