Volume 2, Chapter 1: "Land of the Myth"

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Despite Darius turning down Ghandilva's quest to rescue a group of captured citizens of Baran Village, Weed becomes interested due to the plant seed reward knowing that it might be the key to reach the City of Heaven. Along with Pale, Surka, Romuna, and Irene, the party accepts the D-Rank Quest while the punitive force remains occupied with the original quest to clear out the village. Weed's soldier friends offer their services for the rescue mission, but Weed turns them down since Darius would take notice if more people joined the new quest.

Weed's party travels to a mountain area west of Baran Village that's been established as the stronghold of the lizardmen where the villagers are being held captive. Coming across the first group of lizardmen, they prepare for battle by each drinking a Brandy of Vitality that's been brewed by Weed to temporarily increase their stats.

Meanwhile, the D-Rank Quest battle to retake Baran Village breaks out between Darius' punitive force and the lizardmen. Darius chooses to fight for himself rather than properly lead his troops, which leads to many casualties, but the Rosenheim forces led by Becker, Dale and Hosram manage to kill many lizardmen thanks to their previous training under Weed.

Back to the western mountain area, Weed's party begin their engagement with the first lizardman group. Pale and company show off a multitude of their new skills while Weed uses the opportunity to test out his Imperial Formless Sword Technique skills for the first time on enemies. The fight ends up being won easily; leaving Pale and company shocked at how strong Weed's become. Weed reveals to them his journey that led to him obtaining the hidden Legendary Moonlight Sculptor class; resulting in Pale and company realizing that Weed's the sculptor who became famous in Serabourg. Following the first fight, Weed leads the party against more lizardman groups as they get closer to the location of the captured villagers, and obtain lots of loot along the way.

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Name: Weed Alignment: Neutral Skills
Level: 68 Profession: Moonlight Sculptor Handicraft Intermediate 1
Title None Sculpture Mastery Beginner 8
Fame 250 Cooking Beginner 6
Health: 3460 Mana: 940 Sword Mastery Beginner 5
Strength: 255 Agility: 220 Archery Beginner 5
Stamina: 109 Fighting Spirit: 87 Repair Beginner 4
Wisdom: 36 Intelligence: 30 Bandaging Beginner 4
Luck: 25 Leadership: 88 Identification Beginner 1
Art: 229 Sculpting Blade Beginner 1
Attack: 170 Defense: 30 Imperial Sword Technique Beginner 1
Magic Resistance
Fire: 0% Water: 0%
Earth: 0% Black Magic: 0%


  • All stats are added 20 points.
  • Art stat is added extra 80 points.
  • In moonlit night, all stats increase by 30% in addition.
  • Enables you to equip certain items specialized for the class.
  • Enables you to learn all craft skills to the stage of a master.
  • Grants extra options to items that are produced or refined.
  • Increases Attack Power for the Engraving Knife technique.
  • Decreases Mana Consumption for the Engraving Knife technique.
  • Enables you to learn secret skills based on your level in Sculpture Mastery.
  • Increases Fame by creating a statue of extraordinary image or artistic value.

Pale: Multiple Shot (Archer skill), Penetration (Archer skill), Power Shot (Archer skill), and Fire Arrow (Archer skill).

Surka: Multi-Fists (Monk skill).

Romuna: Fire Strike (Fire Mage skill).

Irene: Blessing: Helping Hand and Holy Blessing (Cleric skill).

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  1. Baran Village contains 500 households, and the number of villagers captured by the lizardmen total 55.
  2. Weed's party accepts the D-Rank Quest to rescue the Baran villagers in order to obtain the plant seed reward that Weed believes will lead him to the City of Heaven.
  3. Weed's 5 forms of the Imperial Formless Sword Technique are explained here. From lowest mana cost to highest mana cost, Weed names the 5 forms as followed: Triple, Backstab, Power Break, Sword Dance, and Sword Kaiser.
  4. Weed also has a dodge skill connected to the Imperial Formless Sword Technique known as Seven Celestial Footstep.
  5. The number of lizardmen holding the Baran Villagers hostage are around 800.
  6. Weed is revealed to be able to brew drinks that can temporarily increase stats.
  7. The battle between Darius' punitive force and the lizardmen in Baran Village to complete the original D-Rank Quest begins.
  8. Weed's party begin fighting through the lizardmen to reach the captured villagers for their quest. Weed shows off his Imperial Formless Sword Technique skills while Pale, Surka, Romuna, and Irene show off the new skills they've obtained.
  9. Weed reveals to Pale and company that he's obtained the hidden Legendary Moonlight Sculptor class.

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