Origin of Sculpting is the Chapter 6 of Legendary Moonlight Sculpture Volume 26.Releases on December 1 2010.

It details about the return of Lugh Sword to Church of Lugh and the quest given by the Church of Lugh following the event.

Later, Weed remember about his priority about getting the quest from Sculpting Guild.

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[Warning Spoiler]

In previous chapter, Weed finished report about his adventure and returned the Sword of Lugh (Lugh Sword).

Following that event, Weed receive S-Difficulty Quest from Church of Lugh. Due to the impossibility of the quest, Weed refuse it without second thought. Then, with the quest is turned down by Weed, Church of Lugh put more effort, provide about 800, 000 paladin and 400, 000 priest to go to Ahrom De Aro and the Church also open the quest to the people in Morata. Due to the additional forces provided by the Church, the quest difficulty go down from S-difficulty to A-difficulty.

Later, Weed go to Sculpting Guild in Morata to continue his Sculpting Quest and he accept Master Quest from instructor of Sculpting Guild. The news spread quickly, and Hermes Guild's put a plan into action to interfere with the Quest.

Without knowing about Hermes's plan, Weed unintentionally escape from Hermes Guild interference by going to Forest of Life via Yurin's Picture Teleportation.

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[Chapter 6-Origin of Sculpting] Edit

"I returned the sword. And I want to tell you about the people who fought and bled to eliminate the Demoph Bar Khan."

" Oh, God, this sword is back in the possession of Church of Lugh!"

High Priest received the sword.

"I heard the story of the elimination of Bar Khan. Warrior, your effort to bring peace to the continent is considered as a great achievement."


                              Sword of Lugh is returned.
In order to stop Demoph Bar Khan the King of Undead, a lot of sacrifices have been
made by Church of Lugh.

In the end, Church of Lugh managed to seal the power of Bar Khan by stabbing the Holy
Sword into his body. And thus, the unlimited power of the Lich was suppressed, and he
was successfully sealed.

Bar Kahn is now destroyed by the Warriors, and the Holy Sword of Lugh is returned to
the church.
+ 1,700 Fame

+ 32 Intimacy with Church of Lugh

+13 Faith

+1950  Public Value of Church of Lugh. 

Current Public value of Church of Lugh: 257


At the moment, the Priests and the Paladins who fought the Undead Legion also underwent changes.

They gain significant amount of Faith, and increases in the public value of Lugh Order gave significant advantage to them.

Aside from the people who assumed Freya as their religion, all residents and users of Morata gained a lot of Faith, especially for those who defended Morata against the Undead Legion.

For some Priest and Paladin who already had high Faith, they still received a good amount of Faith, even if they assumed other Churches as their religion.

The high-ranking priests and paladin received about 30 Faith. They are happy as it slightly strengthened the power of their attack skill which were based on the strength of faith.

And for the Geomchis who had an indispensable role in the battle against the Undead Legion, they received a lot of Faith and Public Values.

"Huh, Public Values is increased."

"What is Public Value?"

"Sa hyeong, is this bad?"

Geomchis had gathered near Vargo Fortress and  were eating meat peacefully, but the sudden incoming message shocked them.

For them, Geomchi127 is considered as the person with the most knowledge about this because he finished his diploma in computer subject.

"If you gain a lot of Public Values, you can get free meals.”

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes, I’ve seen it before, you can get item, free food and drinks depending on how much public value you have"

"But 4 weeks in the church?"

"I don’t think they serve booze?"

"So no, that’s useless?”

Public Value is completely useless for Geomchis.

In fact, while they were doing difficult quest, they use intimacy to ask favour from the NPC. They never knew how Public Value can benefit them.

"Sa Hyeong Geomchi3, What do we do with faith?"

"Does it help in the battle?"

"No, it is not."

"Then, it is a dud."

It is not actually true. In fact, they can have a big advantage from Faith.

Warriors can be registered as a guard for the Church.

Then, they can join the skirmish of the Church against the monsters. If they have enough faith they could also get quests from the church. 

Regardless of the level, if you have high faith, they can receive special blessings or unlock magic skills.

Even though it is not much, resistance against magic curse is also increased.

