Volume 1, Chapter 8: "The Fated Profession"

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Rodrias is seen having a walk around Serabourg while enjoying the thought that Weed will never be able to find the hidden location for the Special Quest.

Meanwhile in the Lair of Litvart, Weed spends the next week exploring the five floors of the dungeon under the belief that the 100 monsters for the Special Quest are in a secret chamber. Colt follows along, but still refuses to properly bond with Weed, even when fighting leftover goblins

After three more days of searching, Weed finally locates the hidden entrance in a dark corner of the fourth floor. Entering the secret area, Weed finally comes across, and battles, one of the monsters for the Special Quest; a gigantic worm queen and its babies. Despite getting poisoned, Weed manages to kill the worm and its babies using the Engraving Knife Technique. Weed is forced to leave since he has no antidotes to cure the poison, but he forces said poison upon the unruly Colt to get them back to a nearby village to stock up on Poison Antidotes

Returning to the dungeon, Weed kills the remaining worms up to the queen boss, and manages to land the killing blow on the boss using Colt as a distraction; finally completing the Special Quest. Weed opens up the treasure box the worm boss was protecting, and finds a parchment left behind by Geihar Von Arpen about naming the person who finds this his successor, and offers an unknown hidden class change. Weed instantly accepts, and to his mortification after seeing his stat sheet, realizes that he had been bestowed the "Legendary Moonlight Sculptor" class. 

Despite his disappointment, Weed reads the rest of Geihar's scroll asking his successor to learn the secrets of Sculpture Mastery that he failed to learn. Weed then checks the rest of the treasures, identifying 3 tablets that offer permanent mana increase, and a skill book that grants Weed a rare sword technique with five different movements. Unfortunately, the current Weed only has enough mana to perform one of them.

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Name: Weed Alignment: Neutral Skills
Level: 68 Profession: Moonlight Sculptor Handicraft Beginner 7
Title None Archery Beginner 5
Fame 250 Sword Mastery Beginner 5
Health: 3460 Mana: 340 Cooking Beginner 4
Strength: 235 Agility: 200 Repair Beginner 3
Stamina: 50 Sculpture Mastery Beginner 2
Wisdom: 16 Intelligence: 24 Identification Beginner 1
Luck: 0 Leadership: 68 Sculpting Blade Beginner 1
Art: 29 Bandaging Beginner 1
Attack: 170 Defense: 30
Magic Resistance
Fire: 0% Water: 0%
Earth: 0% Black Magic: 0%


  • All stats are added 20 points.
  • Art stat is added extra 80 points.
  • In moonlit night, all stats increase by 30% in addition.
  • Enables you to equip certain items specialized for the class.
  • Enables you to learn all craft skills to the stage of a master.
  • Grants extra options to items that are produced or refined.
  • Increases Attack Power for the Engraving Knife technique.
  • Decreases Mana Consumption for the Engraving Knife technique.
  • Enables you to learn secret skills based on your level in Sculpture Mastery.
  • Increases Fame by creating a statue of extraordinary image or artistic value.

Cure Spell (used on Weed to cure his poison)

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  1. The amount of money Weed has after clearing out the Lair of Litvart with the Rosenheim soldiers was 24 gold, and 30 silvers.
  2. After clearing out the Lair of Litvart, Weed's Cooking skill is level 6, his Repair skill is level 4, and his First Aid skill is level 4.
  3. First Person Discovery is explained where the first person or group who discovers an unknown area gets immense rewards, fame, and a double experience bonus for a week.
  4. It takes 10 days after the Rosenheim soldiers depart from the Lair of Litvart for Weed to find the hidden area for Rodriguez's Special Quest on the dungeon's fourth floor.
  5. The 100 monsters for the Special Quest are worm queens.
  6. Completing the Special Quest, and checking the worm queen's treasure chest, results in Weed being named as Geihar Von Arpen's successor, and is granted the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor class.
  7. Killing the 100 worm queens gets Weed to level 68.
  8. Weed's level 68 stat sheet after finally receiving a class is seen here.
  9. From the worm queen's treasure chest, Weed finds 3 tablets that each give him +200 permanent mana increases, as well as a rare skill book that grants him the Imperial Formless Sword Technique skill.

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