Sword of Lugh is the Chapter 5 of Legendary Moonlight Sculpture Volume 26.Releases on December 1 2010.

It details about Roseinheim Kingdom after invasion of Embinyu Church and Weed go to Church of Lugh to report his past adventures.

Short Summary. Edit

Bard Ray and the army of Hermes guild further advance into Kallamore Kingdom. In the end, Kolderim's army driven into annihilation. Kolderim decide to retreat, but prevented by Hermes Guild. When Kolderim almost escape, Bard Ray challenge him for a duel. It is unfair duel, Kolderim with grave injury and completely healed Bard Ray with multiple buff and blessing from priest. Bard Ray will offer Kolderim to swear loyalty to him, in return he will spare Kolderim. Kolderim refuse and killed.

Weed return to Royal Road and claim his reward from Selina. He then return to Morata to visit his living sculptures, including King Hydra and Black Imugi.

While in Vergo Fortress, two main event happening. The periodic attack of monster while the city is under construction and Petrov trying to win Vergo Fortress's influence from Weed. He also befriend with living sculptures and trying to make him their master.

Due to daily attack of monsters, the users and soldiers of Vergo Fortress become accustomed with the battle and they basically gain easy exp. This is escalated since the monsters are high level and the low level soldiers of Vergo Fortress level up pretty quickly. Some living sculptures from Las Phalanx also included as Vergo Defence Force, such as DeathWorm, Silver BlackSun and Cerberus.

Long Summary. Edit

Once again, Versailles Continent is thrown into shock.

Searboug Castle and the provinces within are devastated! 

More than half of the residents and users are dead.

Users are, of course, even with penalty, revived but the residents died for good.

Everyone was in deep thought over what had happened;

  • The Serabourg’s Castle Siege!
  • Weed and The Embinyu Church!
  • The Battle Royale videos!
  • Serabourg being burned to the ground! 
  • And a flood caused by sculpting?

The videos that involved the war were highly popular.

After Serabourg Castle was completely set ablaze, the Embinyu army scattered around to some areas of the Rosenheim Kingdom. In each region of the match when they took Rosenheim Kingdom rebels believe the Embinyu.

"Rosenheim kingdom is in chaos."

Lee Hyun is watching television while eating seafood noodles.

"This is the view of Seraboug Castle. The Embinyu army had burned everything and now only piles of stones remain. "

"It is truly unbelievable, Mr Ju-Wan, for this Castle that used to be the fruitful capital of the Rosenheim Kingdom."

"I was also surprised when I saw it at first. Mr. Ah-Ling, have you ever been to Rosenheim Kingdom?"

"I've never been there. Truth be told, I really wanted to go there, but now, I’m afraid I am too late.

The smoke soaring to the sky had no end. The collapse of Rosenheim Kingdom broke a few of the players fighting spirit but now that it is back up players must be venting at the Embinyu Church.”

Before, the access was shut down due to the battle going on and the buildings burning or being tossed due to the sudden flood. Only remnants of ruins remained in Serabourg Castle. KMC media’s exclusive reporter, Shin Hye Min, was on a vacation. The reporter that took her place instead is an emerging famous star who came to Serabourg Castle around one week before the invasion.

“Most of the users came back after one week. They show devastated expressions when looking around "

Some user managed to log-out before the attack of Embinyu Church. They had waited until the chaos ended before coming back, to avoid danger of Embinyu church.

"Here is one merchant I can interview. So far, how do you feel?"

"I do not know. I’m just devastated."

“The damage caused by the Embinyu Church is quite large. What do you plan to do now?”

“Continue to go to different places, you know, to trade the looted items once or twice that are still useful.

Merchants slowly moved away to different destinations with their wagons.

She also met a Player who was interviewed by several people.

Most of the people she interviewed said that they were planning to leave the Kingdom.

“Mr. Oh Joo Wan, there are still a lot of people who saw hope, particularly within Serabourg Castle.”