Even for Weed, he wore equipments with Faith stat when he was seeking help from the church.

However, priest or paladin with low faith will face difficulty in the battle.

"Nothing special then. Here, eat some meat."

"Yes, sa hyeong."

Starting from residents of Morata, followed by Northern Residents, they talked about the event.

" The Lord returned the sword after defeating Bar Khan."

" Lord of Morata underwent through a lot of mysterious adventure. He seems to have completely ventured the entire continent.”

"He solved the impossible mission."


The High Priest not finished talking.

"My Lord, through your benefaction to the Church of Lugh, we will cherish this forever"

"I am just doing this out of my conscience. I don’t understand the meaning of righteousness, but I can’t just simply let Bar Khan do as he likes. I believed I have the strength to stop him. And never expected a reward or something."

Indeed, Weed is very clever with his manipulative words.

"But I went through a big trouble."

Weed is really looking forward for further compensation. He is not satisfied with only the gain of Faith and Public Value, as other people also received that.

"The people are already satisfed with Lugh Order for sending Paladin to protect Morata. "

As his intimacy with Church of Lugh is at high degree, he can ask for more favour..

Since Weed is the Lord of Morata , if they placed more paladins and priests here it would also be a good investment.

The High Priest is examining the discoloured sword.

"But unfortunately, the magic power of Sword of Lugh is corrupted by Bar Khan.”

"I am sorry to hear that."

"It is not too late, we still have hope. In order to regain the divine power of the sword, you need to go to the land of great disaster, Ahrom de Aro.?”

Ahrom de Aro is one of the 10 forbidden zone in the continent. Even though there is sanctuary of Church of Lugh there, there are also dark wizards. They kept releasing chimera monsters, causing the area to be inhabitable.

"Brave Warrior, Church of Lugh will send our best Paladin and Priest to the sanctuary. Would you join them and lead the way?

<This quest letter is hard to read. ... -_-;>(This part is not typo or anything, but the author write it like this, with a lot of *****)


* Leading the expedition to De Arom

Church of Lugh – within their ability **** *****, continuously to send  **. ** now ** ** **** *** ** **** ****

Divine Sword ***** Paladins and Priests *** *** ** *** ** a tremendous responsibility that will follow.

Difficulty: S

Quest Restriction: Not available for Murderer or high Notoriety.

                 High Faith is necessary

Quest failure will lead to drop of Faith and the drop of Intimacy with Church of Lugh.


He always wanted to go to 10 Forbidden Zone, like Grapass and Jigolath.

However, the difficulty is too high!

"I understand your trouble."

Weed shook his head.

"Although it is regretful, I cannot help you because I don’t have time.

"Adventurer, with this big of a crisis  we need your help to restore the power of Lugh Sword."

"Paladin of Church of Lugh alone will lose to those monsters."

De Aro is a little different from Grapass.

Located deep in the mountainous areas, there was a large group of intelligent monsters flying around.

Even occasionally people hunt in Grapass, is nothing like De Aro.

Even so, even with the best Paladin and Priest of Church of Lugh, the expedition is bound to fail.

Since the quest is not related to sculpting, Weed know the quest will be very hard.

"But Adventurer, you are known with your reputation. There is nobody else we can entrust  this mission. Are you sure you want to refuse?"

"For the sake of the continent, I truly wish the Church of Lugh will succeed in this expedition. But I really cannot do this."

"Okay then. There is nothing I can do once you've made up your mind. I can’t force you to accept something you don’t want. But if you change your mind, please tell me”


- You have to given up the quest.

- Intimacy with Church of Lugh drop by 7.

- Public Value of Church of Lugh is reduced by 149.

- Faith is reduced by 2.



Just after Weed decline the S-difficulty quest, another quest from Church of Lugh pops up.

                 Restoration of Lugh Sword’s Power
Sword of Lugh, once was lodged in Bar Khan chest is now returned to Church of Lugh.

But the power of sword is locked by the black magic Bar Khan.

Church of Lugh will send 800,000 paladin and 400,000 Priest for a mission to restore
the sword’s power.

Church of Lugh is looking for people to participate in this mission to De Aro.

