Volume 1, Chapter 5: "The Girl Who Lost Words"

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In the real world, Lee Hyun is forced to take a mental test at the Great Society Rehabilitation Center, because of South Korea passing the "Leave No One Behind" bill in order to stamp out those who are a danger to society. The bizarrely sarcastic answers that Hyun provides on the test leaves the center's psychiatrist, Cha Eunhee, highly amused, and convinced that Hyun isn't a total nutjob.

Eunhee decides to show Hyun's crazy answer sheet to Seoyoon, a beautiful young patient at the rehabilitation center who had become mute, and closed herself off to others, due to a tragedy she endured in the past. However, the test sheet leaves no impact on Seoyoon. In an effort to return the patient to normal, Eunhee had been allowing Seoyoon to play Royal Road in the hopes that Seoyoon's closed shell will slowly reopen by starting over in a fictional world.

Hyun returns home, and browses the Royal Road auction site on his computer to get an idea on what the game's market is like. He also turns down going to the alumni school reunion due to a bad experience that led to Hyun being a dropout.

Returning to Royal Road, Weed still remains waiting outside Rodrias's manor for the sage to come out, After occasionally going out to hunt, Weed then decides to pass the time by sculpting pieces of wood, which results in his skills connected to art going up. This work leads to Weed being able to sell off wood sculptures of the newbie area animals to other players within Serabourg, and eventually gains a reputation as the citadel's Sculptor Weed.

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Name: Weed Alignment: Neutral Skills
Level: 5 Profession: None Sword Mastery Beginner 5
Title None Sculpture Mastery Beginner 2
Fame 0 Identification Beginner 1
Health: 100 Mana: 100 Repair Beginner 1
Strength: 55 Agility: 60 Handicraft Beginner 1
Stamina: 50 Sculpting Blade Beginner 1
Wisdom: 10 Intelligence: 10
Luck: 0 Leadership: 0
Attack: 3 Defense: 0
Magic Resistance
Fire: 0% Water: 0%
Earth: 0% Black Magic: 0%

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  1. Lee Hyun takes a mental test at the Great Society Rehabilitation Center to prove that he's not crazy.
  2. The psychiatrist, Cha Eunhee, is introduced.
  3. Seoyoon is introduced as a patient in the rehabilitation center.
  4. It's been five years since a tragedy turned Seoyoon into a mute, and closed herself off to others.
  5. Seoyoon had been playing Royal Road for a year.
  6. At this point in the story, Royal Road came online 15 months ago, and 70% of the game's world is still uncharted.
  7. Hyun had quit going to school due to the teacher refusing to protect him from loan sharks.
  8. Weed spends his time making and selling off wood sculptures while waiting for Rodriguez to appear.
  9. While cutting wood sculptures, Weed's Sculpture Mastey skill reaches level 2.
  10. While cutting wood sculptures, Weed gains the Art stat.
  11. While cutting wood sculptures, Weed's Handicraft skill reaches level 3.

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