“Yes, there was a large number of residents who survived the battle.”

“Indeed, and we missed our chance to interview him ! How was he able to save that many people ?”

“The God of War, Weed was loitering in Serabourg Castle instead of going in the Red Reed Forest. It was very outrageous, like he knew this was about to happen and when the siege started, it wasn’t long until he showed up and saved the day.”

“This is to bring honor to the God of War Weed, people like to hear his stories.”

“Yes, he every time he succeeds he attracts a lot of viewers. Weed has quite a unique charm.”

“Yes that’s right. Especially with his ‘kchwik’, ‘kchwik’ he is very charming”

“Indeed, Weed pushed himself against the Embinyu Church alone and in the process, he even enthusiastically evacuated the people of Serabourg Castle. The Rosenheim Kingdom praised him for his bravery. Among those who survived, players can only thank him and should take this opportunity to move on to Morata.”

Even while listening to people praising him, Lee Hyun felt nothing.

“When I was in elementary school, the teacher hit me 65 times to teach me that you can't fix mistakes with words. Just like in the military, actions speak louder than words.”

Just now he received a public confession from Yu Aring. She was an idol singer and worked as a tv host as well. In Royal Road, she tried to increase her popularity by posing as an eye catching priest and she had just publicly declared for him to contact her.

Lee Hyun thought of her as being naive. 

There was a huge difference between what was real and imaginary. If she was really interested and what she said wasn’t a telescript, she could always use the station’s contact lists to phone him first.

“More importantly, I need to get out of Rosenheim Kingdom as fast as possible. You never know when the Hermes Guild could come after me.”

The station also brought news that the King and the royal knights successfully escaped unharmed along with the rest of the court.

If the Kingdom is engulfed in war, most of the users will choose to side with the King.

There are a lot of events in the kingdom that allow you to gain achievements of great value.

It was because the public can gain a lot of value in the event to obtain the Kingdom.

"Chief Commander of Rosenheim Kingdom, Ronnie will launch a counterattack. Even High Priest of Embinyu 9th sect, Belloni’s ability is well known, but Ronnie is not to be underestimate."

Lee Hyun is almost finished eating his seafood noodles.

“Then we will continue talking about the situation on the Central Continent. Mr Oh Ju-Wan, have the Hermes guild crushed most of the Haven Kingdom ?”

“ Yes, yes, the kingdom invasion of Embinyu Church was not the first. For your information, Hermes guild is now officially the strongest on the Versailles Continent! They are, after all, the force that defeated the Kallamore Kingdom. “

“ What about Kolderim, Commander in Chief of Kallamore?”

“Knight of Knights, Kolderim was in the war today. In the end, Kallamore Kingdom lost, and Kolderim almost escaped”

He was struggling to break through the Haven kingdom’s Knights and retreated at the end of their encircling.

In order to prevent his escape, the Hermes guild’s players tried and forced him to go back to the battlefield.

Due to the military scale of the Hermes guild, the Kallamore Kingdom was scheduled for defeat even if they kept repeating their attempt to break through. 

“Unfortunately, it seems Kolderim’s appearance wouldn’t have accomplished anything even if he had won a one on one knight’s duel with Bardray”

The Haven Kingdom fought the Kallamore Kingdom many times each day.

Kallamore Kingdom, Kolderim, and the occupied territory are hit with incoming attacks from Haven Kingdom and can’t seem to stop their advance.

Kolderim fought for the sake of his King and country, even with his lack of power, he was barely able to live and survive through every battle.

The battles Kolderim fought had tired him out a lot and had left him badly injured.

He accepted Bard Ray’s offer for duel, in spite of him badly injured.

"We will be happy to show the viewers the battle video of Bard Ray and Kolderim."

Looking closely, Lee Hyun noticed that Kolderim had a lot of serious injuries.

He was cursed and badly wounded, while on the other hand, Bard Ray was well rested and fully buffed with blessings.

"In a state like that, I can also win if I am Bard Ray."