This mission is hard, even for Church of Lugh.
Difficulty: A
Quest Restriction: Unavailable for Murderer or high Notoriety.

As the difficulty level is lowered  by one degree, the Users of Morata also receive same Quest to join the expedition to De Aro.

"Wow ...? Is this.... a rare quest?"

"It will be awesome if I can participate and succeed the quest."

"This will be a great adventure. De Aro is one of 10 Forbidden Zone"

"I bet this quest will be broadcast in the television."

For Users who just started in Morata, they are really envious because they cannot participate in this quest.

It can’t be helped since most Users of Morata is low level..

The users from central continent are most likely to participate.

"Who is going to accept this quest?"

"I do not know, I was just returning from hunting in a dungeon."

"I should participate in this quest. It is from Church of Lugh."

Adventure in Royal Road is expected by the people!

Sam, who just came to Morata accepted the quest when he was drinking in a bar.

He took the quest because he heard rumors saying that a lot of other strong users also participating in this quest.

There is a lot of participation from the knights and paladins..

They can receive support from priests. Even though the quest might fail and their intimacy with Church of Lugh might drop, they just think positively.


Weed who just came back from Church of Lugh, entered the Sculpting Guild.

Multiple buildings of important guilds were built along the street of Bull Square.

"I heard Weed came back today. Shall we visit him?"

"I don’t think so. I have schedule for the festival. I can’t be late."

In addition to the common festivals of Morata, users will gather and hold their own festival.

The festivals will be held in the Central Square, Wyvern Square, Bingryong Square, Light Square and Bull Square in each designated dates which the Merchant Associations to set up shops.

Other than the shops set up by the merchants, there is also theatre performed by bards, and artist will set up exhibition to show their arts.

A lot of food is cooked and sold in the street, and  the most popular item is Weed’s beef soup and grass porridge.

There is no other city like this!

It is very fun to settle down in Morata, as it has low taxes and the city keeps growing rapidly with appropriate development.

Moreover, recent occasional visit from the fairies are attracting the attention of the users.

For beginner of Royal Road, they usually can’t have fun because they can’t get out of the city for 4week. But in Morata, they can have all the fun which no other place can offer.

Later, rather than choosing class which excel in fighting, new users chose classes related to art and merchant.

"Ha, It seems like I will stay late tonight."

"Yea, have fun, we have a lot to drink."

"Sure. I also don’t want to miss the barbeque."

A lot of sculptor gathered at the festival. They built sculptures of Weed. There are different kinds of Weed. Orc Karichwi, Undead and Ice Trolls from the incident in Roseinheim Kingdom!

Among the sculptures, Bingryong and Wyvern is also popular.

Conversations can be heard among the sculptors.

"Weed is Amazing."

"He is a sculptor but how he can accomplish such dangerous adventures?"

"Not just that. Lots of the things he did were impossible to be done alone, if it was someone else?"

"And his art. He poured all of his effort to make them."

But for Weed, you can’t just master anything with just one go!

If he did not train his Sculpting and Sewing skills, many of the sculptures created in the Royal Road might not been created.

Among the sculptures, there is also sculpture of human Weed. Even though the equipment is mostly worn, it actually resembles Weed a lot.

Even the sculptors don’t know the details of his face and his equipment, the users just knew when they saw the sculpture.

"You made me wrong. I think it is taller."

Weed talking while he passed by the sculpture.

But the sculptures' head is not actually that high.


"No way ......."

Weed walks into sculptor guild to meet Sculpture Instructor.

"Is that Weed who just passed just now?"

"Weed! He seems to have business in sculpting guild."

The sculptor users, who are in line waiting their turn into the guild, open the way for Weed. The view is like a ocean parting and closing just to make way for him.

"I heard the rumors about his eccentric behavior.

"I don’t really know the rumor of him about Continent of Magic."

Abusing his power as the Lord!

Weed doesn’t really like acting like a good guy. By acting like a proud player, he can avoid any unwanted attention and just walk straight to the instructor.

"Greetings sculptor Weed, let me show you the way."

The instructor respectfully bows.

This scene can only be seen because he is the Lord of Morata.

Weed opened his mouth and gave the reason for his appointment. 

The information about the tutorial of a sculptor.

He talks about tasks, which only the best sculptor can accomplish.

"I want to take the challenge to make the best sculpture in history that will become legend."


Within moments, the information appeared in the notice boards of Royal Roads.

Title: Weed is now challenging the Master Sculptor Quest.

     It is started in Sculpting Guild in Morata.

The comments flooding without ending.

In the first few minutes, there were already about tens of thousands of comments.

-No way! He's already taking the quest for master sculptor.

- It is possible, since this is Weed.

- Horse riding skill is not hard to level up. But still, nobody has mastered the Horse Riding skill. And now Weed is going to be Master sculptor, one of the hardest skill to level up? That means he is the first person to obtain the ‘Master’ title in royal road?

-Horse riding skill is easy to raise? But once you reach advance level you need to undergo hard test to become master. Such as riding and jumping across boards.

- Weed is creating a miracle again.

-Really? Is this a lie? You are not kidding right?

- I've only raise my sculpting level to Beginner level 5. What am I!

There is no information about the how to be a Master in specific jobs in Royal Road. And there has never been a broadcast about it either.

There is a lot of information of user with big achievement for the continent, the major quest for each race or big quest related to the job/profession, but nobody knew that anybody had made progress in any specific direction.

And Unicorn Corp. will never disclose any information about Royal Road.

- No matter what the profession, a quest to be a Master will be special. There must be a lot of rewards. It can be more difficult than normal quest.

There are a lot of users competing with each other to get the Master quest  in their respective profession.

It is normal for the users to raise their level as in their profession if he really wants to. However, to focus on only one skill, it is very rare.

Once you have a certain ability to create or join a guild  you will be involved in power struggles.

Also, when the user died in the battlefield, the progress will become slower and slower. Due to the pain and hardship to raise their skill level and proficiency, people eventually abandon their jobs.

Being a Master, it is like stepping into a new unknown world. It is a great honour if they become a Master.


Red Reeds Forest!

There are a lot of bounty hunters placed by Hermes Guild, waiting for an ambush.

Although they don’t know when Weed will come, they just kept waiting.

"Will he come here? He was in Roseinheim Kingdom, which is far from here ......."

“Eventually he will come here. He just back from Roseinheim Kingdom”

“He was in Morata? Then it won’t be long for him to come here”

Assuming Weed will come, they just waited anxiously.

Red Reed Forest is a dangerous place, and not a good place to hunt.

They were waited for Weed for a long time. And now Weed is doing his Master Quest!

For the time being, there is a great possibility that Weed is not coming here.

"I shouldn’t have come!"

"Hey, let's get back to the Central Continent."

"Leaving home is just a waste of time. We suffered for nothing"

Most of the scattering bounty hunters are frustrated.

Users of the Hermes guild fell into an awkward situation.

They were being picked up for a ‘special mission’ but it seems that they just wasting time and gained nothing.

"Can he come sooner?."

"When he comes, I won’t let go of the opportunity."

Weed is not necessarily coming to the forest, but if there is even a small chance for Weed to come here, they don’t want to miss it.


Weed can’t stop thinking about his Master Quest.

"What kind of Quest I will get. I hope it is not too hard"

He sits silently, thinking about whatever adventure and battle that is to come. But he will do this, for the reward awaits.

To be like one of the 5 Master Sculptor. But the Master Quest itself, seems to be seriously tough.

It is good since he can take this quest with his Sculpting skill at Advance level 8.

The quest is necessary to increase the proficiency of the skill.

"Then I'll tell the story of old legend which passed down to the sculptor.”

Instructor then began telling the story.

While Weed focused on listening, the other sculptors around the guild also listened with curiousity.

"Sculpture is an art as it is now, when it developed as a culture before monsters covered the continent. Then, the humans, elves, dwarves, barbarian and orc united their forces and fought the monster.”

Weed can see the image in front of him.

This is before Geihar von Arpen united the whole continent.  

The God created Versailes Continent, and several races appeared.

Yet in the primitive time, humans, elves, dwarves and orcs were living together.