That was an unfair duel, of course.

Bard Ray would never win if  Kolderim was at full strength.

Of course, even if the situation had really sided with Bard Ray, Kolderim put up a good fight.

Kolderim gave it his all even though the odds were against him, but still he could not overcome the difference in their starting conditions.

And moments later, BardRay stated his complete victory against Kolderims Galindo while pointing his sword at kolderims neck, he tried to show mercy to waste time.

At the moment, Bard Ray is the prize structure has been completely Kolderim Galindo's neck and sword pointing at the mercy of a time trying to free.

“Join Haven Kingdom. I will spare your life if you swear loyalty to me.”

Bard Ray wanted to bring Kolderim in his ranks. But Kolderim rejected.

"Do not insult me any further. End this quickly. "

And so Kolderim lost his life. Broadcast presenters were quite saddened by this.

“It really is a downer for the death knight fans. Kolderim had lots of fans."

“Yes, but remember, Kolderim kicked Haven Kingdom soldiers around too. Considering that, I’m all fired up again.”

"Anyway, if he is still alive, even though the fall of Kallamore Kingdom, Kolderim will deal some damage to Haven Kingdom’ army.”

“ With Kolderim's ability  to boost the morale of his veteran soldiers - the Kallamore kingdom’s Knights, setting their military capability as the best foot and fiercely fought back.”

“I am looking forward to see somebody like Kolderim, in the future. Currently, Haven Kingdom is expected to advance and occupy Kallamore Kingdom more smoothly”


Weed reconnect again in Fort Highland.

Since the fall of Serabourg Castle, players arrived to a safe area for residents.


"Glad to see you Weed!" 

Thanks to the “kind” Weed, these players survived.

He was very happy to see the amount of players staying at Highland strongholds was also fairly large.

One of Rosenheim Kingdom’s most popular is Weed!

Usually an ordinary ‘human’ would feel uncomfortable or awkward when a lot of people have gathered to see them. However, Weed isn’t like that. He couldn’t wait to squeeze every single penny out of their pockets.

“I have returned. Is everyone okay?”


Later, he might even be able to manage selling a few over priced sculptures to them or sacrifice them for completing quests. They wouldn’t even know or notice his hidden agenda because of his popularity.

Beware of the great pseudo masterminds qualities!

Even if it was an introduction to politics, it was a piece of cake for Weed.

Morata and Vargo Fortress would definitely expand to become even bigger powerhouses in the future.

First, Weed needed to meet Selina and report his quest.

"I had tried my best, but were unable to save all of the people.” 

The victims were residents of Serabourg Castle.

98,000 residents came along with Weed.

Some of them left Seraboug Castle believing that it was better to leave the Kingdom’s home rather than be sacrificed by the soldiers of the Embinyu Church.

Not all were killed, but some were being held captive as a breeder.

"There was a lot of deaths. I truly feel responsibility for their deaths."

"It is not your fault. I was asking too much from you in the first place. Thanks "

"Then, I am glad"

"You have shown courage and determination. Through your commitment and sacrifice, you saved residents of Seraboug Castle. Thanks to you so many people are alive "



You have Completed the Quest: Evacuation of the Residents

The residents of Serabourg Castle who had been surrounded by Embinyu Church are now safe.

They will not forget this lifelong gratitude.

Due to the completion of the Quest and through the actions demonstrated,

  • Fame increased by 10236
  • Courage increases by 9.
  • Honor by 21.
  • Charisma by 8.
  • Level up.
  • Level up.
  • Intimacy with the residents who were rescued is max.


Selina unequipped her flower bracelet and handed it to Weed.

“Please handle this carefully and the plant’s power will always be with the Lord Adventurer.”


- You have acquired Selina’s flower bracelet.


" Identify! "

Weed identified the item with excitement.


Selina's Flower Bracelet:

Durability 18/20. Defense 19.

Flower bracelet received as a gift from a High Elf.