Humans stood guard from the monsters, elves are cultivating food crops.

Dwarves dug the caves for stones and the finished weapons iare given to Orcs for their use.

Orc fertility, human leadership, elf’s ability to take care of plants along with dwarf’s talents, the four races lives in prosperity.

Living in the caves, the humans, orcs, elves and dwarves created law and culture and got along with each other.

The video ends and the instructor continues talking.

"It is said, during that time, the first sculpture. Implausible tale, but maybe the elves know about it, as they have a long life and have a very good memory. Perhaps you can ask Delia, the Elves Elder?"


                               Origin of Sculpting

Originally, sculpture is made with clay and rock. The truth about the history of the 4 races is hidden within the sculpture. You have to verify the truth from Delia, Elves Elder.
Difficulty: Sculpting Master Quest.
Quest Restriction:

Advance Level 8 in Sculpting.

Must have high intimacy with elves.

Other users just watched carefully, as they can benefit if they were going to do the quest in the future. But as he is the first person doing Master Sculptor Quest, with no prior information, he will face a lot of challenges.

"I’ll meet her."


- You have accepted the quest.



The Hermes guild had received the information regarding Weed going to meet Delia.

“Master Quest?”

They already occupied a third of Kallamore Kingdom.

With the help with the allying guilds, they will advance futher without any problem. 

They aim to build the strongest Kingdom in the entire continent.

In order to become an empire that good in all aspect, they won’t allow Weed complete his Master Quest. 

“Weed needs to be stopped. Send your troops immediately”

“Interfere with Weed, even if you have to cause destruction to the elves”

After the meeting between the leaders of Hermes, Rafael decided to send raid teams.

Delia is the elder live in small elf village in the forest of life.

To interfere with Weed’s quest, they decided to attack the village.

"Kill all elves."

Even though it seems they are overreacting, to interfere with Weed they use any means and methods necessary.

As the sculpting master quest is a great quest and become a public interest, it is not a big surprise if Hermes Guild take that kind of approach.


Weed met Yurin at the Sculpting guild..

They were planning to go to elf village via Picture teleportation.

It has been a long time since Yurin logged onto Royal Road. Her level is still at 80s. Even if she played, she just went into resorts or attractive and famous places.

" I've never been there. I heard the fruit is juicy. You want to go to the entrance of the village?


Searching her memory, Yurin drew the picture of the village.

Anybody seeing her will know how beautiful she is. With her long hair, holding the charcoal in her hand, she starts sketching and drawing the picture.

Usually, even celebrities with beautiful face will have 1-2 drawbacks, maybe short, or too tall, flat chest, thick finger or thick legs.

But Seoyun is even more beautiful. From any angle, nobody can find any defect.

Even observing Seoyun for one hour, it is not boring.

Even though Weed made sculptures of Seoyun multiple times, he still feels the challenge. Because her beauty is incomparable.

Even her voice is considered very beautiful.

However, Weed also can’t find any defect in his sisters' beauty.

"Younger Sister, It is truly a shame.”

There is a lot of choice for Yurin, since she is very popular to man.

Weed sincerely said:

"Recently you came home late."

'I'm studying in the library. "

"Also the telephone charges for last month is higher than normal."

"Yeah, there is a lot to discuss with friends."

Syasyak.(sound effect of sketching )

Yurin replied while sketching.

"The day before yesterday I went out with friends, to try makeup."

"Im wondering what is the makeup."

"Yesterday I even wore a skirt ..."

"I can’t wear skirts, what a downer."

Sasha Sasha syasyasyak.

Yurin continues sketching in a very fast speed.

Yurin got used to drawing pictures so she can do it pretty quickly.

She couldn’t help it. 

Once it starts, it takes Weed 1-2 hours before he stops nagging.

To avoid it, Yurin tries to finish the drawing as fast as possible.

In the blink of an eye, the  picture of the elf village is completed.

"Let’s go. Picture Teleportation!"

Yurin used Picture Teleportation skill.

When the distance is far, the picture shakes for a bit and they need more time to reach the destination.

By drawing herself and Weed in the Elven Village, they used Picture Teleportation.

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