It is clearly alive and active. With proper watering and sunlight, it can grow. Wounded will recover spontaneously, also, gives strength and Health of one person wearing a pamper.

This bracelet is made of two different flowers, if one dies so will the other.

Restrictions: Level 450 or higher. 


Imbued by the power of elemental.

+2,500  Mana  ,

+1 Elemental stat.

+1 Magic stat.

+2 Archery stat.

Stamina recovery x3 for the day. Unaffected by blacksmith skills.

If you had a good relationship with the trees and elements from the forest u can receive help from them. 

Affinity with Nature +7%.

This is a growing item. The stat will also grow more as the flower grow.

If used by Elf and Fairies, the item effects are tripled.



Weed shook with happiness as he read the description.

Elemental Shamans will beg for this item, and he can also easy sell it to a Magician or an Archer, he can easily get the maximum price for this epic loot, since the item also has an Affinity to nature which is particularly hard to obtain.

“Also, the power of nature disaster sculpting would be much much bigger when I have it equipped! If i use that skill recklessly, it may endanger my life. However, I do become stronger with such an item!”

“If I feed it a lot of water and show it lots of sunshine, it’ll grow up fast!”

His left wrist was already equipped with jewelery, the treasure of the Niflheim Empire, which can strengthen the flower bracelet. 

He then equipped the flower bracelet in the right wrist, while walking out through the gate of Fort Highland.

Weed had been avoiding the bounty hunter from Hermes Guild for about 4 weeks. Sooner or later, Weed would have to face them.

"Is that Weed?"

"Take a look at his items . He use different items for each slot. Nothing unique with those."

"It looks like he rushed when buying those equipment, and just bought them randomly. I don’t think he is Weed, as the equipment of God of War Weed would naturally be good"

Users approached him while watching.

Residents praised Weeds achievements all over the Continent from the eastern Kingdoms to Rosenheim.

The users who came in trought the city gate spoke.

"That guy is really Weed, right? I think he's rather cool. See hyeong, coming here is worthwhile."

"So what? There is nothing special here”


Men and women who fought everywhere in Royal Road said that the equipment is nothing but an aide to help you in your journey.

Weed changed to Talrok armor set with the Daemon sword, armor boots and a cloak which looked quite nice.

The Trevor Horn was tied up with a string on his side, because it would create lots of fanfare by just carrying it.

"It is too much to live in the world that is judged by the appearance."

He usually didn’t wear his armor or weapon in the village, since it would draw attention from the other people who wore clothes that are worth next to nothing.


As Weed's call echoed, the people could see something with wings flying from afar with the sunset in background!

"Wow, the Wyvern really came."

"The rumor is true, Weed has a Wyvern for a ride!"

Players were further shocked as Wy-3 slowly landed and shook the ground.

Weed got on the Wyvern and got ready for take off.

“Let’s fly to Morata, Wy-3”

“I’m a slave for eternity.”

And Wy-3  started flying to Morata.

Since Wy-3 is always the one called for rides, Wy-3 has gotten used being treated as a cab.

He quickly soared over the beautiful surrounding landscape as he rode the wind.

When they arrived in Morata, Wy-3 was relieved to see it's Wyvern brothers, since it could now fly freely for a while without having to fear its master.

“By the way, I’ll be with Seoyoon tomorrow”  

Wy3 felt happiness from the bottom of its heart and said with a smile, 


“I’ll come here tomorrow and you have to go with us as our transport” 

“Never-mind Wuu wuu wuu”

Wy-3 flew towards the gate of the fortress with large tears flowing from its eyes and flew away towards the highlands.


Meanwhile, in the forests of Red Reed where the bounty hunters had gathered to kill Weed, they had grouped up and started hunting.

"Damn it! When is Weed going to come?"

“This turned out to be a complete waste of time. While we were waiting, the Kingdom of Rosenheim was just completely destroyed”

The bounty hunters that gathered from various place mostly consisted of Warriors and Magicians. They didn’t have any priests in the forest as the bounty hunters didn’t expect to be hurt.

The Hermes Guild had been killing all the monsters in area while they waited for Weed.

In addition of their existing forces in the area, the Hermes guild had also sent even more reinforcements. It was bad luck for the monsters in the Red Reed forest as they were hunted relentlessly.

"Let's stick with it. Endure a little more. Weed already left Roseinheim Kingdom, sooner or later he will come here.”

"And when he does come, we will absolutely catch him."

The bounty hunter scattered around, ready to ambush Weed.

They also placed traps in a perfect place, ready to kill Weed.

The Forest of Reeds is now crowded, due to continues gather of mercenaries and bounty hunter.


A lot of monster are heading towards wall of Vergo Fortress!

"Archer, battle position ready."


From far away, a swarm of hungry monster came running, causing a cloud of dust.

Due to continued fight with monster, the soldier of the fort gained a lot of experience and became stronger.

There were at least 1500 archer placed on the wall of Vergo Fortress and firing arrows at monsters.

"Fu Shu shu Shu shu" (sound effect of arrow flying and hitting the enemy)

Before the monster reached the wall, they took considerable amount of damage, but due to their high level, they still had a lot of remaining health.

While everybody concentrated with the battle, Weed keep calculating the value of the arrows.

"Prepare for the siege!."

Besides the archers, knights were also placed around the wall.

Even under continuous firing arrows, various kind of monster reached the wall and the melee battle started while other monsters started climbing the wall to get to the other side.

The cavalryman were already waiting. 

The users also fighting alongside the army of Vergo Fortress.

The wizards were preparing with their magic as soon as the cloud of dust got closer.

They were successfully launching magic attacks from the safe area. Due to the wide battlefield and low amount of obstacles, the magic damage of the wizards was maximized.

"Every time this happens we gain plenty of experience and skill proficiency. We don’t get such opportunities elsewhere”

Everyday large number of monsters kept coming. The wizards wouldn't miss the opportunity to join the battle since their position was completely within the safe area from the monster. Not only gaining easy experience and increased skill proficiency, by killing the monster, they gained Fame and Achievement for defending the Vergo Fortress.

"Kyaah Aoh!" (Sound effect of the monster)

Before the main herd of monster reached the wall, the cavalryman charged with unusually high speed. 

The monsters that made it to the wall, released a loud growl.

They looked at the painting of the walls, barbarians holding spears, acting as their predators.

Because of its realistic figure, the monsters couldn't help but stop and re-evaluate their situation. They were under the effect of confusion.

Those were the painting of Petrov. He was getting famous, due to his realistic drawing on the wall which gives Confusion effect to attacking monster. Because of that, more and more people in Vergo Fortress knew Petrov.


While standing in confusion, the monster get swept away easily by the spell launched by the wizards and arrows shot by the archers. 

Wy-3 was also fighting alongside the soldiers and users, protecting them from harm.

As a lot of users were not high level and as they joined the battle, they gained vast amount of experience, which is rare to get in other places. Even if they didn’t get much experience, they still came to protect Vergo Fortress, the territory of their town, Morata.

"Thanks to my paintings, today we will win easily."

Petrov achieved a lot since he came to Vergo Fortress.

But the fact is, other than paint, he has done quite nothing.

Living Sculptures from Las Phalanx, such as Countryside Snake, Cerberus, DeathWorm and the others were also participating in the defense of Vergo Fortress.

Weed ordered them to guard the fortress, preventing any further advance of the monster. DeathWorm was fighting like a knight, as he faught with a sword.

Weed planned to replace the monster lair with Living Sculptures later.

Meanwhile, Petrov became acquainted with the living sculpture.

One day, while he was painting on the wall, DeathWorm was drilling a hole in the ground.

Since that day, they knew each other.

"You are nice. I'll draw a picture."

Petrov keep drawing picture for the living sculptures to increase intimacy with them.

When he drew them, he made sure to paint it beautifully.

"Your work is excellent."

"Much better than our master."

"That's right. Our owner only abuse us, gives us strange names and create us in ugly form."

And 47 of the living sculptures became closer and closer with Petrov. Sometimes, Petrov even bought food and fed them.

"Eat, there's a lot of food. If it is not enough, I will bring more."

"Nyum nyum. This is really delicious. It is sweet"

"Tomorrow bring to me more meat. Also I want to drink grape juice."

"I want bone."

Petrov gave them as much as they wanted.

'Soon, these guys will no longer follow Weed. They will follow me as their master. hehehe'


Weed went to visit King Hydra and Black Imugi in their hunting place and called them as soon as they were spotted.

King Hydra came rushing to Weed, with his 9 head alternatively hunting the surrounding.


"It’s been a while."

As the 9 head King Hydra came closer, It’s mouth could swallow Weed whole in one gulp. The King Hydra stopped once it stood in front of Weed.

"Out of the way. I came first."

"Fourth head. You already ate a lot yesterday."

"It's me! The owner loves me the most."

King Hydra was known as a fierce and ferocious monster. But they don’t really listen to others.

Because of this, it was not easy for Weed to handle them and therefore, he just let them be.

King Hydra has a very big body, 9 heads like hair and a cunning tongue.

The heads treat each other as a false friend, but they help each other since they are connected to same body.

Weed did not need to say anything, as he could clearly see the King Hydra’s belly protruding out.  .

'These guys sure eat a lot. "

King Hydras are known for their pride.

Even with that, Weed kept going.

“Who would eat that much”.


"You, I’m hunting everyday but you the one that keep eating."

"Fourth head, stop fighting. Or I am going to beat you."

"Seventh head too."

"In the future, I will eat in moderation while hunting the monster. We will value their life."

"Ok, I get it."

"In the future, I'm also going to eat less."

King Hydra answered obediently.

But Weed knew.

‘When I am gone, they will hunt more diligently.’

Reverse psychology! When you tell them not to eat, they will want to eat even more!

"Next time I see you, I want you to lost some weight."

"I'll try, but it will take a couple of years."

“We have 9 heads, even eating small morsels each will make us fat….. this is unfair.”

"No excuse. In particular, don’t risk go hunting near the Purple Tree. With your ability, you can’t hunt there. But I heard they are tasty indeed ..."


"How is the taste?"

"They are very very delicious. Once you start eating, you won’t even know if one of your head’s disappeared. It consist of six different flavors in the single monster, It is the combination of sweet, salty, spicy and peppery and another two are .... I don’t remember? Anyhow, it is so delicious. You have to taste it yourself, as word cannot really describe how delicious it is."

"Gulp, gulp" 

“kkolkkak, kyaha”

Each of the nine head of King Hydra are busy swallowing their saliva.

After informing the King Hydra, Weed pretending to leave while he actually watched them...

The 9 heads of King Hydra were having a conversation with each other while running towards Purple Tree.

Black Imugi was caught enjoying a bath in the lake at the top of the mountain.

“It’s been a while. How have you been?”

“Of course. Thanks to master who granted me this life, I’ve been enjoying my freedom quite comfortably.”

“I heard you made a new lair...”

“It's nothing. It’s just a small hole in the ground.”

“Should I call Bingryong and Phoenix for a housewarming party today?”


Black Imugi, who treasured his lair above all in this world, gave small amount of jewels to Weed to keep his lair a secret. Weed even took pocket change from Sculpture whom he bestowed life upon!

As the visit is ended, Weed rode Wy 3 and flew back to Morata.

"I just have to return this sword to the Church of Lugh in Morata."

Lugh Sword!

He had to return the sword. But before returning to Morata, he decided to take a detour around Vergo Fortress.



Trivia Edit

Petrov thought he can win living sculptures loyalty and become their master because he though the living sculptures hate Weed. Petrov got this idea from the living sculptures that always talk bad thing about Weed.